Video/Photos: Police & Fire Thank Hospital Staff

April 14, 2020 | 31 Comments

The Bermuda Police Service and Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service formed a motorcade this evening [April 14] and traveled from Hamilton to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where they, along with a few members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, clapped and cheered to show their appreciation for the work that hospital staff are doing to help the island deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (10) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (9) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (8) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (7) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (6) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (5) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (4) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (3) BPS Thanks BHB staff April 14 2020 (1)

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. laws says:

    Why not go to MWI aswell?

  2. bigga says:

    And the Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute is left out again….

  3. Sailor says:

    I know the intention is good but is it wise to have such a large gathering of our important people just so that they can pay each others backs. If one of those peoe has covid then they are all at risk now

    To be technical as well, I thought we were not allowed to gather in groups of more than 2 people. Since the Police and nobody is above the law are we expecting them to all get brought before the court. He do as I say not as I do display does not help the island right now.

    I appreciate everything but this was not a good idea

    • Portia says:

      This has been happening a lot. Many leaders are NOT following the protocols they are forcing upon us. Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer were both criticized for traveling around with their families over Easter (in the Government jet no less!) after telling Canadians to stay home over the long weekend. The mayor of Chicago told her constituents to stay home and not visit beauty parlors…then went out to get her hair done. Her excuse? She’s a public figure and it was a matter of personal hygiene. Really?!

      Governments are using this virus as an excuse to do what they want. Time for citizens to wise up and push back when we see them flouting their OWN rules.

  4. Justasuggestion says:

    Where are the 35k test kits? They are not on the island. You have been told 1 time

  5. Unemployed says:

    So I am being told not to work and stay at home.because we don’t want to spred the virus by close contact. Told no group gatherings. Told to.wear facemasks when outside. Told to stay at least 6 feet apart…..
    And now I see the people who are enforcing these rules blatantly disregarding all of the rules….. they are still getting paid…..while I sit at home worrying about my future.
    I get we need to say thank you. But everything that the premier is telling us to do they are not doing themselves.
    If one person there has corona virus then we are in big trouble
    Say thankyou by driving by with your lights and sirens on, but I guess if you do that then there is no photo opp for you!
    Do as I say not as I do comes to mind. Look at the pictures. How close are the people? How many are wearing facemasks, is it illegal to have public gatherings?
    Whose idea was this?
    Are these people breaking the law?
    I should be allowed back to work. I don’t interact with no where near as many people.

    • Um.... says:

      Thinking like this is part of the problem. Yes, this gathering looks bad as there isn’t any social distancing. But our healthcare professionals are on the front line every day. I won’t heavily criticize this. I hope the emotional boost keeps them doing their work at a high level.

      Many (most if not all) would like to get back to work. This is causing a lot of economic and social pain but this will pale in comparison to what would happen if we become New York City.

      Hopefully people will use this time to get closer with their family, develop a skill, de-stress (if possible) from, connect with your higher power (if you believe), etc.. If we leave this and just go back to how we were then we have done ourselves a disservice.

      Economic crashes are bound to happen. Life cannot be replaced. And that is the perspective that we need to view this pandemic in.

      • Quizzically says:

        While I can understand your response – this is also a large part of the issues we are experiencing now and why people do not respect mandates as they should. Many of the people pictured according to LAW should be arrested and fined $2,000.00. There are many others in this Island working quietly in the background are you suggesting we lift their moral similarly? Truly sorry but this was badly done.

  6. WTF says:

    I thought that large gatherings were illegal? WTF Commissioner? Now how can we prosecute anyone else like us common folks if our Police have on camera broken the rules?!?

  7. I Applaud the recognition of those on the front line and our first responders,but I have to agree with the writer unemployed, no matter if you have on gloves and mask, the restrictions that we keep hearing about social distancing and I say that clearly this is not being portrayed here.

    If those that are telling us what we have to do, can’t lead by example, maybe we need to start looking ta the fact is social distancing as serious as they make it out to be, especially if you are got all the protective measures in place such as the masks and gloves, other then that I say to all the workers in all categories we do greatly appreciate you and yes all that we see and don’t see and this includes the staff at MAWI.

  8. Karona says:

    I agree 100% that the hospital staff should be thanked for their efforts of trying to save lives and they are well deserving of it, but to me this could of waited til a later date when the s.i.p. was finished, too many people gathered in one place and many not practicing social distance

  9. Um Um Like says:

    The next time the police and Regiment have a large gathering (illegal), please announce it ahead of time so that we know the checkpoints aren’t being manned.

    Don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it a little early to be thanking hospital workers? How many covid patients have they treated, ten? You see the NYPD and NYFD thanking NYC medical professionals, yet they’ve treated thousands of covid patients, not ten!

  10. Me says:

    When Is the party for the grocery store people ? they put themselves out there every day and for low wages

  11. Rocky5 says:

    This breaks almost every rule that the Government is asking all Bermuda residents to comply with. Methinks the RBR & BPS are going to see increased non-compliance directly related to people seeing this outrageous display of rule-breaking by those in Authority!

  12. Student says:

    Not social distancing are they. Nice that they can leave their neighbourhood and not be stuck there since March 20.

  13. D says:

    Wouldn’t that be something if the police, firefighters, regiment, and hospital staff all caught Rona… smh.

  14. I am I says:

    Not saying I’m not grateful , but what about all of us that work in senior homes, trash truck drivers, people who work in stores so we can all have a constant supply of food, pharmacies? We just go out everyday for nothing? We’re protecting seniors we don’t get a thanks? I think it’s very unfair to thank one form of essential services and not the other.

    • Positive Vibes says:

      The BPS and others have constantly put out posts And photos thanking essential workers. I was there as well the no one touched anybody and for the most part all were wearing masks. I only noticed one regiment and one police without a mask.
      The police seemed to stay on one side with their cars and the hospital staff stayed on the other.

  15. Front line worker says:

    I am a health professional and was there. I am working long hours along with my colleagues dealing with this pandemic. Everyone there was either, or both, socially distanced or had masks on. The lift we got from the visit was fantastic. I am tired of people dishing easy licks towards others when they don’t have a clue but just want to moan or be negative. Staying at home is hard I accept but some of us have harder jobs to do and we are away from our families.

    • No to 19 says:

      Thank you for your hard work and bravery working on the frontline of this pandemic but it is plain to see that not everyone is wearing a mask and many are not practicing social distancing. If you as a health professional cannot see this then it is very worrying

    • Ex frontline worker says:

      No one is saying you don’t deserve thanks, just it’s not a good example. If you look at the pictures it is clear not everybody is social distancing and not everybody is wearing masks. Are you saying if we wear masks we can do these mass gatherings and do group selfies? This just is contrary to everything the government is asking us to do. It is just sinking into the community how bad this is and how bad it could be, and now it looks like perhaps it’s not as serious as the govt is making it sound, which is the wrong message.
      Perhaps a better idea would have been for the motorcade to slowly drive by with lights flashing and sirens blaring, maybe 7 times around the hospital. I am an ex frontline worker. I know what it’s like, I know it lifts everyone’s morale, but I don’t think this was wise.

  16. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Well well well…what have we here..? I can’t swim by myself on a desolate beach…I cannot walk a deserted trail through the bushes…I cannot run in the depths of night…but looky here…We are not in a crisis obviously…There are many that work at the hospital yet i havent heard not one testimony as to what we are being told…have they been put on a gag order not to talk about actual occurrences…We’ve had 57 confirmed cases and 5 deaths…does that sound like a health crisis…I expected bodies to be piling up and burned to TRY and contain such a devastating plague…health care workers being burnt out due to the pandemonium that would be happening… We or you are being conditioned for our future way of life by an entity far greater than most could imagine…I could go on forever here but that would be fruitless as fear has some people in an everlasting trance (zombie)…

  17. Dejavu says:

    If they aren’t following the rules why should we!!! #PLPOUT

  18. There will always be armchair critics! Individuals will always see the negative in some of the most positive gestures! Well done to the Police, Fire and Regiment for showing the tired doctors and nurses your appreciation for the hard work and dedication they have given to the people of Bermuda During this difficult time. It is a real shame that some members of the community does not share the same sentiments instead they only wish to find fault whilst you the Dr’s and Nurses are working tirelessly trying to keep other members of our community alive! I could see that you were wearing your masks and a picture would never show the social distancing that I am sure took place yesterday! With that said I applaud each and every one of you and Thank you for your service to our community

    • Ex frontline worker says:

      You missed my point completely and I cant spell it out any clearer. And yes, some of the smartest people are enjoying their retired lives sitting in armchairs now, that’s who we are trying to protect.

  19. Smith says:

    This should have been done at the end of covid-19, and i hope the stores give all front line worker a discount òn one special day after this is over that will help them to make some money back that they lost during this time that they had to close.

  20. puzzled says:

    Let it go people.
    These people are close everyday for 8 +hours, in vehicles and dealing with you.

    It’s tough for them an tough for you.
    Let it go.
    There is no double standard here.

    • Nope says:

      Nope! This senseless act will now set a precedent and will impede the ability to prosecute anyone else as our own Police have on camera broken all the rules! Just plain hypocritical and dumb!

  21. bermyguy says:

    Isn’t that area high risk. Seems a little unnecessary to me. They didn’t need to all get out and mingle. Bad decision making. Period.

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