Book Signing Set To Be Held At Planet Math

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A book signing featuring books from the the Daddy and I Explore series by Dr. David Chapman will be held on Saturday, December 22 from 10.00am to 12.00pm at Planet Math, located on the upper level of Tremont House at 4 Park Road in Hamilton.

A spokesperson said, “Dr. David Chapman has always been fascinated with the environment around him, so it was no surprise that this fascination lead him into a career in the sciences and then publishing books about the environment.

“Sergio Pitcher has always had a passion for mathematics so it was no surprise that he ended up teaching mathematics at the Bermuda College and then opening his own tutoring programme.

“What is a surprise though is that these two young men from different areas in the sciences are now collaborating at the Xplore Bermuda, Xplore Math Winter Camp being run by Mr. Pitcher’s Planet Math programme.

“As a part of the Xplore Bermuda component of this year’s Planet Math Winter Camp, the students will be using Dr. Chapman’s Daddy and I Explore books in their Day in the Jungle expedition that will be conducted by Daddy and I Explore’s first Environaut, Asante Chapman – Dr. Chapman’s daughter, who is now a college student in the UK.

“As a part of their Winter Camp experience, Asante will be taking the students and their teachers on a guided exploration through Tom Moore’s Jungle on 27th Dec 2018.

“This exploration through one of Bermuda’s protected nature reserves will allow the students to learn about the island and the environment, where they will encounter wildlife in its natural habitats from mangroves to caves.”

“Mr. Pitcher and the team at Planet Math indicated that they are very excited to have their students have this unique experience. Students will use the caves as source material as they participate in this hands on exploration.

“The Daddy and I Explore series featured three Environauts who explored Bermuda from 2007 to 2012 with their father, Dr. Chapman. The Environauts are now grown up, and for the first time since the separate publication of the books, all five books in the Daddy and  I Explore series featuring the Environauts are now available in Bermuda.

“The Environauts invite you to a special book signing in the Planet Math building on Saturday, December 22 from 10.00am to 12.00pm. Planet Math is located on the upper level of Tremont House at 4 Park Road, Hamilton. You can’t miss it – it’s the building with the big Planet Math rocket ship on it.

“Bring your Daddy and I Explore books to be signed by the Environauts, whether you purchased the books when they first came out or whether you just bought them recently from Caesar’s Pharmacy in Somerset, Bermuda Bookstore, The Bookmart, People’s Pharmacy, or Nubian Nook Bookstore, all in Hamilton, or from the Long Story Short bookstore in St. George’s. We will have books for sale at the event.

“Come to this special book signing – hear what the Environauts have been up to since each of their books were published. It will also be an opportunity to find out what the Planet Math programme has to offer.

“It’s Christmas time and these books make great presents or stocking stuffers. Give a signed book to the children in your list. Let’s encourage our young to learn about, care for and protect Bermuda’s unique environment.”

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