PLP: Scott Simmons To Run In C#31

February 20, 2012

[Updated with videos] This morning [Feb.20] the Progressive Labour Party announced that Scott Simmons will represent them in Constituency #31 Southampton West Central.

The One Bermuda Alliance has already confirmed that Shawn Crockwell will move from Pembroke West and represent the Opposition in Southampton West Central.

In the 2007 General Election, the UBP’s Jon Brunson won the Southampton West Central seat with 57% of the vote against the PLP’s Marc Bean.

Due to Mr Brunson’s resignation, a by-election was held in 2008, with the UBP’s Charlie Swan winning over PLP candidate Marc Bean. Mr Swan – one of the last two UBP MPs – has indicated to his constituents that he intends to seek re-election

Currently Mr. Simmons serves as the Press Attaché to the Premier of Bermuda and has previously worked out of the Cabinet Office as Press Secretary and Senior Advisor, Media Relations.

Educated at the Bermuda Institute, Bermuda College and the University of Toronto, Mr. Simmons’ professional career began with the Bermuda Police Department where he served as a police cadet and a police constable and further developed at the Bank of Bermuda specifically Corporate Banking, Corporate Trust and Global Custody.

He joined Princess International’s Group of Hotels in Bermuda as Night Manager, Assistant Manager, Director of Security and Assistant Manager respectively. His experience in smaller hotels included profession development at Cambridge Beaches and the Coral Beach Club.

Mr. Simmons’ political career began when he was elected Public Relations Officer of the PLP and was later appointed to serve on the Board of Tourism, Board of Works and Engineering, Board of Immigration and the West End Development Corporation.

He was appointed Press Secretary to the Premier and Senior Advisor, Media Relations. Following serving at the Cabinet Office, he was invited by two consecutive Government Ministers to serve formally as Communication Consultant and latterly as Senior Aide.

Update: Mr Simmons’statement:

Mr Simmons Q&A with the media:

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  1. Isn’t Mr. Simmons a Govt employee? If he is, doesn’t he have to resign, or did they change the rules so that if you are a Govt employee and you run for the Govt you can keep your job? Can someone out there please clear this up?

    • Puzzled says:

      You are right @rocky road ahead, Mr. Simmons is on the Govt. payroll from what I understand and most likely knew of the conflict of interest.

      This is symbolic of a larger problem: the autonomous nature of the civil service has always been under threat and hardline Party supporters in high-ranking positions are commonly doing what is best for the Party instead of what is best for Bermuda.

      The Premier also should have known better…

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      Not sure,but I think he is the Premier’s Press Attache.

      • Gvt Mechanic says:

        As I understand it he is not a Civil Servant but acts as press attache in his capacity as a party member

        • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

          Who pays his salary?

          • rocky two says:

            Very good question – who pays his salary – PLP or Govt. Bet I know who it is….

            • Shaking the Head says:

              Doubt it’s the PLP so he is effectively a Government employee so has to resign. However, in the PLP world, unless there is a law that clearly states that Scott Simmons personally is not allowed to be a Press Attache and prospective MP then it will be OK. Business as usual.

              • Rick Rock says:

                Good point. If there is no law specifically on the books to address this specific situation, they will use the “Burgess Standard” that it “ain’t no crime”, and therefore must be perfectly acceptable.

  2. Mad Dawg says:

    Let’s see if he visits my house. In the last two elections I never saw any PLP people. Let’s see is this one comes around. I can’t wait. I’ve a list of things to talk to him about.

    • Rick Rock says:

      He won’t turn up. He knows he’ll lose. He’s just there to make up numbers. You’ll never meet him.

  3. Maybe I'm Slow says:

    Who is he, what is known of him?

  4. is B..Leaving says:

    If you win Scottie , the spoils of the victor shall keep you suited and booted for the forseable future . Cause for sure you have acquired from your mentor DREB very expensive taste .

  5. Shakey my aching head says:

    This is how we fall into the rut that we are in now two salaries from one purse and no OVERSIGHT from anyone. I say bring in the UK boys and let them sniff around for a while and see who will be squealing then. PLP = Questionable Governance.

  6. is B..Leaving says:

    To the victor goes the spoils ( if there’s any left ) . If you win you’ll be able to stay suited and booted , but , if you lose … Oh well . It may look easy to attain such status but it takes work . See you at the Top or maybe Not .

  7. Cancer says:

    The PLP has to go – no matter who they put in whatever seat! They are the flipPLoP party and don’t know what they’re doing!

  8. 32n64w says:

    “Mr. Simmons’ political career began when he was elected Public Relations Officer of the PLP and was later appointed to serve on the Board of Tourism, Board of Works and Engineering, Board of Immigration and the West End Development Corporation.”

    Well we’ve all unfortunately witnessed the negative results of these appointments given the corresponding failures in overspending, poor policy initiatives and economic contractions so why would any voter consid endorsing a candidate with such an unsuccessful track record?

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      I understand he is a former police officer. But that’s another story.

  9. Pre Madonna says:

    He’s a man of convictions I can tell you that.

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wow, near on 10 jobs & still a relatively young man. What happened? Could not stick it out at any of them? Fired? Asked to leave?

    Heck, I reckon I have 10-15 years more than him behind me & only count 7 jobs from late teens.

    These days he is the Premiers PA on the public payroll presumed. Nice gig.

  11. Phoenix says:

    Agreed. Very very poor candidate choice. The mere fact that he is the Press Officer for the Cabinet office and we never hear from him speaks volumes.

  12. sad says:


    Many have not done their research on this man, ask his former colleagues at the BDA Police Service, the Bank, or Cambridge Beaches or Hamilton Princess.

    They will see there is much more of the same.

    this is a most interesting development.

    As there is a very interesting professional legacy that when it gets out, it will bring more shame to an already soiled party.

  13. facts straight says:

    just for clarification:

    Scott, was VERY interested in the UBP much before he joined with the PLP. I was at meetings were he sat and was a very interested person in the machinery the UBP way before he became interested in the PLP.

    He became interested in the PLP when the tide on the island changed and his career path changed and it made more sense to be in bed with the enemy than to fight the enemy.

    Scott wanted a political,professional, civic life that he could not earn over the years, so he joined the PLP mixed with the right crowds, joined the right circles and you have the makings of a plp leader.

    you have to love the PLP.

  14. fools and children says:

    Scott Simmons,

    As the stories emerge, about him, all will see for themselves.

  15. Watching! says:

    Yup! Talks a good game!