Digicel Offering Special Laptop & Tablet Promo

October 15, 2015

Digicel today announced that customers can now get a brand new state of the art laptop or tablet with up to 100% off when they sign up for one of the provider’s best value Mobile Internet Plans.

“Mobile Internet Plans now have a lower entry point with plans starting at only $39 a month, along with up to 20GB of data, double that previously available to customers. The expanded range offers more value to customers along with the largest mobile internet plan currently in market,” the company said.

“Mobile internet lets customers set their laptop or tablet free of the restriction of relying on Wi-Fi to access the internet. With a Mobile Internet plan customers can enjoy the convenience of always staying connected everywhere.

“Customers can choose from a wide range of big brands including Samsung, Toshiba, Dell and more. In order to get a new laptop or tablet at the best price customers simply need to pick the plan that is best for them and ask for a discount on the tech that they want.

“Customers who are looking to have mobile internet but do not want a new laptop or tablet can still benefit from the value of the Mobile Internet Plans in the improved range. Likewise if customers are simply looking for a new laptop or tablet they can purchase any of the big brand laptops or tablets on offer.

Robin Seale, CEO of Digicel Bermuda & BTC stated “The expanded range of Mobile Internet plans is a testament to our promise to always provide the best value to our customers. To compliment this we have pioneered the way of providing the biggest tech brands at the absolute best price with even some models being free!”

More information including a full list of Mobile Internet Plans, laptop & tablet models and pricing can be found here.

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  1. Joe says:

    As far as i can see you stil have to pay upfront for the laptop or tablet??? Only the crap ones are free

  2. Um.... says:

    C’mon, no Macs? And for mobile internet? People still buy those plans? WiFi is becoming easier and easier to find these days when on the go. And all premium smartphones have tethering features built in. Stop trying to sell us dead technology. How about you build out WiFi hotspots like TBI and Cablevision/Logic? Have that as an added benefit for being a loyal postpaid customer. I’d still like to get free social apps like you’re doing for prepaid. It’s amazing that every new promotion Digicel offers postpaid customers comes with terms and a contract.