Norris Simpson Found Guilty Of Killing Ida James

February 1, 2013

[Updated with video] Norris Simpson has been found guilty of the murder of Ida James, with the jury returning a majority verdict just before 5.00pm today [Feb 1].

Simpson’s trial began last month in the Supreme Court, with the 54-year-old charged with murdering Ms James, who was found dead at her Berry Hill Road home in Paget in September 2011.

Simpson has been covering his face while walking to and from Court each day:

Simpson Bermuda February 1 2013

Simpson was arrested later that month, and charged with murdering the 66-year-old former social worker. He had rented a room from her at a North Shore property she owned, and was behind on his rent.

During the trial the Court heard she was stabbed some 60 times, and also heard that Ms James DNA was found under Simpson’s fingernails, and he was covered in cuts and abrasions.

Simpson will be sentenced at a later date, and is due to re-appear in Court during the next monthly Arraignment Session.

Simpson leaving Court this afternoon, continuing to cover his face:

Speaking outside the Supreme Court today, Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said the Bermuda Police Service welcome the verdict, while noting is important to recall the family of Ms James are grieving at this time.

“This was a very brutal and viscous crime. We heard evidence she was stabbed over 60 times in her own home. Our thoughts go out to her family and friends.”

Audio of Detective Pedro:

“We welcome the verdict of the jury,” said Detective Pedro. This was a hard fought case, by both the defense and the Crown and we believe the jury have returned a just verdict.”

Simpson — who was found guilty by a 10-2 verdict — displayed no emotion when the sentence was read out.

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  1. Folowing this case was very sickening and I hope that he gets life without the possiblity of parole,Ms James did not desrve what happen to her and she was a very wonderful person.her legacy in life was she gave of her self to humanity and was definitely a God fearing woman.

    To have her legacy marred by such cruelty is devestating and the only comfort is the fact that she is safe now in the arms of to all Ms James family,both her biological family and her church family,friends and former colleagues.may her soul be at peace and yours and judgement has been given.

    I pray that Mr Simpsons time in prison will also give him time to reflect on his deeds and allow Jesus to be Lord of his life so his fate in the final end will not be worst then the judgement that he will now serve.

  2. spoons says:

    RIP Ida James
    At his sentencing, I hope life in prison MEANS life in prison. Unfortunately we do not have the death penalty for such crimes, which means we all get to pay for this man’s existence until the day he dies. Shame. Just think what that money could do for hard-up families in this country who struggle every day.

    • Webster says:

      spoons, to think that we tax payers are going to pay for this worthless individual and all of of his medical and food needs !!!!!!
      This women had to endure the worst pain ever..where is the justice ?

      • spoons says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. I think we need a referendum on the death penalty.

        • Brian Simpson says:

          We have our justice. He was brought before the courts. Tried by a jury of his peers and found Guilty. We have our justice. The death penalty serves no purpose in a civilized society.

  3. TK says:

    Glad for this verdict. Miss Ida was like a neighbourhood mom to me and all the other children in the neighbourhood. Always asked if you wanted some “nicey”. Upon hearing yes please Miss Ida, then the candy bag came out. A great role model taken from her family, colleagues and all that knew her too soon. R.I.P Miss Ida.

  4. WhistleBlower says:

    Amazing such a loving woman who has personally re-directed my life by instilling hope, forgiveness and faith when I was lost and dejected could be taken away in such a heinous manner. Ms James may you rest in peace and may your legacy be revived by SOMEONE HONOURING the tireless hours you dedicated to the many torn souls of Bermuda!

    My hope as was MLK’s is that YOUR LIVING NOT BE IN VAIN!!!!

    2nd point – too many are quick to type JUDGEMENTS (while SPEWING HATRED and IGNORANCE) as BERMUDA GRAPPLES with the VICIOUSNESS of ‘DRIVE BY’s – however they do NOT even give time to ACKNOWLEDGE the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the many HARD working DEDICATED citizens who have laid down the FOUNDATIONS that many of us BENEFIT/are AFFORDED today!! My GUESS is SENSATIONALISM is a GREATER MOTIVATOR than KNOWLEDGE!!!!!

    I am GRATEFUL one day as I traversed along the paths of BERMUDA YOU ( Ms Ida James) stood there and ENCOURAGED as well as UPLIFTED my WEARY SOUL!!!!!

    Like Mr Hooper used to ask: WHO ARE THE PEOPLE in YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD …..

  5. rugrats says:

    I hope all the murders get life without parole.
    They should all be sentenced to death bring back capital punishment…….

  6. King Jammys says:

    Such a good woman……….. hope you rott POS

  7. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Oh I just KNOW the Bernews photographer is itching to get this snake’s
    mug shot on Bermews!

  8. Dwarja says:

    Show his face, so dat Bermuda and d rest of the world who read dis site can see who he is. He has been found guilty based on evidence and his lack of defence. It should be an eye for an eye. Bring back the death penalty for all of dem dat think dey will live on my hard working dollar at Westgate.

  9. only in Bermuda says:

    He should be made to show his face….,.disgusting. ,. Who gives him the right to invade her space. He should be placed in the middle of the court yard at West Gate so he could get his Burt kicked! LET ME AT HIM.

  10. Namaste says:

    Show his face now that he has been found GUILTY….how dear he be allowed to have his face covered. He must be exposed.

    Hopefully when he is sentenced……

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ship him to a nice prison in say Haiti, Mexico, Columbia or some other S American prison.

  12. Who wrote the report? says:

    RIP Ms. James

  13. Judge Dredd says:

    It should be illegal for criminals to hide their ugly faces

  14. owner4comment says:

    It’s sad what this woman had 2 endure it really is. I didn’t know you but R.I.P and may you be amongst folk with Halo’z now. And 2 the man convicted of this killing the earthly part of me wants you 2 feel so much pain yet the spiritual side of me dominates and prays that what ever it is that makes you so sick is cured in you.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      owner4comment: I can identify with what you have said. It’s very deep!

  15. Xman says:

    It is amazing how someone could turn into such a beast from Drugs.
    I new Norris when he was younger living in the eastern end of the Island and he was a very nice person
    who was well behaved and respectful to others.
    In the late eightys he started messing around with drugs,in the 90′she ended up in jail a couple of times
    because of Drug use —- now this — Guilty of Murder.
    Young man finished!

  16. Nitty Gritty says:

    The sheer savagery of the crime is why he should NEVER be even considered for less than death in Prison.
    We should not be footing the bill, he and the rest of them should be working to repay their incarceration costs. He can never repay his victim or her family and friends, but some bleeding heart, in 30 years will be parroting the phrase ‘well he’s done his time and paid his debt to society’!
    Sounds hollow today huh.
    Sort of weird how every country sends its best young men to war to kill or be killed in the tens of thousands but some people are so desperate to keep trash like him alive.