Online Petition: Reject Rizzuto & Support BLM

June 1, 2020

An online petition – titled “Bermuda Solidarity with BLM & Rejection of Rizzuto Appointment as US Consul General”– has started, with an aim to “let the world know that our 21 square miles has no more space for racists and we reject Rizzuto.”

The petition said, “Bermuda is a small 21 square mile rock in the middle of the Atlantic. Often we watch the world, especially our closest neighbour America — 800 miles away, and stay silent, lest we upset the perceived superpowers and the business stops coming.

Screenshot from the petition website:

Screenshot petition

“But today we stand with Black people from across the diaspora who are rising up to fight injustice, police brutality and white supremacy. We join the global call for the arrests of the murderers of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and the countless other Black, Brown and Indigenous people who have suffered by the hands of those who were sworn to protect them.”

The petition added that “in addition to adding our voices to this critical issue, we want to alert the international media to our displeasure that America’s president has appointed one of his cronies and donors” to a position at the US Consulate in Bermuda.

“Lee Rizzuto Jr. had his Barbados Ambassadorship blocked by the Republican-controlled Senate because he was deemed unfit and yet he will now be foisted upon Bermuda,” the petition said.

“We invite you to mobilise with us in solidarity with those around the world who march against fascism, police brutality and white supremacy. Bermuda takes action to let the world know that our 21 Square miles has no more space for racists and we reject Rizzuto.”

The petition also calls for “a full review with a goal to implementation of the 2019 Racial Justice Platform created by the Citizens for Uprooting Racism in Bermuda.”

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  1. Tee says:

    This protest seems to have nothing to do with us locals. All it will do is make it much harder for us to travel. How long ago was it that WE BERMUDIANS COULD NOT RENT cars in USA? So be careful what you ask for. We are aware how abrupt and not much of a thinker the President is. So how about ALL BERMUDIANS needs a Visa, or how about BDA blocked all together from entering USA? Dont think he wont, he did it to China (covid19) So use common sense here, after all dont bite the arm that you shoppers will need…

    • trufth says:

      Agree. I will also add that we need to stop flattering ourselves thinking Bermuda is as special to others as it is to us. Diplomats are not knocking down the doors asking to be stationed in Bermuda. We get the bottom of the barrel.

      • Chris says:

        We have become the bottom of everything. Until we understand we have one thing incoming, we are human and until then we will be lead by people with personal agendas That don’t benefit us.

      • We have had great representation from the U.S.A . We would do well to appreciate everything that America does for us . ” Keep the end in view .” It only means that many of us as Bermudians , are short-sighted .

      • Kimberley says:

        I’m sorry that the bottom of the barrel is good enough for you… but it isn’t for many others here in Bermuda.

    • BIMPERT says:

      I’m with you 100%.

    • bluenose says:

      How did you determine that this has “nothing to do with us locals”?

  2. Lots of concerns says:

    We did forgive Minister Caines for his comments in the UK about “titty milk” . Surely with 110 churches preaching forgiveness, we can forgive President Trump’s recommendations for the few remaining months of his tenure?

  3. Shirley says:

    Barbados Ambassadorship blocked him deemed him unfit so Bermuda gets the trash on oudoor steps.Bermuda block him from coming here we don’t need him here.
    Bermuda let’s all stand together for our country.

    • Tee says:

      So, we got to rise above the rest of the other islands. If Barbados do it shall we follow? Why? You all be the 1 st ones crying because you cant get car rentals. Oh by the way its happened before. Before you go there, I’m a black Bermudian that loves to travel. So to deny someone because they affiliated with Trump you feel will solve your minor problems? This is absurbed. We are 20 fri88in miles big. Cant be seen on the map and you want to play like we the boss. Ok, USA dont need us. WE NEED THEM. Go try flying to NYC, Boston, Philly, Atl etc and denied entry, oh I told you so, Bermudians are cry babies. Embarrassing

    • truthertz says:

      Actually the Republican controlled Senate rejected his appointment. That’s how bad he is I guess.

  4. Yes I says:

    These are all niceties, but not standing up for what one believes because certain privileges may be taken away is not a reason anyone should be comfortable sleeping at night with.

  5. ImJustSayin says:

    There are many other more important things to protest about than this appointment. Based on information from where, not CNN I hope.

  6. Heya says:

    Is he a racist, or, is this because he was appointed by Trump and people don’t like Trump (I can’t stand Trump) .I’m not seeing what this Appointment has to do with BLM. There are genuine reasons to protest re BLM, but to piggyback. Personal dislike for Trump is wrong, If his guy is a racist, then why would he even want to come to our black majority country. Makes no sense.

    These are two separate protests. I’m 100% behind BLM, but to lump in the Trump appointment devalues the message. We want justice and we want change to US law enforcement procedures and Better screening of hires to prevent this form ever happening again. We want due punishment for those that were involved in his death. We want a better America and the senseless deaths to stop. BLM

    • Imjustsaying says:

      It’s most likely because he was appointed by Trump. Trump could discover the cure for Cancer and they would still hate him. SMH!

  7. Toejam Express says:

    Why in this day and age Bermudian some of our people still fear speaking out against the wrongs committed by the United States of America/ American leaders? Bermuda has been a friend to the US for centuries. True friends speak the truth to friends, even when that truth may be hard for that friend to accept. Even the current thin skinned President of the United States needs to hear and read the truth, especially from a friend. Evil prevails when good men and women do or say nothing….

  8. Warrior says:

    Black Lives Matter..let us stand aling our streets n tell it to evety black young man/older man that rides, walks and drives by. How many children are without fathers, how mant mothers/partners continue to mourn, struggle with housingm feeding, clothing, etc. Stand against BLM in your homeland before protesting anywhere else.

  9. Imjustsaying says:

    More than 20 million Black babies have been aborted since 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in the US.

    Black women have a significantly higher abortion rate than Whites and Hispanics.

    38.0% of all abortions in the U.S. in 2016 were performed on Black women, however, only about 13.4% of the total population is Black
 Where is all the marching for this genoside?

  10. Imjustsaying says:

    More than crime. More than accidents. More than cancer, heart disease and AIDS. Abortion has taken more Black American lives than every other cause of death combined since 1973. In the United States, the abortion rate for Black women is almost 4 times that of White women. On average, 900 Black babies are aborted every day in the United States. This tragedy continues to impact the population levels of African Americans in the United States.