Police Murder Investigation: Woman Found Dead

September 2, 2011

[Updated] Police officers started a murder investigation today [Sept.2] after a woman was found dead in a residence on Berry Hill Road in Paget.

The house has been blocked off with crime scene tape, and the forensic unit and both uniformed and plainclothes officers have been seen on the property.

Police Berry Hill Road Bermuda September 2 2011

A police spokesperson said, “Detectives from the Bermuda Police Service Serious Crime Unit are investigating the death of a woman at a residence on Berry Hill Road, Paget.

“At about 8:30am this morning, an off duty police officer was flagged down by a member of the public, and alerted to the presence of an unresponsive female inside a residence.

“Assistance was immediately sought, and EMTs from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and an on call doctor attended the residence. Death was certified by the on call doctor at the scene.

“Officers from the Serious Crime Unit are investigating this as a case of Murder. No details of the victim will be released until the next of kin have all been notified.

“However, detectives are interested in hearing from any members of the public that may have seen anyone or anything out of the ordinary on Berry Hill Road, Paget, or its environs, between 4:00pm on Thursday 1st September, 2011 and 8:30am today.

“Detectives are particularly interested in speaking with any person who may have seen anyone in the area under suspicious circumstances.

“The investigative team is being headed by Detective Inspector Jerome Laws, and he can be contacted at (441) 247-1265. Alternatively, members of the public can leave information anonymously on the independent Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-8477.”

Update 4:00pm: Police remain on scene, and were seen going door to door. The victim is said to be an lady in her mid sixties.

Update 6:15pm: Police added an additional appeal: “Detectives are keen to hear from anyone who has witnessed someone acting out of character, who became furtive or was attempting to dispose of any clothing or articles, to come forward.”

Update Sept.3: A 53-year-old man was arrested in connection with the murder of 66-year-old Ida James. Details here.

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  1. Panty Raider says:

    :( hope justice is serveed

  2. Oh No... says:

    Oh no. Prayers & condolences go out to the family of this woman. So sad.

  3. Theresa Simpson says:

    Our sincer condolences to the family and friends! May God be with all of you at this time.

  4. freddyg says:

    My goodness how much more suffering must Bda endure…
    Bless this lady and her family ! Please find the culprit and let Justice be served… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!

  5. Bermuda says:

    o man. :( this is so draining!

  6. Thoughts of a local says:

    Dear Father,

    Watch over the family and friends of this victim and give them guidance and comfort in this time of grief.


  7. Taurus says:

    Let’s find out how she died, first of all!! Passing judgement before the police have finished their investigations is kind of harsh and counter-productive.Condolences to her family!!

    • Islander says:

      I see not one judgment passed on this article…what the hell you talking about?

  8. Bermudian says:

    They said they are investigating it as a murder… so already there is something to be concerned about!

  9. Terry says:

    Looks like some are off their lunch break or getting ready to leave work for home.

    Not one poster has passed judgement, so get your facts together. ….Tha’s right, there are none. It’s a murder investigation.

    (1) Motive

    (2) Means


    My condolences to the family.

  10. Lion says:

    Condolences to the family and friends because this lady was a kind, generous, person who worked hard to make others lives better. This is very, very sad.

  11. @Taurus let’s not be ‘bull’ headed! All media heads clearly state ‘Murder Investigation….’ To the family my deepest condolences.

  12. It is what it is says:

    an Angel gone to soon…RIP “Aunt ….” We love you!!!!

    Hope they catch the bastards!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bulla Bulla says:

    Bring back hanging!

    • Get It Together says:

      My God be with the family and friends of this Victim. And I agree with you Bulla Bulla…BRING BACK HANGING!!!

      • freddyg says:

        Hang em !!! Now is the TIME !!! TO much has gone on to ignore – scare the mess outta these buggers who are COWARDS TO BEGIN WITH – AND YES I JUST JUDGE WHOM EVER DONE THIS DIRTY DEED!!!!

  14. A.S. says:

    Very, very sad…hopefully it will turn out NOT to be a murder but just the appearance of one-that does happen on occasion. If it is, then this is some really scary stuff.

    On another note, I don’t understand why Police refuse to release the name yet allow photos and videos to be released to the public. We found out who it was simply because we know who lived there-it’s not that hard to put two-and-two together. It’s just as terrible to see your relative’s home on t.v./online and find out that way as it is to actually hear their name.

    This isn’t the first time this has happened. A shooting victim’s mother heard on t.v. that the victim of a shooting had died while she was watching the t.v. at the hospital. She then knew her son had died before anyone actually told her. Bermuda’s such a small community-sometimes a simple ‘no comment at this time’ when asked by reporters for updates on victims, or prohibiting footage until the next-of-kin is notified should be enforced. I know all about freedom of the press and the importance of getting information to the public in a timely fashion, but sometimes these methods contradict each other.

    My condolences to the family.

    • Just Saying says:

      @ A S I fully agree…I know this lady and was totalling shock to seeing this footage on the air. This has devastated me. Ida James was an special and interesting individual willing to help others and the young children during her years of employment as a social worker. Her services to the community is well noted and remembered….. My condolences to the James Family.

  15. Elvie says:

    So Sad, Bermuda is really becoming lost…May God bless this family at this most difficult time, Your in my Prayers.

  16. sad times says:

    Thats true as AS says. I heard it was a murder in the east end, and decided to check out bernews but saw my friends house instead. She was very kind, soft spoken person and helpful in giving advice. I will truly miss her.

  17. PLP but not the Government says:

    Heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. You were a kind, loving and compassionate friend to so many. My heart aches to think of how anyone could have harmed you let alone kill you. May your soul rest in peace until that great waking up day when you will be rewarded by the Kind of Kings and Lord of Lords. You lived your life serving others and I am blessed to have known you my friend.

  18. cygnet says:

    Condolences to the James family. Miss Ida was a very meaningful person in my life. Knew her my whole 56 years. Sweet and kind lady. The SOB who did this needs to be flogged, stoned and left to suffer and die. I agree with other posts bring back Hanging. Casemates shoud be reopen for the wannabegangstersmurders. Give them a bucket, basin, jumpsuit, flip flops and feed them sndwiches only for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My heart is so heavy with sadness about this. Miss Ida did not have children of her own, but she was MOM to thousands of us.


    My heartfelt condolences to this family,i pray they gather all the evidence,and catch the daggone culprits…BSP,please don’t mess this case up too…Again my codolences…

  20. Please says:

    My heart is filled with sadness as this was one of the kindest most passionate people I have ever met. She is the reason I chose the profession I’m in. Ms James was good woman a strong woman. My condolences to her family and friends. May her beautiful soul rest in peace. As for the bastard that did this may you have restless nights as the guilt weighs heavy on your conscience.

  21. Saddened says:

    Condolences to the James family, such a sweet old lady. It sickens me to see someone prey on old single ladies that live alone. God help them please !!!

  22. Emeka47 says:

    Robbery of a nice lady and then Murder! don’t sound right for this island! There is a segment of this society who have “an insatiable” appetite for crime to feed their addictive behavior. All right thinking people in this Country should march on the House and demand their MP’s to repeal the law against hanging!!!
    Today is overcast and cloudy and I feel like crying for MY BERMUDA……

  23. Confused?! says:

    RIP Cuz Ida – the police better get the Bastard that did this – clearly it’s someone whose an addict whose targeted the whole neighborhood – and 9 out of 10 times it’s someone who knows everyone who lives up there. However – I’m almost certain she put up a fight and the culprit was not expecting that – that’s one thing I can say about that era of the James Family – they have very strong independent women – who don’t take no bs – and aren’t afraid to put you in your place. And I’m almost certain she told that so and so right where to get off.
    I didn’t see her often – but I am going to miss bumping into her.

  24. badmuda says:

    such a sad loss of life ! condolences to all families and friends.
    lock up folks ,keep the baseball bat by the bed as Bermuda is spiraling to such a low state,its getting and will get worse. barbed wire fences gates and grills on your property is coming just like other third world countries.Prisoners in our own homes. who would have thought ?

  25. Pastor Syl says:

    My heart is SO heavy to learn of Ms. Ida’s death, and to hear that there are suspicious circumstances is positively heart breaking>
    My sincerest condolences to the family and her vast network of friends.

  26. soon leavin' says:

    This is so sad.
    It won’t be long and I’ll be on a flight off the island for good.
    I am so sorry for all of you who will not be so lucky.
    You need to start the process to police the streets where you live.There is no where to hide in Bermuda.It’s not even safe for poor,defencless old people who are now targets of these beasts roaming these islands.
    This week I witnessed a tourist lose their bag on Front Street just after they had left the ferry.When I looked around all I could see were street people drinking from bottles in little paper bags.Where are the police.Why do they not eradicate these bums from the streets.The youth of the country pass these lost souls every day as they go to school.What kind of example do they see.
    I walked from the grocery store to the bus terminal on Friday and saw 2 drug sales take place in the drive way of the City Hall.Where are the police?

  27. julie says:

    was looking for someone i was told that was killed and buried in new mexico the tip was he buired her in new mexico and she pointed four corner of it there a man in presion whom didnt do this but his brother did i am trying to get informantion for the wife of the man whom in jail it was evil kenivel daughter or some then like that i dont have the full detail of this but i can get it again

  28. Respect says:

    @soon leaving,

    Bye, put you house for sale on emoo