Premier To Host Town Hall Meeting Tonight

March 7, 2011

paula cox bermudaPremier Paula Cox and Government Cabinet Ministers will host a second town hall meeting tonight [Mar 8] to discuss the National Budget. The meeting will be held at Pennos Wharf in St. George’s, starting at 7.00 p.m.

Premier Cox said, “We have had a week of significant debate on the National Budget, and tomorrow will afford members of the public another opportunity hear first hand how the National Budget affects them and their family. I want to encourage as many residents as possible to come out, field their questions, have their say and get a better understanding of this important document.”

The Premier and Ministers will discuss topics including the economy, tourism, education, social issues, youth and family, employment and more.

The first Town Hall meeting was held on February 23 in the City of Hamilton.

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  1. crazytalk says:

    Hopefully she will use this Town hall Meeting as an opportunity to apologise for the ‘lack of financial discipline, waste, and abuse’ that the Education Minister found in the Education Ministry during preparations for the Budget. After all, the Premier has been Finance Minister for several years; she must bear some responsibility for this. Perhaps she will also tell us how many of the 500 or so civil servants in the Education Ministry, who must have been overseeing all this lack of discipline, waste and abuse for the past few years, will lose their jobs.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ct, surely you are not hoping for any admission of irresonsible fiscal accountability from this Premier/Finance Minister are you? Hope you have good lungs. You will need to hold your breath for a long long time. The water under Flatts Bridge stands a better chance of freezing first.

  3. Robert Bryce says:

    Not a chance that anyone will be disciplined let alone lose their jobs. This 12 year old PLP Government has shown its contempt for rules and procedures as demonstrated and confirmed in so many well publicized occasions. “Unethical but not illegal” seems to be the polite description. Smuggling in 4 immigrants overnight, aided and abetted by the present Minister of National Security; failure to follow procedures of the TCD facility as confirmed by the person responsible; 3 qualified audits the responsibility of the present Minister of Finance and the list goes on. What’s the reaction? Call on the Private Sector and International Business to do more! Hopefully at the meeting tonight the Premier will explain why no Government jobs have been lost while redundancies and layoffs continue in the Private Sector, the source of Government funds.

    • Cleancut says:

      Unethical behavior was not accepted by a large segment of the community. The reinstatement of col. Burch was the final straw for many in this community, many people expected a new fresh start with honest people in ministerial positions. You can hold a hundred town hall meetings, but I refuse to sit next to someone who dishonest and deceitful.

  4. Cleancut says:

    Action Speaks louder than words. We all know the Premier has a big bag of words don’t we.