“A Divided Opposition Cannot Stand”

May 13, 2011

Craig Cannonier and Michael Fahy have released statements regarding the Bermuda Democratic Alliance [BDA] plans to dissolve and join with members of the UBP to form the One Bermuda Alliance

Mr Fahy said “A divided opposition cannot stand,” and that “the serious conditions facing Bermuda today require us to put aside party loyalties and differences and come together to address these conditions that threaten the future of this great island.”

Mr Cannonier said he look forward to working under the banner of One Bermuda Alliance, and that “History is being made and the future begins today.”

From Craig Cannonier, BDA Leader:

Dear Members,

The people of Bermuda deserve political leadership that will put Bermuda first. As a result the BDA and a number of MP’s from the UBP have decided to start a new entity called the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA).

It is important to recognize that the serious conditions facing Bermuda have made us all aware of the urgency of now. The future of Bermuda is at stake. Government is failing and the people of Bermuda are demanding new innovative ideas and experience to carry them out.

The people want leadership who will acknowledge the real problems that exist and take action to address them for all of Bermuda because I do believe we have had enough of ineffective government. As the leader of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance (BDA), I thank you for your overwhelming support and look forward to working with you under the banner of One Bermuda Alliance. History is being made and the future begins today.

L. Craig Cannonier
Leader, Bermuda Democratic Alliance

From Michael Fahy, BDA Chairman:

Dear Members

After much internal discussion and a SGM in February of this year, the National Executive Committee passed resolutions: directing Craig Cannonier, Leader of the BDA, Michael M. Fahy, JP, BDA Chairman, and Shawn Crockwell, JP MP, BDA House Leader to sign an agreement with a number of parliamentary members of the UBP to form the One Bermuda Alliance; that upon signing of the agreement the BDA will have dissolved as a political party; and directing the BDA party officers to proceed with the orderly winding up of the affairs of the BDA following the signing of the agreement.

I would never have imagined when we launched the BDA we would dissolve it. However, the serious conditions facing Bermuda today require us to put aside party loyalties and differences and come together to address these conditions that threaten the future of this great island.

A divided opposition cannot stand. I am confident however that with your help, your love of Bermuda and your desire to see real change in Bermuda that you will support the new party, the One Bermuda Alliance. When the OBA launches you will see that our values will not have disappeared, but instead will have been strengthened by an alliance with others who also believe in putting Bermuda first.

I urge you to step forward and make a bold move for Bermuda. One man with courage makes a majority, and we have much more than that. Your enthusiasm to see real change in Bermuda, your passion for changing the dynamic of Bermuda and your desires to see Bermuda become what it should be – the jewel in the Atlantic, should not fade with the end of the BDA, but instead it should shine brighter than ever before.

I thank you for your support and I am looking forward to working closely with each of you as we go door to door in every constituency and neighbourhood working for and with Bermudians who believe that our island is headed in the wrong direction. I look forward to moving forward with you and putting Bermuda first.

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  1. White Christ aka White Jesus says:

    United we stand…….
    in quick sand!

  2. Cordell W. Riley says:

    Just a thought. Now that the majority of opposition members will now reunite under the One Bermuda Alliance banner, what if they all resigned their seats, in effect forcing a general election? Now, that wouldn’t that be empowering the Bermudian people? Like I said, just a thought.

    • Rich says:

      Resigning their seats doesn’t force a general election.

    • PEPPER says:

      That is a good thought indeed…I never thought of that.

  3. d reader says:


    • itwasn'tme says:

      r u refering to our future GDP? LOL I can’t believe Triminghams, Smiths, Gibbons, and the rest of Front St. may be standing in the same soup kitchen queue as me.

  4. Just a question:
    Given the current injunction against dissolving the UBP based on the application from MP Swan and others, what stops the currnet UBP MPs from simply resigning from their party and joining the new OBA?

    On a related note, it has been interesting to see some of the comments that appear to be castigating MP Swan for simply following what he believes to be right. I continue to caution that we must be collectively careful about what we say to, and about, each other whilst at the same time criticising others for their negative actions (i.e. our young people). We must remember to lead by example – oppose and defend IDEAS without making personal attacks!!

  5. Rockfish says:

    The economy is crap – everyone is out to line their pockets – Kim Swan seems desperate to hold on to something that really wasn’t his to begin with and perhaps a recalled mortgage – I hear that how the UBP rolls – when your out they recall your assets they help you obtain – I didn’t think he would stoop so low in an act of desperation – but I also noticed that it’s the black members that are trying to hold on to the UBP dream – it just shows that they were the tokens that were used to ‘bridge that gap’ socially – but didn’t bring in the winning tickets.

    I still don’t understand the rational behind leaving a party based on their beliefs then entertaining them again and re-joining – Nothings changed but the names – it’s still the same game – everything is going to all great in the beginning – then when the anti get’s upped – it’s going to be the same ole UBP under a new name… Really … BDA would have been better off remaining seperate – unless their members were also enticed by $$$ – I hear the UBP is really good for taking care of their own….

  6. Watching! says:

    Blah blah blah! I cannot wait to see what mandate they come up with. I am sure it will be empty promises. This Island is in desperate state and we need dynamics not the same ol crap.

  7. Face the Nation says:

    A punch drunk united opposition can’t stand either… Wasted on Goslings rum and Barritts ginger beer . Morale of the story ; never try your own supply .

  8. specialgirl

    Sounds like there is still division within the party !! Kim has put a stop to the party ! Put away the wine for now, and lets wait and see what is next !! The word “ONE” no longer will work for this party….as they are divided and torn. No matter how they spin it ! there is problems within the camp !! They claim they can do a better job than the PLP, yet their house still is broken !!