Legendary Actor Vists With Premier

December 1, 2010

93-year-old Bermudian actor Earl Cameron recently met with Premier Paula Cox while on a visit back to the island from his base in the United Kingdom. The barrier breaking actor is pictured below with the Premier and his wife Barbara Cameron.

earl cameron bda nov 2010

Mr. Cameron, arguably the most successful actor Bermuda has ever produced, is a legendary figure who broke down many racial barriers as a black actor in the British film scene during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Born in Bermuda in 1917, Earl Cameron’s career has spanned several decades and over sixty films and television programs.

Some of his more memorable movie roles were that of Pinder in the 1965 James Bond film ‘Thunderball’ alongside Sean Connery, he played the African dictator Edmond Zuwanie in the 2005 movie ‘The Interpreter‘ alongside Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn and also appeared in the 2010 movie Inception alongside Leo DiCaprio. For more on Mr Cameron, and his sixty year long career, click here to view his profile.

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  1. Sin Seer says:

    He also played in a movie called “The Message” as the Ethiopian Christian king Negus who gave asylum to the first followers of the last prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when they were being persecuted by the pagan Arab elite. The movie is the story of the final prophet Muhammad. Nice film!

  2. Hmm says:

    Premier’s going to need all acting tips she can get.

  3. Kennette J Burgess says:

    Great article Bernews. Must share with fellow Onions. We all need to know our international and national heroes. I already knew about Mr Earl, but wasnt sure about all the movies he was actually in.
    I hope he or others will have a youth development program started in his honor for young Bermudians coming up in acting. In everything we do we must pass it on to benefit others. That’s my motto. Blessings