Video from 1931: Prince of Wales Visits Bermuda

November 22, 2010

In February 1931, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, traveled to Bermuda along with his younger brother George. He was en route to Buenos Aires to open a British Industries Exhibition.

Large crowds gathered to welcome the Prince of Wales and his younger brother George at the dock in Hamilton. The Prince arrives, is welcomed and the group is then taken off by horse and carriage.

The end of the video shows a brief glimpse of the Prince’s carriage being lead up Queen Street by the Bermuda Police, who at that time used bicycles and horses as transportation.

The Prince went on to become King of the United Kingdom in 1936, and famously abdicated the throne a short time later, choosing to marry an American divorcée – Wallis Simpson.

As Duke of Windsor, he and his wife passed through Bermuda again in 1940 when he was en route to the Bahamas to take up his wartime post as Governor of the then-British colony. The Duke and Duchess spent a week at Bermuda’s Government House before resuming their journey to Nassau. A Royal Poinciana he planted on that visit still blooms in Government House gardens. During a 1920 trip to Bermuda — the first official Royal visit to the island — he laid the cornerstone of the Cenotaph in front of the Cabinet Building (then the Colonial Secretariat).

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  1. Starman says:

    That is too funny, a police escort on bicycle. An excellent clip.