New Round-A-Bout Installed At Street Junction

March 13, 2018

The Ministry of Public Works is advising motorists that work crews have recently installed a new round-a-bout at the junction of Serpentine Road and Cemetery Road.

A government spokesperson said, “This round-a-bout is similar to the structure at St. John’s Road and Woodlands Road, and essentially, traffic will move though the new junction in the same way.

“Like all round-a-bouts motorists must give way to traffic approaching to the right of lane they are using. Motorists will have right of way of any vehicles approaching from the left lane they are using.

“The Ministry takes this opportunity to ask for care and caution as motorists navigate the new round-a-bout.”

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Comments (7)

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    LOL…I can see Bermudians sitting there..mouths open as they try to figure it out!

    How about this, Bermudian motorists, try using your indicators for once.

  2. DBL says:

    People using roundabouts need to use their indicators and approach
    with caution. Bermuda Roundabouts are death traps – High speed. Everyone thinks they have the right of way

  3. Legalgal says:

    Had a close shave on way back tonight. It’s obviously a roundabout. The signs say it is, except one driver decided to bypass it and come straight at me from Serpentine into Cemetary. Effectively on the wrong side of the road and going the wrong way around (or rather through) the roundabout. And at speed. While I was happily looking right and about to pull off. Never saw it coming and a very narrow miss. Cops need to go hang out there and check it out. Scarey stuff.

  4. Oh,I see now says:

    Pacify bad driving habits like we try to pacify the attitudes of the rotten kids and adults/parents we have on this island….and we wonder, WHY??!