41% Believe “Bermuda Triangle” Is A Danger

August 3, 2010

bermuda triangle map41% of people believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a danger, according to tests done on Queendom.com. The company says the results come from collecting data from “over 20,000 people from all walks of life.”

The Bermuda Triangle seems to be intricately linked with Bermuda for many people. Countless Bermudians when traveling abroad have said they are from Bermuda and faced the “Oh…the Bermuda triangle” response.

Popular culture has attributed disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle to the paranormal, however documented evidence indicates that some incidents were inaccurately reported or embellished by later authors, and official agencies have stated that the disappearances in the region is similar to that in any other area of ocean.

Queendom.com say their data also revealed interesting differences among ethnic groups. Native Americans, who have a rich history and a deep respect for spiritual matters, were the group that believed the most strongly in the paranormal. Those from the Middle East scored highest in religious belief and belief in witchcraft, while Native Americans outscored the rest of the ethnic groups in belief in the afterlife (average score of 71), folklore/myths/legends (54), fate (66), psychics (68), and telekinesis (56). Latinos believed the most strongly in Aliens and UFOs, while the concept of karma was more widely accepted by the African American/African/Caribbean group. Finally, although the average score for superstitious beliefs was actually quite low (23), it was the Jewish group that took the top score, with 30.

For more, or to see and take tests yourself, check out Queendom.com

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  1. Kennette J Burgess says:

    OMG if i hear one more person tell me about or ask me about the Bermuda Triangle when i tell them i am from Bermuda, I will scream….ahhhhhhhh..someone just asked me again..lol
    But seriously, college students get that a lot and we also do projects on the Triangle to defeat it and educate them on this MYTH. I tell them do you know of any recent cases? I also explain about how things weren’t as advanced back then, compasses, piloting, methane gas coming from the ocean and then into the air to bring down planes, etc etc etc

    Many of the people i speak to say they wont come b/c of that but they are just exaggerating b/c if i give them a ticket, they will come with me. Tourism should be doing marketing around that to try to defeat the myth, b/c many will not come just b/c of that myth. Some people are ignorant and will believe everything they hear and read and so we can’t help them, but others we can educate and persuade them to visit PARADISE!!!!!!!

    • Oregon Bev says:

      Has any credence been given to the idea that anomalies may cause ships to lose buoyancy and simply drop out of sight leaving no trace?

    • Kenneth says:

      Do You Believe in the Holy Bible..If You Don’t..Don’t Bother Reading anymore of This Letter. Everything is In the Holy Bible. The original Holy Bible was written in Hebrew. Therefore, To Get the truth about ALL things..You will need a Strong’s Hebrew-Greek Concordance for the King Jame’s Version. Look at Ezekiel 26:17 Then after reading it look up every word that’s in that verse in the concordance. Then You will know the truth. Scientist calls it The Bermuda triangle. Their Wrong. It’s not a triangle..it is a PENTAGRAM! Look Up the word pentagram on the internet!

      Ima’a Just tell U what Yahweh God says about this scripture. There is another world. Just like u would see in a Harry Potter movie. This world has many portals. One of them is between the tip of Florida to Bermuda. Its the demonic realm!The Spirit realm. This world is more real than the earth is. Actually the earth was formed from the spirit realm. Whenever someone tries to travel over the waters in that area..it disturbs demon spirits. The time when clocks stop working,and things like that happens means the portal has opened up. See, in the spirit realm, there is no time! It’s eternity! People,planes,ships that has been reported missing..there in another world. And the people are being tormented. Some are being taught witchcraft by demons spirits. Some of the super rich people around the world travel to this city through astroprojection or however u say that(outer body traveling)… get their ideas..and riches from this city through serving idol gods through witchcraft! If u wanna Know more ..buy the book ..The Witchdoctor and the Man: City Under the Sea..by Bishop Kanco

  2. Kennette J Burgess says:

    I will also encourage EVERY SINGLE Bermudian college student to do a presentation on this when they get a chance to choose their topic as i have had to do MANY TIMES before, to help out their island and Tourism. The audiences are always fascinated by the presentations and it’s an easy A too. lol

  3. Bryan says:

    41% of the people are gullible.

  4. The Bermuda Triangle mystery has already been solved.
    “How brilliant computer scientists solved the Bermuda Triangle mystery”

    The evidence for the solution of the mystery that’s bedeviled the world is laid out in a research paper published in the American Journal of Physics by Professor Joseph Monaghan with honor student David May at the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.