Live Blog: Cup Match Day #2 [St George's Win]

July 29, 2011

[Updated - St George's win] With the first day complete, locals are ready and raring to go for the second day of the annual Cup Match holiday. At the Wellington Oval, Somerset is 97 and 39-1, while St George’s 188. Somerset are 52 runs in deficit with 9 second innings wickets left.

Somerset, who won the toss, elected to bat and could only muster 97 runs in their first innings as they failed to come to grips with the pace of Justin Pitcher (5-42) and Stefan Kelly (4-26).

In reply, St George’s made 188 giving them a lead on first innings of 91 runs. This lead was achieved in spite of excellent bowling performances from Somerset’s Kevin Hurdle (5-38) and Janeiro Tucker (4-7). Top scorers for St George’s were Jason Anderson (52), Lionel Cann (38) and OJ Pitcher (26).

Thousands of people turned out to the BeachFest Celebrations at Horseshoe Bay Beach [view photos here, plus here and videos here], which ended up being shut down early due to incidents of fighting, which also saw at least two persons arrested. You can view our Day #1 live blogging coverage here.

We are restricted from certain aspects of Cup Match coverage due to circumstances beyond our control, but will update as able and you can also tune into the television for live coverage, 1450AM or 89FM for live radio coverage for a live stream. The Twitter feed below will update in real time, providing you with the latest Cup Match related tweets.

Update 8:09pm: Scorecard posted here. Stefan Kelly has been named MVP.

Update 7:43pm: ZBM reports that Lionel Cann wins the Safe Hands Award, which comes with two airline tickets to the east coast.

Update 7:19pm: Another 6 from Lionel Cann, St George’s win by 2 wickets. Somerset 97 & 238 St. George’s 188 & 148/8. Fans flood onto the field, celebrations have only just begun.

Update 7:19pm: St George’s 138-8. 2 wickets or 13 runs needed to win. Lionel Cann on 39.

Update 7:19pm: Pitcher is out. St George’s 134-8.

Update 7:12pm: St George’s 134-7. St George;s need 14 runs to win, Somerset need 3 wickets.

Update 7:12pm: St George’s 127-7

Update 7:07pm: Another 6 from Lionel Cann. St George’s 120-7

Update 7:00pm: St George’s 114-7. 16 overs left

Update 7:00pm: St George’s 109-7. Lionel Cann 21

Update 6:53pm: St George’s 104-7

Update 6:45pm: 6 for Lionel Cann. St George’s 98-7

Update 6:45pm: Borden is out for 2. St George’s 92-7

Update 6:34pm: St George’s 87-6. Water break, then 20 overs

Update 6:20pm: St George’s 85-6. Cann and Borden are batting.

Update 6:07pm: Wickets falling like mad now, Crockwell is out for 54. St George’s 83-6. St George’s need just over 60 runs to win, Somerset need 4 wickets. Excitement is palatable at the Oval.

Update 6:03pm: Rodney Trott is out, caught by Darrell. Veteran Lionel Cann has come in to bat. St George’s 83-5.

Update 5:50pm: Allan Douglas is out for 4, caught by Somerset Captain Jekon Edness. St George’s 80-4. Rodney Trott has come in to bat.

Update 5:45pm: St George’s 80-3. St George’s need 68 runs to win, Somerset need 7 wickets.

Update 5:40pm: OJ Pitcher is out. St George’s 76-3.

Update 5:30pm: St George’s loses 2nd wicket – that of Captain Oronde Bascome. St Georges 72-2.

Update 5:25pm: 50 for Fiqre Crockwell, St George’s 72-1….chasing 148 to win.

Update 5:15pm: St George’s 58-1. They need 90 runs to win.

Update 5:00pm: St George’s 44-1.

Update 4:36pm: Round up of game so far: Somerset Cricket Club 97 & 238 St. George’s Cricket Club 188 & 30/1 Somerset started the day on 39/1, when they were bowled all out for 238 they held a lead of 148 runs, Kamau Leverock was their second innings top scorer with 43, while Terryn Fray added 33, Stephen Outerbridge scored 30, while Kevin Hurdle who put on a fifty run 10th wicket partnership with Joshua Gilbert was on 27 not out.

Stefan Kelly led the St. George’s Cricket Club bowling attack with figures of 24-3-73-6. When St. George’s came to bat the Somerset Cricket Club players were fired up and ready to battle remembering when they were bowled out cheaply chasing a small score. Jason Anderson when without scoring dropping a Leverock delivery in the hands of Fray. At Tea St. George’s had reached 30/1, needing 117 runs in the final session to win. Fiqre Crockwell is on 25 and captain Oronde Bascome is on 5 not out.

Somerset Cricket Club 2nd Innings

..01 (04) Dion Stovell b Stefan Kelly
..33 (40) Terry Fray c Allan Douglas Jr b Rodney Trott
..30 (96) Stephen Outerbridge Run Out
..01 (03) Deunte Darrell LBW Stefan Kelly
..24 (30) Janeiro Tucker LBW Oronde Bascome
..19 (42) Jekon Edness LBW Stefan Kelly
..43 (63) Kamau Leverock c Fiqre Crockwell b Stefan Kelly
..14 (23) Malachi Jones b Stefan Kelly
..02 (06) Jacobi Robinson b Stefan Kelly
..27 (35) Kevin Hurdle Not Out
..21 (47) Joshua Gilbert c Rodney Trott b Delyone Borden
..23 Extras (18b-4lb-1nb)
238 Total All Out

St. George’s Cricket Club Bowlers

2.0-0-13-0 Justin Pitcher
24.-3-73-6 Stefan Kelly
6.0-1-19-0 OJ Pitcher
14.-3-42-1 Rodney Trott
6.2-1-28-1 Delyone Borden
2.0-0-13-0 Damali Bell
10.-0-28-1 Oronde Bascome

St. George’s Cricket Club 2nd Innings

..00 (09) Jason Anderson c Terryn Fray b Kamau Leverock
..25 Fiqre Crockwell Not Out
..05 Oronde Bascome Not Out
..00 Extras
..30 Total for 1 Wicket

Update 4:30pm: St George’s 130-1 – need 118 runs to win.

Update 4:09pm: St George’s are 18-1. Need 130 runs for victory.

Update 3:51pm: From Zing: “St George’s 1-1. Jason Anderson caught Fray bowled Leverock. They are chasing 148 for victory”

Update 3:24pm: From Zing: “Somerset are all out for 238. They lead by 147 runs. St George’s require 148 runs for victory.”

Update 3:10pm: Somerset 230-9

Update 2:32pm: Zing: “Somerset 185-9. Kamau Leverock caught Crockwell bowled Kelly for 43. Somerset lead by 94 runs”

Update 2:20pm: Quick video clip of play earlier today:

Update 2:10pm: Zing: “Somerset 173-8. Jacobi Robinson bowled Kelly for 2. Somerset lead by 82 runs.”

Update 1:46pm: Play has resumed, and at this time Zing says: “Somerset 153-7. Malachi Jones bowled Kelly for 14. Somerset lead is 62 runs”

Update 12:54pm: From Zing: “At lunch Somerset are 143-6. They lead by 52 runs with 4 wickets left”. Play will resume at 1:30pm.

Update 12:42pm: Somerset 140-6.

Update 12:26pm: From Zing: “Somerset 133-6. Captain Edness LBW Kelly for 19. Somerset lead by 42 runs.”

Update 12:09pm: Somerset 11-5.

Update 11:42am: Stephen Outerbridge run out for 30. Somerset 97-5

Update 11:26am: From Zing: “Somerset (92-4) have erased the 91 run deficit. They lead by 1 run but have only 6 wickets left”

Update 11:12am: Janeiro Tucker just out for 24. Somerset are 83/4.

Update 10:56am: Somerset 79-3.

Update 10:44am: Somerset 97 & 57/3 St. George’s 188. Somerset are 57/3 with Terryn Fray and Deunte Darell out this morning. At the wicket is Stephen Outerbridge and Janeiro Tucker

Update 10:23am: Deunte Darrell is out. LBW. Somerset is 48-3.

Update 10:18am: First wicket of day, Terryn Fray is out. Last year MVP Deunte Darrell is now batting. Frim Zing: “Somerset 46-2. Terryn Fray caught Douglas bowled Trott for 33. Somerset still 51 runs behind.”

Update 9:55am: Play is just about to start:

cup match game in play

Update 9:30am: Rain has stopped, cover is coming off.

Update 9:15am: In what it almost inevitable over recent Cup Match holidays, it has begun to rain at the Wellington Oval. Zing tweeted the photo below, with the notation that it is raining, and the cover went back on.

2011 cup match grounds 9 15am

Update 8:57am: Zing reports that Somerset player Jacobi Robinson will be able to field and bat today, his broken left pinkie finger will be wrapped.

Update 7:48am: Eight videos from yesterday’s BeachFest event posted here.

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