Photos/Videos: One Bermuda Alliance Fun Day

June 3, 2012

[Updated] The One Bermuda Alliance hosted a Family Fun Day yesterday [June 2] at Mullet Bay in St George’s, with refreshment stalls, a fun castle, music, face painting, a sack race, tug-of-war competition, three legged race and more. The event also included a “dunking stool” portion which saw OBA politicians plung into the water.

OBA members present included Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier, MP Dr Grant Gibbons, MP Pat Gordon Pamplin, MP Bob Richards, MP Cole Simons, Senator Michael Dunkley, Senator Michael Fahy, Senator Toni Daniels, Chairman Thad Hollis and Deputy Chairman Michael Branco

OBA candidates present included Jeff Sousa, C Anthony Francis, Alexis Swan, Nandi Davis, Andrew Simons, Sylvan Richards, Peter Barrett, Scott Stewart, Jeanne Atherden, Gaylynne Cannonier, Glen Smith and more.

OBA candidate for Constituency #28 Warwick West Jeff Sousa could be seen serving hamburgers, while the rather damp Opposition Leader could be seen walking around and talking to people after being “dunked” at the event .

A DJ was on hand playing music, and OBA candidates could be seen joining children dancing on the field. The female teams won the tug-of-war competition in both the children and candidate events, prompting the MC to point out “female power” was in effect.

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier called the event a “fantastic” day, and praised Future Bermuda Alliance members and OBA candidates Alexis Swan and Nandi Davis for doing a good job organizing the event.

A Future Bermuda Alliance spokesperson said, “The community fun day in St. Georges at Mullet Bay Park was a an opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy some safe fun and get to know members of the One Bermuda Alliance and Future Bermuda Alliance.

“St. Georges West candidate and FBA Vice Chair Nandi Davis and Alexis Swan Warwick South East Candidate and FBA Chair was very pleased with the turn out. We would like to thank all those who supported the fun day which all proceeds went to two charities St. Georges Foundation and Beyond Bermuda Rugby.

“This is one of a series of community fun day’s that the One Bermuda Alliance in conjunction with the Future Bermuda Alliance will be having for the communities island wide.”

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  1. Bermudian Overseas says:

    PLP must be getting scared!

    • True Blue says:

      I think the OBA must be getting scared becasue there wasn’t too many OBA supporters at their family fun day. Where were they? The must have been at the majorette competition at Shelly Bay Park. LOL!

  2. welldone says:

    Doesn’t look like many people other than the OBA diehards in attendance.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    I think the pics says it all! Lol! The candidates were there with their children and grand kids. It’ looks like 10 adults and 15 kids……..and I bet they still will not learn a lesson from this! Smh. I guess we can expect more negativity against the government now as its clear the OBA has NO traction outside of their small enclaves! They cannot connect with the people. Fail

    • Yup says:

      PLP elite are “connecting” all right. They are “connecting” right to the pocket books of the workers.

  4. truedat says:

    15 mins of fame is all that it is..

  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    And it’s just shameful how they use those young ladies Swan and Davis, who obviously are to light of mind and political maturity to even realise it! Smh. Craig is not in charge, and he knows it! Grant calls the shots and pulls the strings, and the people know it!

  6. The truth will set you free says:

    Some people are so scared of the truth. They are in so much darkness they cannot see the light.
    An all day event for 8hours is never going to have a large crowd as people stop by and then they leave.
    I bet you all loved the OBA shirts down at the Majorettes event. We even had people drive all the way to George’s to get them. They love hem.
    Time for change.

    • Johnny says:

      So it was an OBA stop by and get a free t-shirt day!! Sounds like bribery!!

  7. Call the election...Please..! says:

    I can’t take it anymore….!

  8. I live in the Mullet Bay area, and I think it was sad to see to fewer supports there,the children were having fun, but the adults there seem to be just wondering around, if that is what the OBA is all about, just wondering here and there, then I’ll be sure to put my X in the right place.On the shirts said Time For Change, well if some readers don’t remember that was and still is the PLP slogan, so what change will the OBA show us,change it back to what it use to be for 30-40 years ?????????????????? WHAT WILL THEY DO DIFFERENTLY ??????????? Can anyone from the OBA answer those 2 questions for us, or will they play hop scotch all around them, and yes lets have the election soon real soon and lets get on with the people’s business. GO PLP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tongue-in-cheek says:

      Well, hopefully if the OBA gets in power they can do something about the education system so that people like ‘Enough’ will know that it’s ‘wandering’ about…I’m wondering if you know the difference between those two words.

  9. The Hell says:

    Electioneering at it’s best…..well with the population that attended, I would suggest that in about 15 years the OBA might stand a chance…lolololol…the candidates that the OBA have rolled out thus far apart from one or two leaves me no choice but to vote for the PLP again…..sigh…lol…..

  10. jt says:

    I guess not everyone can drop their plans and run off for a meeting…ummm…rally….ummm….wildcat strike.

  11. Johnny says:

    Where are all the proud to be OBA people?

  12. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Thus is the plight of being the opposition. Something the PLP have totally forgotten. The OBA may not win the next election but Bermuda needs them right now weather the die hard PLP propaganda team likes it or not. The PLP’s track record for the last 13 years has been pretty bad. It coasted for three to four years off the UBP’s financial prudence then Dr. Brown came and as an old PLP supporter once said to me some people really know how to f)+* things up (RIP) as he pasted away recently. As far as I see it the PLP’s only strength is that they know how to party (including spending the money to due so in recent years)other than that I see them as the new UBP from the attitudes they display on a regular in their public statements and how they try to be above the law as case in point (parking tickets, Premiers mail anyone ie reference to how did a bullet get sent to the premier? sorry to much pre 1960′s drama on that one for me) Movie scenes may work on women and Bermudians that are the center of the world but I does not work on me. So the pictures aren’t full of people so what. How does this negate the PLP’s fiscal track record to-date, their diplomacy skills to the world and the Bermudian people, their poorly thought out legislation that has had to be revisited two and three times sometimes within months off it passing, their creation of social programs their created for the credit of creating them only to have them scale them back or dropped altogether due to the fiscal mismanagement. The people’s champions? Maybe once upon a time but now they are the “white supremacist establishment” with all the negative that that once implied. Sorry they can’t get my vote……..

    LOL even if the OBA does not win the next election if the PLP don’t tighten up their record Bermuda will continue to suffer.

  13. Carla Rose Louise Wilkinson says:

    Do people do “Spell Checks” before submitting their comments? Lol

  14. Don't forget... says:

    The OBA is the new and improved (in theory..) UBP. UBP supporters will vote for a CAT before they vote for the PLP. Uh hello…. So, perhaps their supporters didn’t show up in droves to the little ‘fun day’, but be assured, if the Government (PLP) doesn’t stop acting the fool, even some of the die-hard PLP supporters just won’t vote at all. Then the OBA will win by default. Sad way to win, but a win nevertheless.