Under 12, Under 16 & Senior Netball Results

March 3, 2019

The Digicel Under 12 Division saw a double header with 49 goals scored, while the Digicel Under 16 Division saw a triple header with 115 goals scored and in a triple header 204 goals were scored in Senior Division.

Digicel Under 12 Division

In the opening match, the North Village Lady Rams Red went down 19 – 10 to the North Village Lady Rams White. Kari Virgil and Aniyah Minors both scored 8 goals for the North Village Lady Rams White, while Ra’eesah Robinson added 3 goals and Nevaeh Swan was named the teams MVP. Jazaya Brimmer-Peets scored 7 goals for the North Village Lady Rams Red’s and Sioma Rudo added 3 goals, while Amigh Moore was named the teams MVP.

The Phoenix Sparks defeated the Storm 17 – 3. The Phoenix Sparks got 8 goals from Sydney Santos, 4 goals from MVP Sanaa Grant, Hailey Trott added 3 goals and Khylie Smith scored twice. The Storm got single goals from Makaysia Furbert, MVP Nevah Barclay and Eliyah Seon.

Digicel Under 16 Division

The Storm Thunder defeated the Warriors 17 – 5. Jaelyn Rewan led the Storm Thunder with 8 goals, Makaylie Smith added 5 goals, while Imara Richardson scored twice, with Amayah Burt and Jamir Hatherley added a goal each, with MVP honors going to Anisa Seon. The Warriors got 3 goals from Kammie Mills and single goals from Arianna Sabir and Dayla Richards, with Shayla Green named MVP.

The Storm Lightning defeated the North Village Lady Rams White 39 – 10. Asrael Basden led the charge for the Storm Lightning with 14 goals, Amaiah Butterfield added 13 goals, Jade Johnston added 7 goals and Elishe Smith scored 5 goals. The North Village Lady Rams White got 7 goals from MVP Gabrielle Romaine and Sanaa Berkeley added 2 goals. G’zai Dyer was named the Storm Lightning MVP.

The Phoenix Fire defeated the North Village Lady Rams Red 24 – 20. The Phoenix Fire got 16 goals from Nisaiah Berkeley, K”xiyae Gibbons added 8 goals, while Alexcie Burrows was named the teams MVP. Rhiannon Higgin scored 16 goals for the North Village Lady Rams Red, while Rae’chelle Webster added 4 goals, with Jessie Debraga named the teams MVP.

Seniors Division

The Storm Thunder defeated Robin Hood 62 – 17. Kaamilah Nasir scored 30 goals to lead the Storm Thunder to victory, Selah Tuzo added 20 goals and Nabiilah Nasir scored 12 goals, with Kaylee Lema named the teams MVP. Charlie Bridgman scored 13 goals for Robin Hood and Jess Arneil added 9 goals, while Naomi Taylor was named the MVP.

The Lindo’s Tigers defeated the Storm Lightning 34 – 17. The Lindo’s Tigers got 16 goals from Charlene Gomez, Demuqua Daniels added 11 goals and MVP Jahkenya Trott scored 7 goals. Diara Benjamin scored 10 goals for the Storm Lightning, with MVP Jaylynn Hines adding 5 goals while Asrael Basden scored twice.

The Phoenix Heat defeated the North Village Lady Rams 43 – 31.  MVP Danielle Raynor scored 38 goals for the Phoenix Heat, Dominique Richardson added 3 goals and Shondae Woods-Bell scored twice. The North Village Rams got 16 goals from MVP Jahtuere Trott, Nikita Trott added 13 goals and Darrika Simons scored twice.


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