Thirty Soldiers Return: Training In Canada

June 27, 2011

bermuda regiment flag sign30 soldiers of the Bermuda Regiment 2011 Junior Non Commission Officer Cadre have successfully completed the final exercise, tactics phase, after spending two weeks living and working in the field at Canadian Army Training Centre, Meaford, Ontario.

This exercise was the culmination of six months lead-up training, and was designed to test the students’ military and leadership skills by putting them through a demanding training regimen consisting of field craft exercises, skill at arms, adventure training, command tasks, map reading and cross country navigation.

Under the leadership of Platoon Commander Lieutenant Mark Lavery, the six month course has built on the basic soldiering skills learned during recruit camp, and focused on the basic principles of teamwork, perseverance and military leadership.

“It has been a rewarding experience to lead these young men and women through this phase of the JNCO Cadre,” said Lt. Lavery. “In the short time we have been with them, I have watched them grow in skill, spirit and confidence. This is by no means an easy course and the fact that they have made it this far means that they have met, and in some cases exceeded, even those expectations they have placed on themselves. For this, I think they should all be very proud.”

Regarding the exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Brian Gonsalves, Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment said: “During the Cadre, one thing is clear – Candidates are no longer considered as Private Soldiers, but are treated as potential leaders.”

“The events of the final exercise come in quick succession and test how well a soldier can handle themselves and the people around them in a mentally and physically demanding environment. The soldiers that complete this phase of the course have persevered and should feel rightly proud about their accomplishments. I am excited to see what these young Bermudians will bring to the Regiment and the country in the years to come.”

“I didn’t just see soldiers growing in military confidence; I saw young Bermudians working together, in a positive environment; these young citizens are carrying the torch for their generation. When we next have to respond to a natural disaster or perform one of our civic duties at home or overseas, I know that these junior leaders have the integrity and resilience to take delegated command in operational positions. ”

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  1. Clafe says:


    whats wrong wif bermy? if guyz keep sendin guyz overseas, whos gunna b herr 2 protect us if guyz invade de island? dont get me wrong, canada is boasty (i went dere once when i wuz a yout 2 buy a basketball), but we need R troops HERE at all times!

    my bredren Oatmeal Pancreas has bin in regiment 4 like 29 years, n he said dat when he wuz a cadet, de sargent took dem on a 3-day trip 2 florida 2 shoot pure alligators 4 a realistic modrn combat simulation. They had a safe time n learned a lot bout d horrors of war, but when dey got back 2 warwick camp…ERRYTHING WAS GONE! UM TALKIN WEAPONS, CARE PACKAGES FROM GUYZ’S GRANNIES, CANS OF BAKED BEANS, ENTIRE BUILDINGS, UNIFORMS…ERRYTHING.

    it turned out that guyz from 42nd had snuck in 2 camp when dey were gone, n BCUZ NOBODY WUZ THERE TO GUARD IT, THEY JUS GANKED ERRYTHING. it wuz n embarrasment 2 de fine name of d Bermuda Regiment, n dey still haven’t compleetly recovered from d shame (Oatmeal Pancreas is still in psychotherapy, n criez himself 2 sleep every nite).

    all um sayin is that just cuz THESE guyz got back from canada n noffin wuz missing, we CANNOT AFFORD 2 MAKE THIS SAME MISTEAK AGAIN…PLEASE WAKE UP PPL!!! PLEASE!!!

    • Private says:

      Haha the only things worth taking from warwick camp are the cedar trees

    • Bryan says:


  2. Time Wasted says:

    What a Joke. Love seeing the “commanders” of the regiment grasping at straws trying to justify their existence. Here’s a tip lifers: GET A REAL JOB AND STOP BEING A PARASITE SUCKING OUT BERMUDA’S DWINDLING MONEY SUPPLY!!!!!!!!

    • next? says:

      Wake up call. The option to become independent is always there for Bermuda- have you heard de Governor?
      After independence who’s gonna defend your ass is ders no Regiment?

    • itwasn'tme says:

      @ Time Wasted….you musta spent every thursday evening in the brigg or kitchen duty. Turned up 20 minutes late, rude and surly, probably insubordinate just because, weed smoking idiot……you could have made your experience a positive but chose not to because you think you are too good to serve! if you had any sense you would have listened to your parents after they couldn’t pull strings to get you sorry azz furloghed… shudda went St Johns ambulance….but ofcourse you would have become a fkin novacain junky instead! Ya you are Time Wasted!

  3. andre says:

    How much money we would save if……….

  4. Rob says:

    Oh No! First Terry, now a Clafe. ALL ABOURRRRRRRRD!

  5. will says:

    massive waste of money. no offence meant to any of those 30 involved, but c’mon Bermuda, how are we going to get to grips with a spiralling out of control violent gang problem when we are training our young men to shoot and handle weapons, oh i guess they believe its better to shoot and hit then miss and hit someone else……

  6. Daemon says:

    Bermuda just can’t win! When young Bermudians act out violently or disorderly we are all up in arms about what is wrong with our young people. Seemingly,accordingly to a couple of the rocket scientists above, the same negativity applies to this fine group of Regiment young people who have gone out of their way to test themselves and acquire new leadership skills which CAN be applied to help Bermuda in the future.

    Well done Junior N.C.O.’s and shame on you ‘Nay-Sayers’.

  7. Just wondering says:

    Congrats to the 30 for making it so far considering that at the begining of the training there was over double that who started the Cadre. It is a hard thing that they did and I wish them the best with the rest of their time in the Regiment.

    And I agree wit Next if you want Indepence then you actually need to increase the funds to the Regiment.

    • new jnco says:

      As one of the 30 I would like to thank you for your support, this was the first year the cadre was a competition, and all those who made it through worked very hard, even while injured in some cases, I have never worked with a better group of Bermudians, who all showed incredible pride and strength. For all the haters, that is your right but don’t belittle our accomplishments

      • Hmmm says:

        Congrats new jnco to you and the others for your hard work.
        Don’t worry about those idiots… Some people just can’t be happy for anything

        Well done

      • Rockfish#2 says:

        @ new jnco,
        Congratulations are deserved by all! Take advantage of more courses and climb the promotion ladder!

      • Charlie says:

        Amen, brother! Keep up the good work!

  8. Rowan says:

    To all of the above:

    How about we ask the boys involved if they thought it was a “tremendous waste of money?”

    For many, I’d imagine that this has been the most worth-while investment of funds that anyone has made in them, and has furnished them an opportunity and skills that they would otherwise not have had.

    Given the above, I’d humbly suggest that the most worth-while investment you could benefit from would be buying yourself a dictionary.


    • Bermyman says:

      Tell that to the kids in the Sunshine League.

      Why doesen’t the tax payer pay for a Ski Trip for me and 30 mates this winter? I need to brush up on my skiing and so do many others, it would furnish me and 30 lucky others the opportunity and skills we may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. And you can also pay me while I am at it!

      What skills are the JNCO’s learning and how are they actually a benefit to the greater society? We are never going to be at war and these young men will never see combat. If you want adventure, go to summer camp and pay for it yourselves.

      • Terry says:

        No offence Bermyman but they are learning discipline and comradery which they will take back to their businesses and homes. These men are not the unemplyed off the streets. They are your co-workers, cousins, friends relatives.

  9. easy says:

    That 1st comment was hilarious!!!

    “….dont get me wrong, canada is boasty (i went dere once when i wuz a yout 2 buy a basketball)”….

    pure genius and I laughed non stop from that point on.


  10. Terry says:

    Hey Clafe…stop tawkin bowt Oatmeal lyke det. We buyz bean frayans for 30 yurz. Ann derz nuffin rong wiff heis pancreas…..heeze juz kunstapaytaid…….ann dey didint shahoot 0 gatorz…..doze ver transplentaid Haugz frum dee Deeliveranz det gut looze hin Jaameztahn ann maid dah vey souwf…gatt yah fecks rite…….

  11. Bermyman says:

    Waste of money, should have used the funds for the Sunshine League. The Government needs to sort it’s priorities out when it comes to social services, public money etc. Helping children in life is more important that helping grown men learn skills they will NEVER have to use. We will never have an active combat situation in Bermuda. We may have a riot but chances are most of the conscripts will be the ones rioting. Pull regiment funding and give the money to the many families and organisations that really need it at present.

  12. Soldier One! says:

    Wow – 30 toy soldiers NEED training???? With all the cut backs we’ve had to make in Education…this seemed like a good idea to someone??? 30 wages + 30 airplane tickets + transportation and lodging for 30 etc….so much for doing more with less. How hard is it to go…left,right,left…left, right, left?

  13. will says:

    whats all dis about independence and more funds…if bermuda were to go independent (which shouldn’t happen) there should be no need for an army. the army is only used for parade purposes and a bit of hurricane cleanup, but can’t we pay the unemployed ie hustle truck to clean up de place?
    no one needs an army, violence never solved anything and only leads to more. who the hell are we gonna defend ourselves from anyway? the US tax authorities?

  14. Terry says:

    You know…..sometimes I can be a real ass. Most of the time it is in jest and just my way ( my way) of having a laugh. It/they may not go over well with many but I really don’t care because of one thing. Freedom of expression.

    Everyone take a step backwards and re-read the Headline/Topic that you posted on.

    “Thirty Soldiers return: Training in Canada”.

    There’s IRONY in that.

    They returned from a non-combat situation. Wonder how many friends you have both here and abroad that did not return.

    Look in that mirror and say it ain’t so.

    A great day to all.

    Well done fella’s. The Bermuda Defence Forces throughout it’s history from the Garrison to date have provided Hero’s, Medals and bravery.

    A great day to all.

  15. gman says:

    Why is everybody so damn negative,how many of you that have commented have been through the cadre…..thought so.The young men who went on this trip did so because they wanted to better themselves ,remember at the end of the day-anybody can be a private. To anybody who thinks this is a vacation ..ya clueless,from the long a$% bus ride to Meaford-straight into the bush,hotter than hot during the day,bonechilling cold at night.
    You have to use your mapreading skills to resupply when your food gets low(it’s not delivered to you)live firing exercises and the very long march back to camp on the final day.These soldiers are pushed to their breaking point to find out exactly what their capable of,some snap-some don’t.At the end of the day I think this is beneficial for all those involved and @ soldier one yes the government foots the bill for the plane tickets the soldiers pay their own hotel and you’d be suprised how many people can’t march or for that matter stand still.

  16. Justin T says:

    here we have a group of young men and a female who went through this rigorous exercise and most of you spoon fed internet politician doo gooders are shutting them down, no wonder we cant get ahead in this island…btw the little money that the regiment gets would not help a whole lot of people, we adapt improvise and overcome and carry on marching forward…doof aight doof aight doof aight

    • Time Wasted says:

      yeah, 8 million+/year is nothing and would help nobody. Pls think before u type.

      • Justin T says:

        actually its 6.9 million a year….please do your research before YOU type.

  17. Terry says:

    Doof aight…

  18. d reader says:

    respect i did my cadre 24 yrs ago.valcartier canada

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    And how many hudreds of thousands did this little junket cost the taxpayers? Was it really necessary. For what? To train people to be leaders of cleanup crews after a hurricane? It never ceases to amaze what this PLP Government will throw money at while cutting short on programs that prove to work.

  20. Takbir Sharrieff says:

    Whenever are we going to get the Point.Its crazy how people will down anyone who wants to improve themselves..( crabs in the barrel syndrome..)Do’nt you realize that any effort to save 30 young men and women who are incidentally…..our Bermudian brothers and sisters….trying to keep positive and off the streets and disciplined …perhaps influencing others to do more positive things for the future…is better than drug rehabilitation…prison time…gang-banging.and a myriad of other things they could be doing in this twisted society……..personally I am happy for them and Bermuda and the people who are making this happen for a better Bermuda….period..!Please stop grumbling about the money all the time( Money over Future Improvement for Bermy. ) No wonder the youth hate adults so much…..some of us hate to give any of them a fighting chance…! Do’nt think they are not reading your negative comments daily ! Please support the youth that are doing some good.! The watch you guzzling your elephants and rolling your three papers…and licking your collie..and sipping your Hennessy…would you rather the be like you……grumbling and moaning about the money….? Proud to be Bermudian because of people like 30 youth doing some good.!

  21. Cindy O'Brien says:

    Both of my sons attended Regiment and made their family and our COmmunity proud like all of the other over the years have done. Our famly exercised tought discipline at home which helped them to carry themselves accordingly during their time in the regiment. One son was a member of a Cadre that went to Canada with many of his childhood friends who avoided camp until Eddie Lamb took over. These and many other young men’s lives have changed tremendously not only because of the Regiment’s rules/regulations but because you can be a leader and a friend. To get respect your must show respect – this is a rule in my house and our Community. To those of you who are complaining and being negative – if you haevn’t been there and done it – don’t say a word. Joking is fine but to the young men and women who have been called and who volunteer – they are there for a reason and I congratulate all of you on your accomplishments. Carry On!!!

  22. 8600199 says:

    Man its so much hate in this country. You do know that all soldiers in the Regiment are local? Your sons and daughters. You dont like the Regiment, kool however you make yourself more foolish slagging on the Bermudians which run it. I wonder why you are not writing about your boss who is more than likly a Ex Pat, Oh right you are one of the silent ones, you just make off in these areas which you dont need confidence.

    Move to China you will fit in much better.

    Bermuda best place to live in the world.