New iPad Available In Bermuda

March 29, 2012

The new iPad is available in Bermuda, with Computer City making the latest model of Apple’s tablet available today [Mar.29] starting from $882.

In order to get the product on its shelves quickly, Computer City purchased the models overseas at retail cost and imported them to Bermuda themselves. The Company said once they are able to import the iPads directly from the distributor the price is likely to be reduced.

At present the new iPads are priced as follows: 16GB wi-fi is $882, 16GB+4G is $1105; 32GB wi-fi $1056; 32GB+4G $1280; 64GB wi-fi $1228; 64GB+4G is $1447.

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  1. Doug says:

    starting at $882? WOW

    • Todd Martin says:

      If you don’t like that pricing, maybe you would like the iPad 2 pricing as we have slashed the 32GB WiFi/3G to $860.00 – 64GB WiFi only to $800 and 64GB WiFi/3G to $984.00…. and we will throw in a free $50 iTunes card with every Device purchased.

  2. New iPad says:

    I would caution anyone who is considering buying this for a couple reasons.

    The main thing is that Computer City is NOT an authorized Apple Reseller.

    The second reason is that these iPads were purchased for retail price, and not at a dealer price, so the cost is going to be too high, especially when duty and the profit are taken into account.

    • REALISM says:

      apple resellers or ipad authorized dealers are the only sellers of ipads that have a full one year, if your not authorized apple dealer your warrranty starts the day of the retailers purchase date

      • Todd Martin says:

        As stated below, Computer City has sold Apple products for over seven years, and have honored any and all warranty matters to date, and not just for Apple products, but for everything that we sell. We have a great relationship with Consumer Affairs and are proud of our record in caring for our customer’s concerns.

  3. idea says:

    Good luck getting service repairs haha suckers line forms to the left.

    • iclick says:

      Hi, Remember that iClick and The Complete Office Ltd have the ONLY Apple Authorised Service Center as part of its group, and the iPad has full On-Island warranty.

      • Todd Martin says:

        As The Complete Office/iClick is the ONLY authorized Apple service center on the island, they would have to honor all warranties, whether purchased from overseas or anywhere in Bermuda.

  4. Motts Apple Sauce says:

    iClick advises they have them also.

    • Grakoos says:

      And apparently their prices are about the same as Computer City.

  5. LestatXP says:

    Far too high. Landed my own 64GB+4G for $829 + $231.62 Duty and shipping saving slightly less than $400 over these prices. If they get them wholesale the price should be no more than $1100.

    • Grakoos says:

      Currently the wholesale prices on the new iPad are way above US retail; it is an artificial situation created by Apple by their only releasing the product in certain markets.

  6. Todd Martin says:

    Any purchase of Apple products from Computer City are under complete warranty and will be honored as such by Computer City. The customer’s choice would be to either deal directly with Apple, or they can bring it back to Computer City. The Apple iPads (and iPods) are not typically something repairable on the Island. Faulty devices are usually replaced under warranty. It should be noted that Computer City has sold Apple products for over seven years, and have honored any and all warranty matters to date; this can be confirmed with Consumer Affairs.

    The iPad HD (3) is not available to our region (Latin America) yet, and may not be for quite a while. As a result Computer City has had to be creative to meet customer demand for a local source. The difference between dealer/reseller pricing and US retail is actually very small. We do expect to lower our price in the future on this product. But for the customer that can’t wait to have it, there is an option available now.

  7. Bermudian says:

    Just another OVERPRICED piece of junk.

    • Shit Happens says:

      I totally agree i love my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet…….

  8. james says:

    Computer City deserve credit for confronting the competition and trying to win our business. I purchased a $320 product for only $20 above US prices whilst Reid Street marked them up a further $100. Kudos to Computer City for genuinely trying to bring deals to the consumer rather than being part of the rip off Bermuda culture.

  9. Pastor Syl says:

    Can you get ‘em on lay-away? ;-)

  10. REALISM says:

    another apple fad, sooo sad, people are gonna waste more money for a product thats got many issues so far, why buy the first release, theres major overheating issues known after 2 days of release, it takes months to iron the bugs out. wait till the second release. keep in mind samsung make 80% of the ipad, samsung will have a new tab in the next few months that will be an upgrade from the ipad and then another apple lawsuit will appear =)

  11. jt says:

    Who can afford the connectivity in Bermuda? Crazy stupid.

  12. Lmao!!!! says:

    I have the 1st IPad, work fine don’t need to up grade ;-)