Two Arrested After Fight At Horseshoe Bay

July 28, 2011

[Updated] Two people were arrested a short while ago this afternoon [July 28] following an incident in the area of the BeachFest Celebrations at Horseshoe Bay Beach.

The Police confirmed that they responded to a report of a disturbance at Horseshoe Bay Beach, and that two people were arrested and remain in custody. A heavy police presence remains, and police said inquiries into the incident are ongoing.


We unofficially understand the fight may have been a ‘town vs country’ issue. Police were seen to arrest two persons [one pictured above], and bystanders said that others who may have been involved in the altercation left the scene on motorbikes.


The Annual BeachFest Emancipation Celebration is taking place this afternoon at Horseshoe, with scores of locals out enjoying themselves. The party has continued on, and police said enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

police on beach july 28 2011

Update 9:30pm: It appears there was another incident at BeachFest – girls fighting -and the event has shut down early due to what we understand were safety concerns. Promotional material had stated the event was scheduled to go on until 2am.

Update July 29: Police confirm they shutdown BeachFest at 8:30pm. A police spokesperson said, “Police were called to Horseshoe Bay Beach yesterday after receiving a report of a disturbance. Upon police arrival 2 males were taken into police custody, processed and detained at Hamilton Police Station and Police in the abundance of caution shutdown Beach Fest at 8:30pm without further incident.”

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  1. soon leavin' says:

    Just punks trying to show off for their “baby mamas”.These guys are 5 years behind the times.They wouldn’t

  2. soon leavin' says:

    They wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the streets of North Toronto,Chicago or L.A.
    By the way, wife beater undershirts and low rider jeans are extremely funny.Oh,ya then they jump on their noisey little sewing machine scooters and run away like little girls.Come on dudes,get a life.

  3. next? says:

    The ones that ran off looked like they were max 14 years old. Gangsters? Looked like little pussies to me.
    Shame on them for behaving like savages on such a cool occasion.

    • James says:


      • next? says:

        Yep. People who cannot appear in public without behaving violently are savages.

  4. Cheeshums says:

    A few bad apples spoil the bunch. As usual. I was there didn’t see anything but heard was some useless drama. Way to ruin a good thing over something so petty. They need a good cut tail.

    • smh says:

      @Cheeshums – I feel you. Ain’t nothing wrong with some good old fashioned licks for these young’ns.

  5. A says:

    Damn shame when Chewstick and everyone puts so much time, effort and energy into it.

  6. someone says:

    Someone post names. Fed up of this sh^t

    • Mistaken Identity says:

      wat the f%$k you gonna do if you get names? let me kno

  7. mixitup says:

    I was there also, didn’t swee any drama, but saw the crowd scatter.. It was such a nice gathering, good music, beautiful women, and these goons are too busy watching each other! fools!

  8. freddyg says:

    U SILLY FOLK ! TRICKS R 4 KIDS !!! GROW UP, LIFE IS SHORT !! No one is promised tomorrow, why can’t we as a people get along and enjoy the PEACE thats provided FREE !!!! Get a grip BDA !!!!

  9. Please says:

    I watched the police stand there and allow these boys to fight! They only intervened once they had separated! Get it together BPS its a shame it had to end so early

    • Confused says:

      My girlfriend and I drove past last night at about 11:45 to what can only be described as a mini riot involving tons of what appeared to be kids (14-18). Now I fully understand that an event like beachfest is hard to police, what I cannot understand is why there was only 2 police (reserve) officers present who look like they just wanted to run and hide in the bushes! Secondly, where the hell are these “kids” parents. I hope to see this mentality slowly fade away here but like government corruption, seems to be here to stay. Big Ups to Chewstick and all the organizers for trying to throw a safe and best of all FREE event.

  10. vigilant local says:

    stupid ignorant lil b$#tards!!! how stupid can u be to want to go tp a fun peaceful vibe an ruin it for stupidity…somebody needs to expose them and let the community take hold of them n give them a bare a** whippin!!!!

  11. Mooin says:

    The thing is most of the people starting trouble looked to be under the age of 17. Maybe even 14.

    Ended up ruining the party for the people who wanted to drink[legally], dance and have a good time.

    Maybe Beachfest should have an age limit.

  12. Cricket Bat (Original) says:

    How sad that the actions of a few a**holes ruined this event for everyone else.

    All I can say is, “Grow up you little f**kers”. Or stay the f**k away so normal decent people can have a good time. Go fight your ignorant gang war somewhere else.

    Cupid stunts!

  13. Drumma says:

    lets just bring back public hanging. Scare the fu*k out of these little shi*s.

    • Mistaken Identity says:

      you cant hang people for fightin dumbass

  14. someone says:

    In the UK to enter most clubs, you place your ID on a machine which has data whether you’ve been in a fight before or caused a disturbance. If you have, you can’t enter. Bermuda can do this. they are quick and easy. Keep the rift raff out.

  15. OverlyConcerned says:

    Only in a Bermuda… You can’t even have a public party on arguably the biggest holiday in Bermuda without some asses spoiling it. I hope police locked them up for the weekend. They should make examples of these fools.

    Asshats the lot of them.

  16. Mistaken Identity says:

    As a response to the two children that were erronously arrested, to CLARIFY they where not involved in any fight, but merely running like everyone else when the fight broke out and bottles were flying. Despite the fact that the public at the beach intervened and told the officers these were not the kids who were involvd in he fight……

    This really proves how Bermuda is so negative minded and easily to judge and the reason why the public does not want to assist with the law…. perfect example!!

    To those who have responded negatively – you really need to think before you write especially if you do not know what took place at the beach.

    Their father was there on the scene trying to get to his sons which the police would not allow. These kids don’t even go out often and very much come from an extremely strict supportive family. They have been humiliated and embarrassed from a mistaken identity situation not to mention other hiccups that was encountered. However; they have been told to keep their heads up as young men, let this “bad situation” be a lesson learned and not let it deter them in moving forward or pull them in a negative direction.

    This is another example of the innocent suffering for the guilty, however it is left in the Lord’s hands to those who know they did wrong, and watched as two innocent kids were arrested.

    The Lord does not Sleep!