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August 9, 2012

Business Bermuda concluded the month-long College Student Networking Evenings [CSNE] with a networking event held at Appleby yesterday afternoon.

Students who participated in Business Bermuda’s CSNE Summer Seminar Series, held over 3 weeks in July, received an exclusive invitation to network with local professionals, key decision-makers, and even a few of Bermuda’s Ministers. In all, over 90 people took part in the event.

The event began with a welcome by Business Bermuda’s Local Awareness Committee Chairman, Mr. Clifton Webb, as he reviewed the 14-year tradition of bringing Bermuda’s current work force face-to-face with its future through Business Bermuda’s Annual College Student Networking Events. Many of the connections made at these networking events have helped both students find jobs and companies meet and identify talented potential employees.

Mr. Webb was followed by a keynote address by Ms. Kimberly Caines, Associate at MJM Limited. Regarding the networking event, Ms. Caines said, “It was a privilege to speak to the attendees at the Business Bermuda CSNE networking event last evening.

“During my speech, I conveyed to the students the importance of remaining committed to attaining their goals in their particular professional disciplines. I also reminded them about the importance of their connections both professionally and personally as well as being mindful of the need to constantly grow through new situations and experiences.”

She continued, “A challenge was also given to the attendees to return to Bermuda [after graduating from University] to contribute to our local professional community. I reiterated the view that our community can benefit from their skills as talented, intelligent, and driven young professionals.

“On a personal note, I was encouraged by the individuals with whom I spoke last evening and believe that all of them will have a positive impact on our business community. I anticipate that the 2012 CSNE attendees will have great success in the future, which will undoubtedly be a benefit for Bermuda.”

Both students and professionals responded positively to the change in format from a mega-event to a more intimate environment. Instead of speed networking, as done in previous years, participants were able to mingle and talk freely. The new format gave everyone the opportunity to flesh out their conversations without a time limit or being restricted to only one seat.

Cheryl Packwood, CEO of Business Bermuda, commented, “This year, we chose to prepare the students to network in a realistic setting through a series of seminars culminating in a networking party. Many of the students were highly committed to the sessions, and it was exciting to watch them apply what they had learned in the seminars at the networking event.

“Several students received potential job leads and all made connections that can help further their career aspirations. This is the 14th year that Business Bermuda has hosted a networking event for Bermuda’s students, and it is still exciting to see the continued positive results of this event. I am very optimistic about the future of Bermuda, and I look forward to next year’s event.”

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