Argus Annual Employee Award Winners

November 23, 2010

The Argus Group today [Nov 23] announces the winners of its annual employee awards programme, designed to recognise outstanding performance in a number of areas.

Pictured below from left – Kay-Annie Reid-Young (Excellence Award Winner), Onika Mendes (Gus Award Winner), Karen Simmons (Gus Award Champion), Gerald Simons (President & CEO), Pearl Blankendal (Excellence Award Winner), Tory Richards (President’s Excellence Award Winner), Cindy Trott (Excellence Award Winner), Janet Todd (Gus Award Winner).

Excellence & Gus Awards 2010 Group (cropped)

This year, Excellence Awards were presented to Pearl Blankendal, Overseas Claims Examiner; Cindy Trott, System Technical Specialist; and Kay-Annie Reid-Young, Team Leader, Administration Services.

The selection criteria for the award recognise individuals that act on their initiative and go beyond the scope of their duties to exceed expectations. The winners were selected for demonstrating distinction in terms of their leadership, problem-solving, team player skills, their ability to demonstrate cost savings, innovation, their positive attitude and their commitment to the company.

Individuals are nominated by their colleagues for the Excellence Award of which the top four or five candidates are then chosen by a committee of Vice Presidents. An ultimate President’s Excellence Award winner is then selected from the Excellence Award nominees by Gerald Simons, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group. This year, the top accolade was awarded to Tory Richards, Team Leader, Infrastructure Support, who best met the set criteria.

The Gus Award identifies and recognises employees that are outstanding role models in the Argus Wellness Programme and individuals are also nominated by colleagues with the final selections being conducted by the Wellness Committee. This year, Gus Awards were presented to Onika Mendes, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Janet Todd, System Support Analyst. Karen Simmons, Medical Underwriter, was selected as the ultimate Champion of this year’s Gus Award by the Wellness Committee.

The qualifying success factors for the Gus Award are two-fold: first, the nominee’s personal success in achieving a healthy mindset, maintaining a good diet and living an active lifestyle and second, their ability to inspire others to live by the same standards through advocacy and communication activities.

Gerald Simons, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group, says: “In our 60th year of operations, we continue to recognise people who contribute to the success of our business. We introduced this awards programme to create a culture of meritocracy at the Argus Group, where employees are celebrated for their extraordinary talents and their skill in adopting the positive values promoted by the company. I would like to congratulate all of this year’s winners on their extraordinary achievements and thank them for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the Argus Group.”

The Excellence Awards (formerly the Vice Presidents’ Awards) have been presented to exceptional Argus employees since 2000. The Gus Award was launched in 2007.

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