BIU Members Await Decision

April 7, 2011

A small group of mostly W&E and Parks employees of Government have congregated outside of and in the vicinity of People’s Pharmacy on Victoria Street this morning [Apr.7]. They have been at a meeting called by the BIU executive, and that meeting had been called in order to bring the general membership up to date on negotiations with Government.

Speaking with Union members who would speak only in general terms, they say that they were told that the Government offer amounted to a pay freeze. They said that there had been much discussion of the background reasons for the suggested pay freeze but that there was a majority acceptance that this was the way to go.

Union members have directed the BIU negotiating team to go back to Government and report back to them this afternoon. Meanwhile, some Union members have elected to exercise their right to remain at or near the Union site while they await the afternoon decision.

Chris Furbert, President of the Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU], had called an urgent meeting of all Government Divisions for this morning at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall at 8:00 a.m.

Update: The BIU members attending the meeting in St Paul’s AME Church Centennial hall flooded out of the hall around 12:10pm. Many animated discussions and raised voices could be heard and BIU President Chris Furbert could be seen heading for BIU HQ.

Speaking with Union members who were in the hall, it appears that the BIU executive has been directed to continue negotiations with Government. By 12:25, most Union members had left the scene and, boarding their previously parked government vehicles, they were heading back to their various workplaces. At 12:20pm, BIU Union President Chris Furbert could not be reached for comment.

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