Police Tasers: Anti-Felon Confetti ID Tags

April 23, 2010

The taser model that 30% of Bermuda Police officers are now carrying is outfitted with a special “anti felon identification” [AFID] system, which is designed to both deter misuse through enhanced accountability and assist in law enforcement efforts.

Every time a taser cartridge is deployed, 20-30 small pieces of confetti-like tags are ejected. Each AFID is printed with the serial number of the cartridge deployed, which will allow the Police to determine which exactly which cartridge was fired.

taser anti felon device

The large number of AFIDS and their tiny size will make it very time consuming and impractical to clean up. If a taser is fired, the Bermuda Police can use the tags to run a trace on the serial number.

The manufacturer explains that in law enforcement applications, it provides another layer of accountability in documenting precisely which officers deployed a taser in any given incident.

The tasers are also outfitted with dataport technology which captures time and date of each activation, as well as additional data such as duration of application. The data is easily downloaded via a USB connection.

Barring blood and other correlated DNA, other weapons such as guns, knives, chemical sprays, electronic or batons, cannot be traced from evidence at the scene with the accuracy of the Taser X26.

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