Increased Disabled Parking On ‘Purple Tuesday’

November 7, 2019 | 2 Comments

Purple Tuesday Bermuda Nov 7 2019The City of Hamilton will be temporarily increasing the number of disabled parking bays as part of the Purple Tuesday initiative taking place next Tuesday, November 12th.

A spokesperson said, “Purple Tuesday is a UK-based initiative started in 2018 with the sole aim being to increase awareness and the value of disabled shoppers. The City will look to add twenty additional parking bays around the City – Front Street, Reid Street and Court Street, the most prominent shopping areas of the City.”

City of Hamilton Chief Operating Officer, Dwayne Caines, said of the initiative, “As the governing body of the Disabled Parking Permits in Bermuda, we are keenly aware of the work that needs to be done in our community when it comes to accessibility, especially in the City.

“We have an ageing society and with over one thousand current Disabled Parking Permit holders, it is our duty to explore how we can assist where we can so that the disabled shoppers’ experiences are more enhanced, especially for the long-term.

“Purple Tuesday is a young campaign, new to Bermuda, and we hope that other businesses, retailers and restaurants embrace the value that disabled shoppers can bring to their bottom line.”

The spokesperson said, “Additional parking bays in the identified areas will be monitored by the traffic wardens to deter abuse of the bays. Motorists utilizing the bays must display the Disabled Parking Permit as well as their paid parking. Additional disabled parking signage will be in place in the affected areas.

“The City will look to increase the number of disabled parking bays throughout Hamilton on a permanent basis after the Purple Tuesday initiative.”

Information on Purple Tuesday can be found here.

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  1. Sara Westhead says:

    Great start – now to see the city actually enforce the laws, penalizing those who illegally parking in these spots, both those without tags and those using other people’s tags for their own advantage.

  2. STFU says:

    The reason retail sales are in the tank is because THERE IS NO PARKING on the street anymore or parking is so expensive from a cost and time perspective!!! And now we lose more to handicapped people? That’s just dumber than dumb and watch the retail numbers fall as a result! Pay attention Corp of Hamilton aNd Government!

    Now if you were to comp my parking based on a today I shopped at a Hamilton retailer voucher or stamp then I am all in!! Look at how they do things in small towns in USA – shop and park free – else pay!

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