BELCO Maintains Environmental Certification

August 16, 2011

BELCO, the first ISO 14001 Certified organisation in Bermuda, has successfully completed an external audit of its Environmental Management System (EMS), maintaining certification for another year. As an ISO 14001 Certified company, BELCO has committed to continually improve the performance of its EMS.

Pictured below are the members of BELCO’s Environment business centre (left to right): Environmental & Safety Technician Jessica McClure, Senior Environmental Field Technician Shelly Leman, Environmental Officer Wendell Richards, Senior Vice President Michael Daniel, Environmental Engineer Matt Thompson, Senior Environmental Technician Corrinda Liyanage:


BELCO voluntarily established an EMS in 2009 and earned certification in 2010 by Certech Registration Inc. of Canada. BELCO’s EMS must pass another annual surveillance audit in 2012, and then a second registration audit in 2013 to maintain its certification until 2016.

BELCO’s EMS enhances the company’s ability to anticipate, identify and manage its interactions with the environment and control the impacts of its activities, products and services, including those in its offices, Central Plant and for crews working in the field. The EMS requirements go over and above compliance with Bermuda’s environmental laws and regulations.

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  1. True Bermudian says:

    In related news BELCO also maintains it’s criminally high rates during an economic depression blaming rising fuel charges, and not greed, as the reason why we are paying so much.

    Kudos to BELCO for forcing more and more Bermudians to lose power so BELCO can maintain their overinflated egos and bank accounts.

    • Rockfish says:

      Uneducated person – the fuel rate is determined by the Price Commission – a Government ran body – it’s the same effect as the fuel at the pump. If you really have an issue with the fuel rates – contact your area MP or start a petitioin for Gov to ease up on the taxes they impose on fuel – but then again – they may take money out of the public purse that they currently don’t have much to spend..