‘Fund Razor’ To Raise Money For Windreach

February 4, 2019

Paige Eversley Bermuda February 2019 (2)WindReach is holding an initiative titled “Eeyore’s Fund Razor” to raise money for the petting zoo, with two people set to cut off their hair in the ‘fund razor.’

Paige Eversley, WindReach Volunteer and Recreation Coordinator said, “Brave? Maybe. Amazing? Quite. Terrifying? Absolutely. It is my pleasure to announce Eeyore’s Fund Razor to raise funds for the petting zoo at WindReach.

“Eeyore is WindReach’s quite famous and senior therapeutic donkey. Over the past 20 years Eeyore has made a number of choices…. some smart, some stubborn, but continuously he puts others first.

“It’s almost surprising the different reactions you receive when you claim ‘Yeah, I would totally cut off all my hair for something I believe in.’

“So much so, you [or maybe, I] begin to question the idea behind it all; so for everyone’s sake let’s not make any rash decisions. Hear me out as I burrow a bit deeper.

“When deciding to follow through with a ‘fund razor’ it would be amiss not to reflect on other organizations, such as St. Baldrick’s, which annually raise money for incredible causes. Countless people living with Cancer or undergoing treatment are subjected to losing their hair.

“To support those affected and reduce feelings of shame or loneliness, our amazing community comes together and raises money for Cancer research. People are making this choice to brave the shave while others who are living with a diagnosis do not have a choice; we accept the diagnosis does not define the person.

“What will it take for our community to make these same choices to support mental health? Multiple sources are quick to share the fact that one in four people will have a mental health disorder, at sometime during their lifespan. If this is true, why can’t the community dispel the stigma and discrimination associated with a mental health diagnosis?

“I do not compare the two with any lack of respect for all that St. Baldrick’s and Charities alike do. I acknowledge the significance and work that is achieved through such phenomenal community support.

“My inspiration for Eeyore’s Fund Razor is a piggy back off the idea of supporting others going through something they didn’t have a choice of going through. My comparisons of cancer and mental health are used to draw a parallel that in many ways, we do not have a choice in our diagnosis. Invisible disabilities could also benefit from some visible support.”

Paige Eversley Bermuda February 2019 (1)

“See, mental health is a part of me. I am a mother, wife, sister, working professional and a sincere lover of chocolate. I also have an Anxiety diagnosis.

“When I reflect back I realize that Anxiety has played a part of my life, but I know that it does not define me. Over the years I have gained an understanding of my diagnosis and can now accept the ups and downs, ins and outs of what living with Anxiety adds to one’s daily routine. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t choose Anxiety. But alas, the mind is an amazing human tool and each of ours is programmed uniquely.

“As WindReach’s Volunteer and Recreation Coordinator, on February 14th, 2019 I am going to visibly show my support for others who are living with an invisible disability.

“By speaking up and sharing my story I want to support others who are affected in some way by Mental Health. Others, like I, may not have had a choice in a Mental Health diagnosis but we all have a choice in how we manage and live with it.

“All funds raised at this event are to support WindReach’s petting zoo; it is the hub for our Life Skills Programme and is a major resource when providing services for individuals living with special needs. All animals in the Petting Zoo support the therapeutic and recreational programmes that make a positive impact for all ages and all abilities.

“While Eeyore and I set off on this edgy fund razor road, I am immediately comforted to know I am not alone. You see, when word got out about this idea, one of WindReach’s biggest fans, 11-year-old Megan Willis, has hopped on board to join me.

“Both Megan and I will show our love for ourselves and all abilities this Valentine’s Day, by choosing to cut it all off! Make a pledge and celebrate this choice with us to recognize that all abilities need support, no matter what that might be.

“For more information on Eeyore’s Fund Razor, please contact Paige Eversley at peversley@windreach.bm or 238-2469 ext 211. Pledges can also be made online with a direct deposit to WindReach’s HSBC account 010-857621-001. Please identify your online pledge with ‘FR’ and, should you choose, your name.

“Follow Eeyore on our social media @windreachbermuda to celebrate all abilities in our community. WindReach is Registered Charity #92.”

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