Photos/Video: HWP Building After The Fire

August 9, 2011

[Updated with video] The morning after the massive blaze at HWP, locals are driving by slowly, many getting out of their cars for a better look at the building.

Much of the roof has collapsed, with the interior of the car showroom decimated,  showing burned cars lined up in front of the shattered windows. Small amounts of smoke can still be seen emanating from the building this morning [Aug.9], which remains cordoned off, although the surrounding roads are open.

The fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the HWP Group Body & Paint Centre on St. John’s Road, which is home to the company’s cycle sales division, automotive showrooms, and administrative offices. The flames ripped through the building for over three hours while firefighters fought to get them under control.

Last night HWP CEO Jonathan Brewin said, “Our first priority was the safety of all staff and customers and we are pleased to report that our evacuation procedure ran smoothly.”

“After the safety of our staff and customers – our immediate priority is to ensure that customers who have vehicles being worked on are informed as to the status of their vehicles. For all our coverage of the HWP fire, click here.

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  1. Anthony Richardson says:

    To Jonathan and the HWP family,
    Thankfully, there was no loss of life. As devastating as the material loss has been, this will be a time for the HWP group to work together. We look forward to the ‘new look HWP’.

    • king's kid says:


  2. You can smell it says:

    It’s a good thing with all HWP’s financial troubles they’ll be getting a nice big fat insurance check…

    • Sympathize says:

      Don’t assume that they will benefit from this…. Think of all the money they will have to pay out for the damaged cars, the building that burned (which they rented), the cleanup of the homes in the area where the water tanks got polluted, staff wages…. That big fat insurance check you are talking about will be gone in a flash…

      Hate to say it, but any financial difficulties they were having just got a whole lot worse…..

      • Think about it says:

        HWP will be fine. All the money they’ve ripped off from people over the years, plus the insurance check will cover everything.

        • it is what it is says:

          Always someone so cynical posting!!! who the hell cares….at least no lives were lost..would the insurance check have covered that???

          • Think about it says:

            I swear you people don’t know how to read. Seriously? How am I being cynical? @Sympathize was saying that HWP has to pay out a whole bunch of money and all I said was they will be fine because they have money to burn(no pun intended). We all know that everyone got out safe, so why the f*ck would I need to comment on it?

            Would you prefer it if I repeated what everyone already said? Ok, here goes, “Oh thank goodness no one was hurt.” “I’m so happy that everyone made it out ok.” “Even though the cars were destroyed, the important thing is that no one was hurt.”

            Is that better?

            • it is what it is says:

              @ Think about it my comment was not for you. It was for “sympathize” but however comments load it just happened to post under yours…sorry if the ‘Cynical” comment caused you to get your knickers in a twist and you felt the need to use a curse word to get your point across..I’ll share with you what my mother used to say “if the shoe doesn’t fit don’t wear it!”……Now that you know I was not referring to you feel better????????

  3. A Guest says:

    Did the very high wind have anything to do with it?
    Or and to the severity of the fire?

  4. HWP says:

    Ohhh there’s Standard Hardware ! Guess it’s “worth looking for”

    Seriously though kudos to the FD, they had all hands on deck.

  5. water says:

    so many flamable items in that warehouse…… could have been anything. Even something as simple as an electrical spark….

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ water – or ah spliff

      • Think about it says:

        Yeah you would say that wouldn’t you? Lol. Still think we should legalize it? Maybe one of your fellow weed heads can burn down BDA Motors next, or maybe 24/7

  6. lone soldier ugetme says:

    @think about it – u have me in tears!! Kudos BFD for your work. And HWP every dog has its day – yesterday was yours! ☑m8

  7. Just saying!! says:

    Thank goodness no one lost their lives.
    Anyone looking for unemployment pay go to Chris Furbert – the big union man. He will help a brother out – I’m sure. lol