Photos: 60 Firefighters Battle Blaze At HWP

August 8, 2011

[Updated - all staff are out and safe] At approximately 2pm this afternoon [Aug.8] a fire broke out at the HWP Paint shop on St Johns Road in Pembroke, with locals reporting hearing what sounded like an explosion just before the fire, and staff running out of the building. The Bermuda Fire Service has responded and are presently working to put out the fire. We will update as able.

bermuda fire august 2011 HWP (27)

Update: Massive amounts of smoke is billowing through the air for miles around, and emergency personnel continue to arrive.

aabermuda fire august 2011 HWP (29)

Update: It is hard to count the amount of fire trucks as the smoke is inhibiting the view, however it appears there are at least six fire trucks on scene. Locals are reporting being able to see and smell the smoke from as far away as Friswells Hill and Flatts.


Update: Flames can be still be seen through the smoke at the top of the building. The fire appears to have burned through the roof of the building and is burning strong. Additional emergency service vehicles are arriving, and we unofficially understand that crews have been called in from both ends of the island to help fight the blaze. There appears to be approximately 20 vehicles on scene.

aabermuda fire august 2011 HWP (31)

Update: HWP report that “All staff are out and safe.”

Update: Police are also on scene, keeping onlookers back from the fire. Dozens of people are watching the fire, many taking photos with their cell phones. You can hear ‘explosions’ going off as the flames burn in the video below:

Update: The fire continues to spread throughout the building as the fire department fights to get it under control. The volatile substances within the building are of concern, as is the close vicinity of the Rubis gas station.

HWP fire bermuda st johns road 2011 (4)

Update: Police presently have the road blocked off from the Berkeley Hill Road, and huge clouds of black smoke can be seen for as far as the eye can see. The smoke is so thick, you cannot see as far as Gorhams from Berkeley.

Update: Photo showing the inside of the building on fire, with reports saying the building has started to partially collapse. Firefighters have been pumping water from Mill Creek to help combat the blaze.

aaaimage001 (1)

Update: There are 60 firefighters on scene having responded from multiple fire stations, and we unofficially understand some came in from their days off to help battle the blaze. They are using a hydraulic lift to spray gallons of water at the fire.


Update: The police are “asking all individuals within a one mile radius of the St. John’s Road area to please stay inside as it is not clear at this time whether the smoke in the air is toxic or not.” Police officially confirm the very welcome news that all HWP staff are fine. Official police statement below:

At 2:02 pm the Bermuda Fire Service, first responders and the Bermuda Police Service responded to a report of a fire at HWP Paint and Body Shop on St. John’s Road, Pembroke.

At present, members of the Bermuda Fire Service are working feverishly to get the fire under control with the help of 9 fire appliances and 60 fire officers.

In the abundance of caution, the Bermuda Police Service is asking all individuals within a one mile radius of the St. John’s Road area to please stay inside as it is not clear at this time whether the smoke in the air is toxic or not.

All businesses in the surrounding areas have been evacuated and HWP can confirm that every member of their staff is accounted for.

Residents living in the Cox’s Hill, St. John’s Road and Blackwatch Pass areas are asked to please stay away from the HWP area until the fire has been contained.

Update: The photo below shows the building collapsing:

image001 HWPPPP

Update: The bottom left hand of the video below shows the cars parked outside HWP being engulfed in flames.

Update: Officials are holding a press conference this evening, so we will bring you full official details later tonight. We expect to hear from representatives of the Fire Service, Police and HWP.

Update: The Department of Health issued a statement:

The Department of Health is encouraging all residents in the direct neighborhood of the fire at HWP on St. John’s Road to protect their rain water supplies from smoke and soot caused by the HWP fire.

Ideally all down-pipes that connect the catchments and tanks should be blocked on houses immediately adjacent to the fire, to prevent any pollutants that may have blown onto the roof from being washed into the water tank by the next rainfall.

Furthermore, the catchment should be cleaned before being used to collect water again.

The best method of sealing down pipes is to use inflatable rubber stoppers (available at paint specialty stores), but an alternative, less expensive, method is to wrap old tennis balls with cloth to provide a tight seal in the down-pipe. Cover the ball and cloth with a plastic zip lock bag so that they do not get wet.

Once the pollution episode is over, the entire roof surface should be thoroughly washed with clean water using a spray hose. Residents should then use a 5-gallon pail and a large sponge to remove the remaining water from the gutters, then unplug all the downpipes.

Update: Live video of the press conference below with representatives from the Ministry of National Security, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service, Police and HWP. [Press conference over, replay available below]

Update: Attending were Chief Fire Officer Vincent Hollinsid, National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief, Police Chief Inspector Na’imah Williams and Jonathan Brewin, President and C.E.O. of the HWP Group.

Chief Fire Officer Hollinsid said there were 20 vehicles sent to the scene, and it took 3.5 hours to control and contain the fire. He said the Fire Service: “Made attempts to extinguish the fire by entering the building, but that was quickly decided against because of the construction of the building, and it was considered to be unsafe.”

“The officer in charge made the decision to go into what we call a defensive firefighter mode. That means we would not commit people to the building, we used a surround and drown methodology.” He said they got great cooperation from BELCO to use their water, and laid a line from Mills Creek to use their water.

Minister Wayne Perinchief praised the Fire Service, and said: “There were no injuries, one fire fighter succumbed to exhaustion but he is now okay.”

HWP CEO Jonathan Brewin said all staff were evacuated safely, and HWP will open a help desk at 10am tomorrow to assist customers. He said there are approximately 50 staff on that side of the business, and they were alerted by their fire alarms. Mr Brewin praised the Police and Fire Service for their response.

Update: HWP released a statement which can be read in full here, and the photo below shows the HWP building this evening, post-fire.

HWP After Fire Bermuda August 8 2011 (6)

Update: As of this time [midnight] St Johns Road is open, and police have the area around HWP cordoned off. It is still quite smokey, and officers are wearing protective masks. Seven videos from today posted here.

Click to enlarge photos:

[Bernews would like to extend our thanks to everyone who sent in photo and videos. It was much appreciated]

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  1. nowayout says:

    was there to get a quote at 1:50pm and did not smell or see anything weird

    • White Christ says:

      Somebody wasn’t happy with their service!

      • White Christ says:

        Insurance collection? Just wondering! No probable cause for my wonderings

  2. outkasted says:

    First! Oh Snap HWP is on FIRE!

    • White Christ says:

      Did you hear that car screaming? I sure hope they rescued it. Poor thing!

  3. Think about it says:

    Those fake leather seats in those Hyundai i30′s burn real nice eh? Lol

    • Emeka47 says:

      to #*#@%@”Think about it” you are so immature and stupid. Not everything you think you should print! Damn !!!
      I hope the cars belongng to people beside or inside the building have been moved and that everyone inside got to safety.

      • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

        IMO, What’s a *little* more stupid is worrying that the cars beside/inside have been moved and THEN mentioning on a secondary note the people inside.

        Cars can be replaced hun. Plus, when a building is burning, nobody in their right mind is going to be like, WAIT – LET’S SAVE THE CARS!!

        @think about it – LOL at your post. A sense of humor is essential even in the worst of times. Don’t mind the fact that some people can’t take a joke.People get so offended by such minor things lol smh.

        I’m sure HWP has insurance, and the emergency responders were in place quickly to be sure that damage is minimal.

      • Think about it says:

        First off, chill the f*ck out. When I made the JOKE I didn’t know the fire was as bad as it was.

        Second, no the cars did not get out safe. The ones parked along the building caught fire and I’m sure the ones in the display room are next.

      • Thank says:

        Those fake Emeka47′s burn real nice eh? Lol

        • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

          What’s funny is someone taking offense on behalf of a poor defenseless car.

          What’s just shameful is that they are offended on behalf of a Hyundai LOL.

          Disclaimer: No offense to Hyundai owners with a functioning sense of humor.

          • Ganja mon says:

            sense of humor can be looked at as childish too…Grown men cracking jokes like children, smdh…

            • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

              Childish: Marked by or indicating a lack of maturity; puerile

              Immature: making poorly veiled digs at someone who is of superior wit.

              • Notorious says:

                Haha Experience comprises illusions lost you crack me up. You need to post more often. And ganja mon shut up. Ol cry baby ass still holding a grudge against think about it.

                • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

                  I know right!

                  That’s what I was saying but he’s probably re reading my comment for the umpteenth time before he attempts to respond.

                  • Notorious says:

                    LMAO! You are so right because I bet he is.

                • Ganja mon says:

                  Notorious your a typical sucker…that comment wasn’t for thinkaboutit you dreamer!

                  @experience, I never mentioned immature, so idk what your Rambling about.

            • Think about it says:

              Ganja mon please go f*ck yourself and leave me alone. I’m tired of your b*tch ass holding a grudge. I proved I’m smarter than you, it’s over, please get over it. I am not the only person on here making a joke, so you can’t deny that you are singling me out.

              • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

                Rule of thumb:

                @think about it
                @Notorious et al:

                “Do not attempt to engage in a battle of wit with an unarmed adversary.” :)

                Yes, that’s you bud. (pun intended)

                • Street talk says:

                  It’s 3 against 1 to me. Looks to me that he messaged one person then the others included themselves. I find it rediculous you women think your somehow smarter from Bernews commentary arguments.

                  You should all get a real job instead of heckling Bernews.

                  • Notorious says:

                    If you don’t know our history with each-other on here I suggest you mind your own business.

                    You should stop trying to act like you know people through online commentary and what type of occupation they have.

                  • Think about it says:

                    Yeah @sshole. If you knew how Ganja mon acts on this site towards other people you wouldn’t be saying what you’re saying.

                    He has tried (and failed) to guess and post my name, occupation and address on bernews 3 times. He also constantly swore at and threatened notorious numerous times.

                    To put it simply, Ganja mon is a moron who deserves everything bad that happens to him.

                  • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

                    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

                    @Street talk – even if we were ‘heckling’ anyone, which I do not believe that we are, it would be ganja mon, not Bernews. Heckling by definition implies we are trying to embarrass and/or annoy.

                    Why would we do that to a site that provides such endless entertainment? We love Bernews!! THAT is just silly!

                    Besides, we are all adults here. No need to stick up for the “underdog.” He does a fine job of “sticking up” for himself.

                    What’s “rediculous?” is that you assume that based upon your observations of an online forum discussion we:

                    A) are WOMEN! (God forbid!)
                    B) think that we think that we are smarter than our illustrious counterpart
                    C)don’t have real jobs

                    And there rests your syllogistic fallacy. Toodles!

                    • Think about it says:

                      Lol. Bernews definitely needs a like button.

      • Don says:

        I hope so

      • Don says:

        i sure hope so

    • Bermuda no more says:

      @Think about it, this is serious and for you to make such as stupid comment is beyond me, You should THINK ABOUT IT DUMBASS

      • Think about it says:

        C*nt, they’re just cars and can easily be replaced. You’re acting like it’s 911 all over again. Give me a f*cking break Lol

      • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

        Name calling is never wise. Especially because it opens you up to scrutiny yourself.

        I’m just saying..

  4. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Is everybody out and safe?

  5. BERmy Gal says:

    OOOOOOO DANNNGGGG!!!!!! ias jus bout to get a car out of the shop today now i cant ,,, smdh!!

    • Bermay Guy says:

      if it’s that shop you better make sure they pay for your car, its smokin.

  6. Catherine says:

    So what do we do when a paint shop is on fire, spewing out toxic fumes? Stand around and watch and b-r-e-a-t-h-e it all in apparently!

  7. Oh Gosh says:

    Oh man, just dropped truck off this morning to body shop for repairs! Oh no!!

  8. rubber bong says:

    DAMN!!! i wish my car was in there

    • Emeka47 says:

      Don’t be so quick to wish your vehicle was in there. You’d only get what the car insurance company says it is valued for. Can you imagine $5000 value on your old car because of this you need to buy another car in this economy! So thank God your car is not in there. .

      • Thank says:

        was happy with a 750 value on my old car. Wish I got 5000 :p

      • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

        You know what they say about assumptions right?

        Old car? $5,000 dollars? Both bold ass*cough*umptions.

        Someone clearly lacking a sense of humor is making hypothetical deductions and grasping at straws.

        @rubber bong – ME TOO!

  9. cocoa says:

    Glad to hear all staff are out and safe.

  10. Curious says:

    when will there be a smoke and dent sale. umjustcurious

  11. Jai says:

    I hope everyone is safe

  12. GPS says:


  13. Black Pearl says:

    OOOO!!! WOW!!!! i hope they can control the fire.. :O

  14. Jo says:

    I’m sure the smoke is a lot farther than Friswells. I could see and smell it at Hermitage road half an hour ago.

  15. Samdac says:

    I was told that everyone was out safely.

  16. Dispatcher/Unit 48 says:

    Wow!How much will it cost to get my car fixed now? I would think it should be half price. I hope they have a sale on bodywork and paint,sure would be nice they do nice work.

  17. me dat says:

    Some ppl goin be happy wif they brand new cars lmao!

    • Think about it says:

      No one is getting any new cars mate. The most you get is the blue book value. Time to hit up HSBC for another loan!

      • truebloodbermyninja says:

        How about getting a loan from BNTB or Capital G, you know, a real local bank and not some outsider’s trash bucket loansharking firm.

  18. Anne says:

    I counted three fire trucks coming from the East End as well as a few of the Fire cars, so I knew something serious was going on. I may have even missed a couple of fire trucks but a good bit of vehicles responded from the East End.

  19. Eyes Wide Open says:

    I heard the building collapsed. Is this true?

  20. jury says:

    First, I hope no one got injured and all staff members are safe. As I stay within close proximity of HWP and even though we cannot prevent fires. As thick as the smoke is I hope this soot has not settled on my roof and into my water tank. As HWP will be held responsible for the clean up.

    • wondering says:

      u r wicked! self serving. u will have to solve it first mate and HWP will have to compensate later. ur not gonna wait until some HWP manager comes round with a chequebook are you SELFISH

    • Really Though?? says:

      Yeah a bit too soon @jury, let them get the fire out before you talk about getting paid damn!

    • whistling Frog says:

      There was ash flying all the way in Devonshire… I’m also wondering from the type of building it was is there a probability that asbestos was used in any part of its structure?

  21. Mars says:

    Glad everyone out safe.l The amount of combustible materials in that paint shop alone is what will keep that fire raging for a few hours.

    Hope BFS has the necessary fire power to out it before the winds fan the flames more and it spreads.

    As they say, Fire can be a good servant but a bad master

  22. What da #%%^ says:

    I’ll take a gray scoopy 125i med rear please

  23. Anne says:

    Two more vehicles just went by from the East End…this is very serious.

  24. Experience comprises illusions lost says:

    Pondering at all the bright sparks *no pun intended* standing there gawking/snapping pics with cell phones.

    Guess they missed the memo that combustible materials burning in such a way to cause such thick smoke will undoubtedly be releasing chemicals galore into the air that they are breathing.

    I’m just saying..

    • Itcouldhappen says:

      and the fact they are watching the fire from a vantage point where another highly flammable liquid is stored is beyond comprehension!

      • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

        Yep,because if breathing in the noxious fumes isn’t bad enough – let’s stand here at a GAS STATION to watch the whole thing.

        I can just hear the calls to their bosses tommorrow:

        *cough cough* can’t come in today *cough* my asthma *cough* is acting RIGHT up!! *cough cough*

        • TG says:

          Also, that roof is made of asbestos. Have fun breathing that in.

        • Ignorance should't be a teacher says:


        • OMG says:

          What else do you expect Bermudians are naturally POKEY!!! We can’t help ourselves. LOL

  25. Huff and Puff says:

    Oh this sucks! And I am pretty sure this Gale Force Wind warning isn’t going to make anything better. It will just feed the fire more. God forbid it reachs across the street! Gas station!

    I remember this happened a few years ago. Their insurance must be SUPER high now!

    Never thought it was a good idea to have a welding and spray shop in the same building – dangerous!

    • nnb says:

      those gale force winds sent the smoke as far as Smith’s

  26. smokey says:

    Listen, I am glad everyone is safe, but “Hello” Not the first time that Paint & Body shop been on fire. This be 2nd? 3rd? time. HWP better get it together. Ppl not gonna trust you anymore.

    • Dog Lover says:

      Smokey…. Please where they gonna go Bermuda Motors? like they are any better?? smh

  27. In Mark's opinion says:

    Thank God every one got out safe , that smoke turned day into night.

  28. Sandra says:

    This will put people out of work until they can rebuild or repair the building. More doom and gloom..just what we didnt need! Hope everyone got out safely and there isnt too much damage done but by these pictures it looks pretty bad!

  29. T.Smith says:

    insurance company here they come…

  30. J says:

    lol… I didn’t notice this was happening… I was trying to call HWP and got no answer. I just assumed it was just the same bad HWP customer service… smh

  31. Think about it says:

    I wonder if it might be insurance fraud cause they aren’t selling any cars Lol

  32. Carla says:

    I’m in Devonshire and we can smell it from here!!!! Better hope it stays contained…Belco is close by!

    • bdamomma says:

      the wind blowing isn’t going to help either, just going to fuel the fire.

    • wondering says:

      where are you in devonshire?

    • Concerned says:

      and don’t forget the gas station directly across the street…

  33. concerned says:

    Wow!! another fire truck, that’s a total of 12….everyone seems to be safe, that’s why we have fire drills. oh no…. there was a bang…now a crash… building must be falling….everyone please stay back!!

    • Observer says:

      Theres a Big Fire Sale at HWP, folks!

      • Observer says:

        The building just now collapsed like the Trade Centers

      • Think about it says:

        Come on down to HWP, these cars are HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  34. xeonocide says:

    Yea that was a pretty loud bang…

  35. Emeka47 says:

    If you are reading this, don’t go in the area, get your children and elderly out of harms way. Breathing in all this combustion is dangerous to your health. Lots of chemicals in the air. Stay far away. Feel sorry for all people that live in the surrounding areas. Maybe they be housed somewhere for a few nights if their homes are affected? Glad to know everyone got out OK

    • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

      Kind of like those labels on hair dryers that say “Do not use while bathing”…

  36. Truth is killin' me... says:


    • jabless123 says:

      nah mon, guys gotta cut something in a recession, hwp cut there sprinklers

    • Don't Assume says:

      It’s a steel building filled with accelerants…Don’t assume that just because they caught fire/collapsed that they were not up to code.

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      Well, being up to code doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t burn. Fire doesn’t really care about building codes.

    • Young Observer says:

      Fires happen sometime. The building very well might have been up to code. Following all the rules doesnt totally eliminate the chance of a fire such as this one, just make it less likely. Also typing in all caps lock is really not needed.

    • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

      If sprinklers were able to extinguish all fires we probably wouldn’t need fire fighters.

      And if yelling made your point more valid, well.. it doesn’t. Easy on the caps lock!

    • I'm just sayin...... says:

      What sprinkler’s? They were not required when the building was built.
      Not picking on HWP but BDA is the king for grandfathering codes ’cause it would cost too much money to retrofit exisiting buidings with those darned new fangled sprinklers thingys and how many fires do we have in BDA anyways?

  37. jabless123 says:

    Maybe that’s where they decided to burn all the marijuana they confiscated

  38. Santanaa says:

    WOW… R.I.P HWP see yah wen your re-built,

  39. You know Its Bad says:

    You Know its serious when they are taking fire trucks from the airport up there… just passed it on my way home… Glad everyone is safe.. and lets pray the firefighters all make it out ok… my dad and brother are both there fighting it..

    • 0_o says:

      yes! thank you lord for keeping everyone there safe!

      especially be with the fire fighters at this time, so that they all make it safe as well!

  40. Bigmass says:

    Can Smell the smoke all the way over here on Verdmont Road Smiths.

  41. Sandra says:

    How about all the employees cars that were parked around the building and what about the cars inside? I hear they are evacuating Burlands, and surrounding business and nurserys….and it looks like its still burning strong. I can see it from my job and I am on Reid Street by Burnaby hill.

  42. SMDH!! says:

    Someone said that “HWP is having a BBQ, get your cars while they’re HOTT”!!! Glad everyone is safe though!!

  43. These Pictures Are Old says:

    Where are the pictures with the structure already collapsed?

    • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

      You’re kidding right?

      …Because Bernews clearly can telepathically snap pictures and beam them onto the website real time. Using just their minds. Mmhm.

      Bernews – you are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      For there to be pictures, there needs to be a person taking them. If they’re taking pictures, they’re most likely not in protective gear. And it’s a structural fire with chemicals involved. Yeah, definitely want someone right there snapping pictures.

      Bernews, thanks for getting as recent updates as possible! Be safe while getting the pictures! Your safety isn’t worth the risk.

  44. mercy says:

    the smoke smell and the sight of it has reached down to hermitage road. it’s still pretty heavy in the air. i’m grateful that everyone that works there is ok and i pray for the safety of the onlookers and those fighting this fire.

  45. twosword says:

    whoooo hooo my car was around there i would love a new car , sorry im not claiming nothing nada zilp zilch off my insurance, their buying me a new one whoooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Onion says:

      You won’t be getting a new car.

    • sunshine li says:

      Lets hope that the value of your car is the price of a new one or else you will just get a check for whatever the car is valued at. Sorry, didn’t mean to burst your bubble!

    • Computers needed says:

      of course you would need to hope they a had a record your car was there and it looks like the offices, computers and servers went up in smoke.

  46. Rockfish says:

    It’s an unfortunate day in BDA – one of the longest standing car companies has caught on fire. However – what I don’t understand is – with the new Health and Safety Act compliances – why was this fire able to get so huge. It’s no way that started big right away and there should have been appropriate rated fire extinguishers within reach because of the chemicals. And I beg to question if the chemicals they have were stored properly – combustible items need to be stored in a cool dry vented area with out any additional fire or safety hazards.
    But OoH well – I don’t even feel sorry for them.. Hopefully they will re-build and pick up their game – and this may have worked out for the best as the Tsunami would have impacted their sales and pricing for the rest of the year anyway..

  47. Reality Check Time says:

    heard serpentine and pitts bay rd are closed…

    • KMHBermuda says:

      Nope…neither Serpentine or Pitt’s Bay are closed, but they are stopping anyone on Serpentine from turning into Bakery Lane…and no way are they allowing anyone to enter St. John’s Road from the Pitt’s Bay end (and I assume from the western end either). Live just off Pitt’s Bay, and there’s more traffic than usual, but it’s not closed…or at least it wasn’t about 20 minutes ago…

  48. Pembroke says:

    Most of those buildings are owned by Rayclan ~ so both businesses will suffer. Glad everyone is safe. Didnt realise the fire had reached all the way to the front. I was on the Bakery lane side til the police asked businesses to evacuate.

  49. IMO says:

    have they gotten it under control yet?

  50. So sad says:

    Apparently they could smell it in Shelly Bay earlier. What a disaster…..

  51. SD says:


  52. Casual Observer says:

    What are the chances that this fire has anything to do with the sick out that was staged by employees a few weeks back? At least I think it was HWP employees… maybe something to look into?! May also be nothing but a coincidence.

    • IMO says:

      the sick out was at BDA Motors

    • Casual Observer says:

      My bad… looks like it was Bermuda Motors employees.

      • wondering says:

        u should wear protection….
        casual sex = condoms
        casual observer = verbal AIDS

    • OOHHH LOORRDD!!! says:

      Okay… this is where speculation should stop!! It was bermuda motors who had the sick-out.. ever think of looking things up first????!!!!

    • Islander says:

      um that was Bermuda Motors….why people insist on looking for something that’s not there…SMH

    • LOL says:

      that wasn’t HWP dummy

    • Pembroke says:

      It was Bda Motors staff. Highly think with all the lay offs and staff hour decreases anyone would choose to burn the whole building down. That just means more lay offs.

    • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

      Casual Observer: one word for ya -





  54. cocoa says:

    TO: Casual Observer, the sick out staged last week was NOT by the staff at HWP. It was the staff at Bermuda Motors who staged a sick out.

  55. Citizen Banned (Original) says:

    Wow this must be a record Bernews! 90 comments and a single one about race!

    Just the race to put the fire out. Go Fire Brigade!!

    • Sean says:

      I blame the Filipinos

      • henny says:

        i wonder if you are the misanthropic who made the graffitis in the island!

    • amen says:

      but you had to be the one to mention it right smfh wahhhhh

      • Citizen Banned (Original) says:

        Its called humour – do you have any?

        • tradition says:

          not when there are even more families out of work. you will start complaining when more deductions are being made from your cheque. these Philipinos have Bermudian children. There is nothing funny about this situation. Just help out if you are a true Bermudian

    • Bigmass says:

      This Is SOOO TRUE!!!

  56. Sassy in Bda says:

    Rayclan is open if anyone needs any work today in the area!!

  57. A Bit Concerned says:

    anyone know how Belco is holding up?

    • Young Observer says:

      what do you mean how Belco is holding up? Theyre not on fire at all….

  58. Mars says:

    R.I.P HWP Paint and Body Shop and Cycle Sales

    I do hope hWP management have a plan for those who will be out of work in these Divisions.

    Can’t help wondering how the blaze was started.

    Hats off to the fire crew for working tirelessly on getitng this under control. I shudder to think what would have happened if a flame had flicker across the road to the service station.

  59. US Observer says:

    Well I’m glad no one was hurt or injured (that we know of)…looks like it was time for a new building anyway…Insurance will come in handy and cover it and all the contents inside. Oh and the vehicles on the outside. Nice!!

  60. CHINGAS! says:


  61. king's kid says:

    My Hearfelt Symphathy to all the EMPLOYEES who I hope will have a job tomorrow.

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      Agreed with you on this one…glad they all got out safely too.

  62. Far Away says:

    People get wise and realise, all that soot that’s gonna settle on your roof tops and go in your tank – are you gonna drink that?
    Be safe everyone.

  63. Smore's Anyone says:

    I got the marshmallows and gram crackers. Someone bring the chocolate!!!!

  64. Speak Truth says:

    My prayers are for all who are affected – and this will be ALL of Bermuda who are affected. Insurance claims affect EVERYBODY. Jobs lost while rebuilding, or unexpected rents to house their employees and continue the business operating. Elderly people living in the area health and well being. Losses that we probably cannot begin to imagine. Father in Jesus name please help us all as we deal with the effects of this traumatic event. Bind our hearts as one to help one another through this in Jesus name I pray, and thank you for keeping the employees safe. Amen.

    • Missy says:

      Stop being so negative. People will still have jobs, as construction goes on jobs will be created. The stuff you are talking about is minor. Replacing a building, its contents and a few cars are minor compared to a natural disaster. These people have their life and I am sure they are truly grateful for it, compared to the THINGS they have lost. And HWP has several divisions, that shop is not their only store or place of business, so some jobs will be lost and others reassigned.

      I Just Want to Thank the Bermuda Fire Service for their wonderful job at containing and putting out the fire. And all the other fires that Bermuda has encountered lately!!!

    • whistling Frog says:

      Affected?! Only people that are affected are all the people who brought HWP’s cheap defective rusty cars and vans… And all those who got swindled by their stalling tactics to have their vehicles fixed or replaced to be told sorry your warranty has expired by the manufacturer HWP purchases from…
      Now how many people are affected??

  65. Citizen Banned (Original) says:

    Nah! Excraps are to blame.

  66. Terry says:

    There’s always a Ray of hope. Extra Cheese please…….

  67. Liars says:

    its another conspiracy as they were pulling water out of Mills creek…..MILLS CREEK! they were adding feul to that fire not extinguishing it!
    Glad everyones safe!

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      Yes, they pumped water from Mills Creek. And do I believe that around 4pm or thereabouts, the flames began to dissipate. At 6pm, the fire was smoldering. So your “conspiracy” belief has led to (dun dun dun dunnnn) a fire being extinguished! Well done on fore warning us of the evils of pumping from the ocean!

  68. Ni says:

    that fire is humungous

  69. spoons says:

    have the roits spread from London?

  70. spoons says:

    sorry that should read ‘riots’

  71. Enough! says:

    OK who is taking responsibility for all the residents and children in the neighborhood who ALREADY are feeling sick from the fumes???

    I suppose the owners of HWP could care less as they all live in their houses FAR away from this mess!

    • Terry says:

      Thats enough, ‘enough’. For God sake, get a life…….

    • KMHBermuda says:

      If they were standing outside, gawking at the fire, they have only themselves to blame. Whether the smoke was toxic or not…you don’t stand watching it if you can breathe it in.

    • Sean says:

      Most people on the island live “far” away from HWP. What’s your point?

  72. Choir Boy (Original) says:

    The fire was sent by the Lord Almighty to punish us all. We sinned by bringing in all those huge SUVs when we should’ve stuck with small sensible cars.

  73. MinorMatters says:

    …wondering if the person(s) who caused the fire will ever admit to it? It’s a rare situation when a fire starts by itself.

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      I believe BFRS let go one of their expert fire investigators! They seem to know something those on payroll have yet to discover even as the fire is still smoldering. I wonder what’s/who’s their inside source?

    • star man says:

      Ever heard of ‘spontaneous combustion;’ that’s how a fire can start itself. There may have been a pile of oily rags in the paint room that heated up and caught fire. That would be my guess.

  74. Cricket Bat (Original) says:

    I blame the PLP myself. Or it could be UBP – I always get them confused nowadays.

  75. PEPPER says:

    Bernews, thank you so much for your coverage of this fire….you are the best.

  76. Cricket Bat (Original) says:

    Yes great work Bernews. Your best yet!

  77. Get Real says:

    With the loss of the building and the infrastructure, the new cars, the customers cars in the body shop, and the staff and customer cars parked outside the final cost of this fire is going to be huge … wonder which insurance company was covering them.
    Much credit must be given to the Bermuda Fire Service for a job well done under very difficult circumstances. That heat must have been unbearable.

  78. Get Real says:

    Oh, and Bernews … Great coverage! Thank you for keeping us informed!

  79. Dog Lover says:

    HWP, hottest cars in Town! Only available in black and Charcoal gray, ash interior, and smoke tint windows. We’re buuuuuuuuuuurning up with these prices! Act now, and you get our special heat treated rims and a free bucket of water with every purchase.

  80. STEVIE says:

    Thanks Bernews for this coverage. Thank God no lives were lost. All material things can be replaced eventually, it’s only money!! How old was that building?
    I’m curious to know how the fire got started and where is started? It appears to have started in thr roof?

    • Think about it says:

      Lol, “It appears to have started in the roof?”

      Mate, that was just the flames and smoke escaping through the roof.

      • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

        Now now, @Think about it, that was borderline offensive! *scolding face*


  81. Jim Bean says:

    Standard Hardware’s tag line is “worth looking for” – a little easier now I think!

  82. Emeka47 says:

    Did anyone notice the little blue car that was parked by the infreno the whole time? Must be a ‘special’ car…….no sign of damage even after the bldg collapsed … is it fireproof! LOL