Social Justice BDA Present Petition To Governor

June 10, 2020

Social Justice Bermuda presented their petition – “Bermuda Solidarity with BLM & Rejection of Rizzuto Appointment as US Consul General” – to Governor John Rankin this evening at Government House.

The petition — which received more than 93,000 signatures – states, “Bermuda is a small 21 square mile rock in the middle of the Atlantic. Often we watch the world, especially our closest neighbour America, 800 miles away, and stay silent, lest we upset the perceived superpowers and the business stops coming.

Screenshot from the petition website:

Screenshot petition june 10 2020

“But today we stand with Black people from across the diaspora who are rising up to fight injustice, police brutality and white supremacy. We join the global call for the arrests of the murderers of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and the countless other Black, Brown and Indigenous people who have suffered by the hands of those who were sworn to protect them.”

The petition added that “in addition to adding our voices to this critical issue, we want to alert the international media to our displeasure that America’s president has appointed one of his cronies and donors” to a position at the US Consulate in Bermuda.

Social Justice Bermuda June 10 2020 (1)

“Lee Rizzuto Jr. had his Barbados Ambassadorship blocked by the Republican-controlled Senate because he was deemed unfit and yet he will now be foisted upon Bermuda,” the petition said.

“We invite you to mobilise with us in solidarity with those around the world who march against fascism, police brutality and white supremacy. Bermuda takes action to let the world know that our 21 Square miles has no more space for racists and we reject Rizzuto.”

The petition also calls for “a full review with a goal to implementation of the 2019 Racial Justice Platform created by the Citizens for Uprooting Racism in Bermuda.”

Social Justice Bermuda June 10 2020 (2)

After receiving the petition from Social Justice Bermuda this evening, the Governor remarked: “Let me start by saying that I very much welcome and fully support the Black Lives Bermuda march which took place in Hamilton on Sunday.

“It was a large, impressive, peaceful demonstration which sent a clear message to which we all have to listen. As Governor I wholly oppose racism and we all need to call out racism when it occurs and tackle racism when it occurs, and as Governor I will continue to support all efforts in that respect.

Social Justice Bermuda June 10 2020 (3)

“As regards the petition this evening, I shall of course read the contents and the message it gives. Under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the appointment of a Consul General is for the Sending State to make. So the decision to appoint Mr Rizzuto as US Consul General is one that is made by the United States Government. As I say, I shall read the petition that has been sent to me.

“The other thing I would like to say is that the US is, of course, our nearest geographical neighbour and whatever views may be on this matter, I think it is important that we have an effective relationship with whomever represents the United States in this country and my job as Governor will be to achieve that effective relationship.”

The Social Justice Bermuda group — which has already held protests outside the U.S. Consulate — will hold another event on Saturday [June 13] at Barr’s Bay Park at 4.00pm. They are one of two groups that has formed recently, with the other group, Black Lives Bermuda, hosting the march in Hamilton this past Sunday.

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  1. Can some one please help me,to explain how do over 93,000 signatures add up to anything if we have no more then 65,000 people on this island and I know that we live in a technical age were people can sign a petition from virtually anywhere in the World, but to be totally on the level, I think only those who reside in Bermuda really have a say and Bermudians who live overseas, but non Bermudian and permit worker’s don’t have a say and I’m only talking in reference to those who are against this gentleman that is being sent to Bermuda by President Trump, Today was election day in The U.S and I know they would not allow non Americans to have a say in who get’s voted in, so I think it’s only right that when we do these petitions, that the breakdown of who signed and where there from be give in category’s and I want to be totally fair because of future petitions that any joe bloe can get done in the hundreds of thousands online from people who don’t live here and who don’t really share a common interest. so please explain where these 93,000 came from please.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Petitions like this with 93,000 responses has clearly nothing to do with how Bermuda’s residents feel about the issue. It’s an embarrassment to then hand it to the Governor.

  3. Donderered says:

    93k signatures?

  4. Interested says:

    93,000 signatures? How is that possible?

  5. REPARATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!