PLP: ‘OBA Needs To Take A Stand On KFC Matter’

June 3, 2012

Dawn Simmons — the PLP candidate for Paget East — said the Opposition should “take a stand on the KFC matter.” Ms Simmons’ comments came after Friday’s [June 1] march which saw hundreds of BIU members march from Union Street to KFC’s Queen Street location to protest the fast food restaurant’s latest decision in their ongoing dispute.

Various public services were suspended across the island as workers made their way through Hamilton; with the Port, Construction, Postal, Corporation of Hamilton, TELCO, Public Transportation, Hotels, Parks, and W&E divisions joining in the march.

The BIU make their way to KFC on Friday:

A statement from the Progressive Labour Party said, “The PLP have taken a clear stand in favour of the rule of law and the process. We support the arbitration process that was recommended by Minister Patrice Minors which would keep Bermudians working and give management and workers a fair chance to make their case.

“When management undermined this process and recommendation, we moved swiftly to take management to court to ensure that the proper process was followed. Thus far, the OBA has been silent on the matter, releasing no public statement. PLP candidate Dawn Simmons thinks the public deserves to know where they stand.”

John Gibbons — the PLP candidate for C#2 St. George’s West — was marching with the BIU:

“If the OBA wants to be the government, they have to make tough calls and take a position on the issues of the day,” said Ms Simmons.

“The people of Bermuda deserve to know where the OBA stands on the KFC matter. Do they support the workers? Do they support the management? Do they support the prudent judgment exhibited by Minister Minors? Where do they stand?”

“The OBA tells us that they want to bring change to Bermuda. But, what does this really mean? Does it mean that they will change the rights of employees in the workplace?

“Does it mean that they will look out for the Bermuda of the wealthy or will they look after the Bermuda for everyone else? It’s time for the OBA to end their silence on this matter. The people need to know what the OBA would do and whose side are they on,” concluded Ms Simmons.

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  1. Real Talk says:

    I’m sorry, why does the OBA have to take a position? For that matter, why does the PLP feel compelled to take a position? It’s private matter between a private company and the Union. The Government has already referred the matter to arbitration. The law should be allowed to operate to sort this matter out.

    • yeesh says:

      I agree. Why?

      • Yup says:

        PLP just want to fan emotions on this. The rule of law, which the BIU is breaking, should be allow to prevail.

    • Soooooo says:

      Exactly…. I aways thought Dawn had more common scense than to get dragged into this kind of fiasco (but I guess you do as your told)

      Personally I think the OBA are doing the right thing. This is a matter between KFC and their staff (unionised and not) it has NOTHING to do with the Government. And even less to do with the PLP…

      I do however have a good idea as to why the BIU and Government on their behalf are fighting so hard over this tiny company…… There are allot of people watching and the BIU is shaking in their boots!!!

      • Undecided Voter says:

        @ the end of the day the OBA will not say anything because it will kill their black votes. They already know this. Remember the rule of thumb for the oba/ubp is get 90% of the white votes and 30% of the black vote, election WIN STAMP!
        They only need 30% of the black vote, so why rock the boat. Dawn they are not that stupid. In fact blacks on this island can do just about anything that’s not illegal and the ubp/OBA will say $Hit about it!!!!!!!!

        • Hmmmmmm says:

          How are the PLP going to repay the one and a half billion dollars of debt that costs Bermudians 2000 jobs. 2000 jobs, 2000 jobs, the PLP cost Bermudians 2000 job. They are trying to take from our pension funds. Workers rights and jobs, if you want that, then steer clear of a oarty that is destroying both. That party is the PLP.

        • Come Correct says:

          Your not an undecided voter, you show every sign of being just another one of the many plp loyalist on here stirring the pot.

    • SpecialGIrl4You says:

      OBA are on the side of KFC, a conservative government never supports the average man/woman, conservative governments do not spent monies on the average man or woman……ALl their supporters are on the side of KFC…….no need to ask the OBA that question….

      • SpecialGirl4Poo says:

        PLP are on the side of BIU, a labour government never supports the rule of law, labour governments run up more than a billion dollars in debt……. ALl their supporters are on the side of BIU…….no need to ask the PLP/BIU that question….

    • jack says:

      kfc are refusing the ministers order to go to arbitration also moving the staff under a different name don’t forget kfc got here under the ubp the same group that now the oba thats why the oba is silent

      • Come Correct says:

        Order? She cant order them to arbitration you clown. The oba is silent because they arent dumb, they know exactly what the plp are looking to get from this. Why has’nt the minister ordered chris furbert to stop inconveniencing the tourists and the rest of the island? Probably because theyre trying to keep everyones attention away from the 7.5% increase in take home pay that they’re about to give themselves…see specialneedsgirl i can use repetition too…

  2. sandgrownan says:

    Yeah, the stand is, follow the rule of law.

    The BIU, the PLP are out to lunch on this one. Minors had no right to intervene.

  3. Family Man says:

    I’m quite sure the OBA will stand on the side of the law.

    Law; a quaint term that those in the PLP may be unfamiliar with.

  4. Do I need to remind this dumb lady that the OBA is not the Government – since when does The opposition get involved in union and private matters? I’m guessing the flip flop party want OBA solve this problem for them too like they want the OBA give them ideas on the economy. Stop asking he OBA what they would do and figure it out for yourself flip flop party!

  5. Nuts says:

    This is not a political issue why is it being made so ??

    • There you go says:

      Because if you neuter the union , if you anger the union , if you destroy the union , you’re doing the same thing at the same time to the PLP .
      Union = PLP
      PLP = Union

    • SpecialGIrl4You says:

      @Nuts,….all your OBA fans have already made it a political issue….are you sleeping on this sir? But, yeah no need to answer the question, as a blind man knows a conservative party as the OBA stands with KFC………its a given.,

  6. Clive Spate says:

    You mean the PLP need to take a stand against the BIU. The law is sorting out the KFC matter one way or another but why was a 2 hour meeting (which started an hour late) allowed to turn into a full on march and demonstration? Workers rights are a very important issue. Important enough to fight for them on your own time and not the taxpayers.

  7. Mad Dawg says:

    It would have been nice if the PLP government had said it would support whatever the courts decide.

  8. Grouper says:

    The usual diversionary tactics from the PLP/BIU trying to divert attention from their hopelessly poor management record over the past 14 years. Please do not be tempted to take their bait and get drawn into the “PLP world” of chaos & confusion. This is exactly how they operate – set out some tasty bait so that they can draw intelligent people into an endless, personal, irrelevant debate to deflect attention away from the real issues of the day – the sinking economy, violent crime, poor public education system, increasing unemployment, decaying roads, bridges, Govt. bldgs. Airport, massive public debt, uncontrolled Govt. spending, ballooning civil service etc. etc.. This is a private matter between a private company and its employees. QED

    • Come Correct says:

      I’m starting to wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. The government don’t want to step in and really do anything and this is capturing the attention of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. Everyone knows this KFC issue is dumb, but yet its still allowed to continue even after fro bris sherbert has broken the law (unanounced strike). Seems like a great smoke screen. What is this covering up? Maybe while all this goes on nobody will care about the unethical tendering of govt projects to the friends n fam club.

  9. This lady is obviously another embarrassment to the PLP. She is already making dumb and stupid statements. Flip Flop party do yourselves a favour and with draw her as a candidate. As I can remember she couldn’t even read her own speech when she was announced to run in the election. OBA will slaughter her

  10. media says:

    I advise the OBA not to take the bait.

  11. Yes says:

    Why is this being made a political issue anyway?

    • Soooooo says:

      Because it’s the only avenue where the BIU has an advantage. As I see it legally they don’t have a leg to stand on…

  12. Yes says:

    I mean with all the crap this government is and was up to and all this commotion about KFC and nobody marched then ? Looks like a smoke screen to me keep the steeple busy with crap so the don’t focus on us?
    Ain’t gonna fool us all!

  13. Rockfish #1 and #2 says:

    This poor lady is trying to become relevant and in doing so makes the most asinine statement by any candidate from any party so far!

    • Amazed says:

      I agree – this is exactly what Mark was doing with his press conference Friday.

      • Come Correct says:

        So you don’t care at all that the plp’s election campaign is being paid for by us? Or are you unemployed and don’t really gaf?

  14. Local that left... says:

    We all know why this statement has been made… they are basically saying support the union, or give the union the impression you dont want their vote…..its election BS really…

    PLP keep your heads OUT of this private matter… OBA i suggest you do too.

  15. SHOWANAX says:

    Is she for real??? Im surprised the OBA isnt all over this? It would sound to me like the PLP don’t know what to do and they need help?

  16. Bermuda Is Another World says:

    Your right Real Talk. Is that all this PLP candidate has to offer Its a private matter..OMG!

    • Amazed says:

      You are right – this is the same Ras Mykal did on the PHC issue. They are all trying to be relevant in an election year!!

      • Come Correct says:

        The one promising 10mil in tax payers money for an idea that’s actually pretty dumb (since times change and so do people) over 20 years? That kinda seems like a public issue to me, not private…the p’s right, I see where you could be confused, that whole same first letter thing will get you.

  17. Hmmmmmm says:

    The OBA are most certainly in favour of protecting workers rights. Anyone who claims otherwise is an idiot.

  18. Hmmmmmm says:

    In a dictatorship, businesses do what they are forced into. In a democracy, a business has the right to protect its and its employees future. We live in a democracy.

    • Victor says:

      Stop fooling yourself. At best, we live in a kleptocracy but my personal view is that the inherent viciousness that any sign of dissent gets clobbered with in act means we are living in something far worse. And if you think this bad, try independence – Ewart, Trujillo, Fidel, Franco, Hoeneker, Paula, all a bunch of dictatorial fascists at heart.

  19. Liars! says:

    introduce her and then put her directly into the range of all the real “big Guns” in Bermuda….smart move pee L pee.

  20. Paula Cox's Orange Pippin says:

    This is madness, this woman is clearly an idiot looking to make an name for herself. Well she’s done that now. I still have no idea why these clowns get elected, oh yeah, actually I do.

  21. Mussel Pie says:

    OMG Ms. Simmons, put a sock in it.

  22. Mad Dawg says:

    This was a written statement, not a statement red aloud by Ms Simmons. I think we all know why.

  23. Familiar says:

    “A statement from the Progressive Labour Party said, “The PLP have taken a clear stand in favour of the rule of law and the process. …”

    If this is true, then why did are they attempting to stop the judicial review requested by KFC?

    Sorry, they need to pick one.

  24. Bermuda Flood says:

    As I see it, this all makes sense. Here is my theory: This is a beautiful political set up between the PLP and BIU. The BIU lets the contract with KFC end and then causes a stink about it, gets their members riled up that if KFC management wins, who’s next and so forth. This really isn’t a political matter and at this point should be handled in court. So the PLP have come out trying to appear to be on the side of fairness by trying to send things arbitration, which is now involving politics into the situation. Well, none of this garnered an OBA response (i.e. they haven’t taken the bait). So lets up the stakes, lets have a mass protest that upsets transit and other unionized work. If the OBA makes a statement, they either have to agree with the government, agree with the union or agree with management. All positions can be used politically against them. As the OBA have been smart enough not to take the bait, now we see a junior member of the PLP calling them out, trying to force a statement/stance on a non political issue. I highly doubt they will rise to the bait again. As this situation seems to be failing what the PLP and union bosses were hoping to get (a response from the OBA that they could use against them)… now what? Well, I think that the stakes will be raised even higher. The 30 staff members at KFC are expendable in this matter in the eyes of the union. I think a general strike might come at some point, because this would result in the OBA “having” to make a statement and most certainly a statement against the Union. which is what the union and the PLP want. But of course, this is only a theory.

    • Thinking Aloud says:

      Your theory makes sense, all the way until the General Strike. A few years ago, yes, but not now. Why? It will show the BIU has no money, which will open it up to an investigation as to why, considering all the members’ contributions. A General Strike is the one thing the BIU cannot afford, and fear the most.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        But they may threaten this. I think the real issue is with the Restaurant Pension Fund let’s start there. While we’re at it can anyone in the union let us know when they will submit the latest financials that by LAW should be done by now. Who from the PLP will talk about that as they so clearly follow the “LAW”?

        LOL I guess one set of laws for us and one set for them……where have I heard that before…. We “livin in a gangster’s.. paradise”……yet another accomplishment for the PLP.
        Talking out both sides of their mouth again,.

  25. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Their position is solid : One Bucket Absolutely .

  26. Kim Smith says:

    I was interested to see this article because I had started thinking that this whole KFC thing could very well be designed to rile people up… in anticipation of the upcoming election… keep them divided. This is not a political matter but because of the close alliance between the PLP and the BIU… and now the PLP’s call for the OBA to ‘take a position’ sounds like they’re trying to continue a fight.

    • Come Correct says:

      Or keep everyones attention off of that 7.5% increase in takehome pay they’re about to give themselves.

  27. Floats says:

    Holy moly, muffle this woman, this party.

  28. Hudson says:

    “Do they support the prudent judgment exhibited by Minister Minors” OK, please, give me a break. I’m an OBA supporter. I am a supporter of business, job creation and economic and social growth of Bermuda for ALL Bermudians. I do not support 300+ people giving less than 24 hours notice to walk off their jobs for what they say is 2 hours and turns into 4. I am NOT a supporter of government getting into bed with the union and politicizing what is a very simple issue. I am NOT a supporter of the union making the Island grind to a halt over a matter that they know is their own fault. THEY DO NOT HAVE A CONTRACT IN PLACE. The union did not come to the table to renew the contract and it has lapsed. End of story. It sucks yes, but find a better union leader. oh, and BTW, Minors proposed injunction was thrown out of court. What a joke. WAKE up Bermudians! So in answer to the question, do I as an OBA supporter, give my support to the workers? DAmn right I do, but not in a march in the street way, in a way that will give them jobs in the future and in a way that would have them looking beyond today and hopefully towards a better tomorrow.

  29. jt says:

    All part of the plan/ OBA being smart – private business matter and legal rulings pending – politicians should shut up and back away.

  30. SpecialGIrl4You says:

    No need to answer the question, as a blind man know the answer, a conservative party is always on the side of business…KFC…its fans are on the side of kFC…their comments alone reveal they are not on the side of the workers…so stop the spin…

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Paid PLP / BIU comment.

    • sandgrownan says:


    • Laughable says:

      Hi Laverne….

      As many have pointed out, this is a private matter between a business and it’s workers. Government has MANY of its own problems to deal with. Until those are dealt with, stay out of this.

      If the OBA does side with KFC (as it appears most Bermuda does), they have nothing to gain by announcing it publicly.

      Spashul/Laverne/Betty – keep trying the spin…. some of the sheeple are eating it up (but most don’t like the taste of sh1t)!

    • Local that left says:

      what i find funny, is that the majority of comments are openly and specifically saying that the poster doesnt agree with the workers ont his one, and yet SG4Y sees to think that “their comments alone reveal they are not on the side of the workers”..

      YES.. the commentors are openly telling you this… dont think your smart for somehow figuring this out and using it as a weapon…

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ specialGirl4You: Please follow your own advice. The comments don’t reveal any such thing. People are saying that this should not be a political issue at all, but the government jumped in anyway. They need to step back and let the parties sort it out. If the PLP wants to do anything, they should chastise the BIU executive for holding a parade without due notice and for causing their other employees to put their jobs at risk.

  31. Both parties need to stay out of KFC and the BIU’s matters and let the courts handle this matter, The BIU president has enough on his plate to deal with the every day affairs with the union and it’s members grevencies and unfairness from many employers on this Island,so PLP back off and OBA stay clear of this mess. I agree Ms. Simmons ‘s speech was written for her, BUT she forgot to practise reading it aloud LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Amazed says:

      Now this I really agree with!! This is a contract dispute best handled by the COURTS. no one else need to be involved!!

  32. 1minute says:

    We have heard from the BIU, we heard from KFC Manaement, we heard again from the BIU and again and again and agian from the BIU, we have even heard from the PLP. The one group we haven’t heard from are the KFC employees. We do they want.

  33. Bum-By says:

    It is my understanding that the collective barganing aggrement between the B.I.U. and K.F.C. expired.I also understand that of the thirty employees at the K.F.C. only five (5) elected to be represented by the B.I.U. EXCUSE ME BUT FIVE OUT OF THIRTY signifies a minority and does not give the B.I.U. the right to force their way into any establishment. So my question to this whole situation is : why is there a need for anyone else to be involved in this Business Decision.