Groups Applaud Government DUI Initiative

November 8, 2011

In a joint statement issued by CADA and the DUI Education School, the organisations applauded the measures to eliminate drinking and driving as outlined in the Throne Speech.

The Government pledged additional efforts to stem drunk driving saying, “However, there will be less tolerance for impaired driving offences. The Government will table legislation to increase penalties for drunk driving and to expand the use of breathalysers. It also plans to mandate DUI education for all disqualified drivers.”

CADA executive director, Mrs. Gillian Freelove-Jones, speaking on behalf of the Board stated, “We are pleased to see the Bermuda Government’s commitment to reducing the number of road traffic fatalities and collisions associated with drugs and or alcohol use.

The measures, once implemented, will go a long way to encouraging people not to drink and drive.

Mrs. Freelove-Jones continued, “CADA wholeheartedly supports:

  • Setting up well publicized roadside checkpoints;
  • Stopping every nth vehicle;
  • Having every motorist stopped to participate in a roadside alcohol breathalyzer test; and
  • If the roadside breath test shows at or above a certain level of alcohol, conduct the fully calibrated alcohol breathalyzer machine test.

“Research shows that when checkpoints have been set up in other jurisdictions, and the public have been given ample notice that the checks will take place, there has been a significant reduction in the number of alcohol-related road collisions and fatalities.”

Mrs. Freelove-Jones concluded, “CADA will continue to work with all parties to assist in quickly putting these initiatives in place.”

DUI Education School  founder and director Cecile Harris stated,” We are delighted that the DUI Education School will be made mandatory for everyone convicted of driving under the influence.

“The purpose of the DUI School is to increase participants’ awareness of the effects of substance abuse on themselves and on society, this includes the effects on their families, friends and the broader social network to which they belong.

“Our mission is to decrease the numerous accidents, injuries and deaths resulting from drinking and driving on the roads of Bermuda.”

Mrs. Harris added: “The DUI course consists of 12 hours of education, which includes: assessment, education, prevention and counseling. For more information on the DUI Education School, call 296 6785.”

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  1. Get a Grip says:

    I applaud govt aswell. Its about bloody time. Drinking and Driving is the norm in Bermuda, and we’ve all seen and heard the results in damage to property, injury, and death!

    Bermuda needs real awareness of this problem and stiff penalties!

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ah yes…another grand initiative from the PLP ‘gonna’ Government. We have heard this one before haven’t we. Sure, there is a campaigne for a few weeks then it is dropped. Sort of like cellphone usage while driving. Seen anyone booked for that lately yet inattention while driving is likely a more frequent cause of crashes (not accidents) than DUI.

    Drinking & driving unfortunately is in our culture. Be thankful we don’t do it at 60mph.

  3. R says:

    The real reason no one is booked for talking on a phone and driving is because the brilliant highly paid people who wrote the law forgot to put in a penalty…same with seat belts, so if you get pulled over, you broke the law…but there’s no penalty.

  4. Wondering says:

    $50.00 fine for no seat belt – got a wry smile and a ticket…

  5. R says:

    And I got a $100 fine for no seat belt, they just make one up, next time get a good lawyer and give them the bill for their own stupidity.

  6. Whistling Frog says:

    Why don’t we start this right outside the police recreation club… We’d know its working when I see a cop or 2 being booked for once after getting behind the wheel after drinking as they always do… I’m not saying they all do it, but the one’s I’ve seen out drink then making a beeline straight for their cars it amazes me that they’d book someone for the same thing… SMH