Homes and Businesses Deluged With Flamingos

May 6, 2010

Eighteen private homes broke all the generally accepted rules of good taste this past week by featuring stacks of bright pink flamingos plastered all over their lawn.

Joining these homes were four businesses who took it one step futher and featured pink flamingos all over their business premises. Internet service provider North Rock, children’s store Daisy & Mac, Roderick DeCouto Real Estate and Endsmeet Animal Hospital were all deluged with the flamingos.

The only good thing about the infestation of flamingos – it was for a good cause.

The Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS]  is running a “Flamingo Flocking” fundraiser for the month of May, in which anyone can arrange for a bunch of bright pink flamingos to arrive at a location of your choice, where they will take up residence for 24 hours.

Flock 01 colour
The BZS’s “Flamingo Hotline” is 293-4464 ext 130, you can email to order a flocking and you can download order forms from their website.

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