Hamilton Health Centre Remains Closed

October 11, 2018

The Hamilton Health Centre on Victoria Street remains closed “while urgent building repairs are carried out” and a number of health services have been relocated, the Health Ministry said today.

A Ministry spokesperson said, “The Hamilton Health Centre on Victoria Street remains closed while urgent building repairs are carried out. Unfortunately plumbing problems have recurred and repairs are still underway.

Minister of Health Kim Wilson’s press conference on the matter yesterday

“As such, the following health services have been relocated:

  • “Child Health Services [for school-age children] has been relocated to St. Paul’s Church Hall [Court Street] and will take place from 10am until 12pm Monday to Friday, until further notice.
  • “The Travel Clinic will be held at St. Paul’s Church Hall [Court Street] from 2pm until 4pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
  • “The Well Baby Clinic will be held at the Warwick Clinic from 2pm until 4pm on Mondays & Fridays.
  • “Community Health Nursing Wellness Clinics are cancelled until further notice.
  • “Maternal Health Services will be located at The Arches, 13 Berry Hill Rd [Ground Floor]. On Friday October 12 there will be ‘Tdap’ immunizations available there from 9am until 11am and birth control shot clinic/birth control pill pick up from 2pm until 4pm. On Monday October 15, there will be full maternal health services from 8:30am until 4:30pm Monday – Friday at that location, until further notice. For more information please contact: 332-8895.”

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Comments (6)

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  1. Gustav says:

    no problem
    we are used to this
    Buses , trash etc etc
    don’t worry , we voters take it all and get what we voted for

  2. Rocky5 says:

    If this happened under the OBA thousands of Bermudians would be marching in the Streets. With the PLP, it’s just “par-for-the-course”!!!

  3. me says:

    as least we got fintec …………oops maybe not yet

  4. John E. Thorne says:

    Sounds like they could use the $1.2 million that they gave you know who!

    • marxism says:

      He’s too busy taking photos off people’s insides to do any actual work. PLP mantra is “look after our own, worry about the little man later (when we get around to it)”.

      We have a lot of guys living on the streets, why aren’t they helping them? $1.2M would have gone a long way towards making their lives better.