Women Urged To Join Government Boards

December 3, 2019 | 3 Comments

The Women’s Resource Centre noted the recent statement from Government asking people to sign up to serve on Boards, and have urged women to apply “so that we have a voice in the decision-making process of our community that is more reflective of all of our interests.”

A spokesperson said, “In a recent request via media, Minister Wayne Furbert asked the public to sign up to be on Government Boards.

“The Women’s Resource Centre recently drew the below stats to the Minister’s attention, and would like to draw to the attention of the Public the below stats as well, from 2018;

“2018 Summary: Of 104 Boards listed:

  • “41 chaired by females [39.42%]
  • “16 with females as deputy chairs [15.38%]
  • “Females account for a total of 396 out of 921 [43%] all board members [*N.B. – based on listed members. Several boards had non-identified members from linked organizations [mostly acting as ex-officio] e.g. “student representative”; “BMA representative”; “PTB representative” etc.]
  • “38 Boards [36.54%] with over 50% female members – with a dominant presence in: Health (nursing, psychology, addictions, chiropody; dieticians; medical lab; physiotherapy; mental health; occupational therapists and accessibility Boards] and in Education [CedarBridge; Board Education]
  • “7 boards [7%] had no female members

“The stats are not 100% accurate in that some boards list an unnamed ex-officio member from the relevant Government Ministry or other body. Also, the board listings also include Parish Councils but ‘the point’ is that there is prevailing gender disparity especially in board leadership and a demonstrated and prevailing opportunity for improvement.

“We have proposed to the Minister that this is an issue that can be easily remedied. We encouraged the Minister to advance with his colleagues to annually prescribe and encourage gender parity to board appointments, particularly relating to board leadership; that during selection, the Government and population as a whole would be reminded of the importance of this representation, and that this could easily be advanced as a Government Policy.

“Additionally, it would be admirable if, as in many parts of Europe, this Government might also consider applying parameters for gender parity on private Company boards. Again, it could be a Policy in the first instance, not necessarily legislated unless the former isn’t willingly achieved.

:It would be easy to track and as companies must currently declare the percentage of Bermudians [ownership and directors], the percentage of females on their boards could also be a required reporting.

“The Minister’s response was favorable with a response to encourage women to apply. So this is a Clarion Call to all the women of Bermuda to please apply to Government Boards. Let us collectively contribute toward our outcome as women, so that we have a voice in the decision-making process of our community that is more reflective of all of our interests.

“For further information about the Women’s Resource Centre please visit our Facebook page at Women’s Resource Centre Bermuda or contact us at wrc@wrcbermuda.com or call us at 295-3882.”

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  1. Tamika says:

    I’ve applied numerous times and never received a call. Not sure why I’m not considered eligible/a suitable candidate to be on a Government Board.

  2. Pangaea says:

    Now we will get the other side of the story the ladies don’t mince their words and tell like it is. Look for diversity and the broader spectrum.

  3. sandgrownan says:

    The problem is, we have a misogynistic and discriminatory government. Diversity on boards isn’t encouraged or welcome since the output / recommendations / decisions might go against the party line.

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