Premier Hosts Reception In London For Olympians

August 9, 2012

Premier Paula Cox wrapped her London visit this evening [Aug 9] by personally thanking Bermuda’s Olympic athletes at a special reception in their honour. The Minister of Youth, Families and Sport Glenn Blakeney, who is also in London joined Premier Cox in hosting the reception.

This evening’s reception which took place at Aspers Sky Bar, Olympic Park saw in attendance, Jesse and Zander Kirkland, Flora Duffy, Roy Burch, Jillian Terceira, Tyler Butterfield, Arantxa King and Tyrone Smith, all who during their time in London competed in front of enthusiastic and appreciative crowds.

The event also welcomed all Bermudians and friends of Bermuda who travelled to London to support the athletes and those Bermudians who reside in the UK.

Of this evening’s occasion, Premier Cox said, “We came to celebrate Team Bermuda 2012 who have simply been outstanding here in London, and our discussions have us eagerly looking forward to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

“Seeing Bermuda’s athletes perform on the world stage has been a phenomenal experience. This evening I shared with them that they may hail from a small Island, but they truly pack quite a punch.”

Premier Cox continued, “This is my first Olympics as the Premier, however I am already thinking of ways to identify what more I can do from the position as Premier to give our athletes more support in preparation for Rio. Minister Blakeney and I have had a lengthy discussion as to the possibilities and we will follow-through.

“We recognise that greatness does not just happen overnight. There are building blocks that must be put in place. But my message to our athletes this evening was clear: we support them… we thank them… and we are tremendously proud of their performances here in London. Thank you Team Bermuda.”

Following the reception, Premier Cox and Minister Blakeney attended the Olympic Stadium to witness the Olympic Men’s 200 meter final, where Usain Bolt was once again victorious, defending his Olympic title in commanding fashion.

“It should be noted that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has graciously provided courtesies for visiting official Country representatives,” a Government spokesperson said.

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  1. terry says:

    Frequent flyer miles…….never mind.

    • Interesting says:

      Terry not that you care but sometimes your right and sometimes your just plain stupid. This was put on for Bermudians and friends of Bermuda who travelled to London to support the athletes and those Bermudians who reside in the UK.

      Stop being a a$$ for the other party.

  2. Get your political butts back on this island and sort the social problems you have going on. Stop spending the public purse as you feel fit. Start paying some of this debt off. You would think all the debt we have and they just keep having the times of there lives. Wait to see travel expenditure for this year. I really think Britain has let this colony down. RIP Bermuda.

  3. Simple Situations says:

    As a Bermudian living(& working) in London,it’s disheartening to see a story like this. When was an invite extended to Bermudians?!? I’ve been working at the Olympic stadium for over 4mths.,& the only thing Bermudian I’ve seen is our flag. I live in Stratford. Home of the London2012 Olympics. And,I work in the events sector of London’s entertainment industry. I was not aware that an “open invitation” was extended to Bermudians. Other nations openly circulate/advertise where their “meet & greets” are. I don’t know why Bermuda can’t(won’t) do the same. Just look at a few months back. When it was “Bermuda Day” in London,at Camden Lock. That was advertised on your site. Why wasn’t this….?? Think about it….

    • Alex says:

      This was advertised in an article a couple days go on his site.

    • Obviously you’re not part of the friends and family plan.

      Neither am I.

    • Vote For Me says:

      @Simple Situations. Its just another election ploy. Its election time. They are not worrying about invitations they just wanna get it out there in the media to look like they give a damn…

  4. Simple Situations…… What you doing living and working in London?, you better get back here. The PLP needs your taxes. The island is in debt. We can’t afford all the PLP parties any more. They just went up on my Government pension so they can siphon off some more cash from the working man. I hope when i retire there is something in the kitty for me. THATS WISHFUL THINKING.

  5. Common Sense says:

    I think it is totally fitting and appropriate for the Premier and the Minister to host this special reception for our athletes and our Olympic officials.

    But “Simple Situations” has raised an interesting point. Just how was this reception promoted to those Bermudians who travelled to the Games and those Bermudians, such as Simple Siuations who appears to have even been working at the Olympic Stadium. Perhaps someone can explain how it was publicized?

  6. We are poor..... says:

    When you are in debt, you don’t get vacations! We don’t have the money for parties and celebrations. Am I missing so,ethics..

    • andre says:

      IF that was the case President Obama and EVERY leader of EVERY country in the western hemisphere should not travel. Be real!

  7. Bermudian in London says:

    To Simple Situation…..

    Have you told anyone that you are living & working in London? Perhaps not!

    If you have been working in the Olympic Stadium, you are right, all you would have seen in the Bermuda Flag. There were no means of advertising for anyone except the sponsors.

    As a Bermudian living and working in London myself and also involved with the Olympics, I was happy to receive an invite through the Government of Bermuda London Office Facebook Page.

    If I recall, they reached out to Bermudians living in the UK several months ago asking them to register their details for instances like this.

    I enjoyed the evening which was open to all Bermudians and was particularly happy to be amongst our Olympians, their families and supporters.

    This was a great way to recognize Team Bermuda as they represented the island well and did us all proud!

    • 32n64w says:

      I think this was a great idea but wonder how far in advance of the event was the invitation posted on the GOBLO Facebook page? Weeks? A month? Or just two days?

    • Simple Situations says:

      I can appreciate that only the main sponsor(s) advertised at the Olympic(stadium). But,surely,you are not suggesting that I should be on Facebook,or signed up with the London/Bermuda office to receive an invite?!? In this day & age of social media(advertising),& technology,surely Bermuda can come up with a more profficient,proactively direct approach to reaching Bermudians in London,or anywhere. While your comments are noted,I’m sure you know the majority of Bermudians did not know about this(event).

    • brain drain says:

      I have the Government of Bermuda London Office liked on facebook and my details are with the office but the only instance I saw of this event is when I went to check the FB page after it had already occurred and saw it as a wall posting. I didn’t get an e-mail or a FB msg/invite.

      As 32n64w states, it appears it was posted TWO days before the event. That seriously isn’t enough notice to allow people to schedule to fit it into their schedules.

      I’m sure it wasn’t a huge miss. I have it on good authority that despite being an event “hosted by the Premier” she was more eager to rush off to see Usain Bolt run than to stay and talk with Bermudian athletes. Probably not a big miss at the end of the day.

  8. Da plumber says:

    Thank u madam Cox and minister blakeney for showing your support
    our athletes congratulations to all who participated.

    • Hmmmmmmm says:

      How about opening that national stadium that has now been closed to the public for some time, you know our stadium. If we want to improve, then we need to be able to use the facilities.

  9. MAKE MY DAY says:

    How much is this going to cost the BDA Tax Payer??? Was it really necessary – NO, as you are just trying to make yourself look important again!!! Get your “butt” back to the Island and try and do something about the terrible economy and job situation!!! That’s what you collect that big “fat” salary for + all the other perks!!!

    • Paula says:

      The Premier and her ministers try and find every reason to travel. They enjoy all the perks that come with a trip-e.g. staying in nice hotels etc. They seem to never turn down an invitation to a conference or gathering overseas, even when these events don’t benefit Bermuda-it’s just an excuse to get on a plane. This event isn’t so bad because this is a major event, but some of the events they go to are so trivial they can decline the invitation.

      In any case, you know they need to get all their fun in just in case they lose the election so expect an abundance of trips in the next few months.

  10. Serious Though says:

    Here we go again!!

  11. Edmund Renound says:

    This is all well and good and is a great publicity stunt. But where was the Government funding and support before the Olympics? The Triathletes and the Sailors had to buy and have their own equipment and gear. They had to fund EVERYTHING out of their own pockets.

    The Mandarin Oriental is a very expensive place to stay, GBP 600 a night right now. I was at the Olympics this week and I know Paula was staying there. I was in school in London 6 years ago when Ewart through a massive dinner the grand Ballroom of the Mandarin, must have been about 100 + people there, the whole PLP entourage. We had a 4 course dinner and unlimited drinks all night. Must have cost at least 100k. But he wanted to buy the youth vote! Had a great time, but I am paying for it now!!

    Such is the PLP way

    • Victor says:

      I guess Bermuda hotels are just not good enough for the new money elite…

    • argosy says:

      Which “school” did you attend?

      Obviously one that didn’t teach spelling!

      “Ewart through a massive dinner…..”.

      Perleese. Go back to school Ed.

  12. hmmm says:

    Some of y’all are some constantly complaining people. Geez. Take a break!

    • Blessed says:

      Amen – the complaining never stops and it is not productive.

      • argosy says:

        Amen indeed!

        Only the election will fix this disaster of a so-called Government.

        AND… will not be called until the last bell tolls because….it’s party, party, party and let the good times roll until then.

        If anything, the PLP certainly cannot be described as “productive”.

        “Counter productive” certainly. As in – we are a lot worse off now than we were in 1998 plus we have a mountain of debt, plus we are riddled with corruption, plus we have more crime, plus the crime is more serious, plus….well, why go on, it’s not productive says the Blessed one!

        Forget the names, just call yourselves Joker 1, Joker 2…Ewe 1, Ewe 2…

    • Hmmmmmmm says:

      Is that a complaint, interesting.

  13. Irony says:

    Woman who probably gets winded walking from her house to GP1 hosting a ceremony for world class athletes…

    • Paula says:

      @Irony: The PLP is full of ‘fat cats’-figuratively and literally.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You owe me a new keyboard. Blew coffee all over it.

      Statement is sad but true.

  14. Debbie Smith says:

    If the Premier had not honoured the athletes you all would be hating on her for that as well. Also, “It should be noted that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has graciously provided courtesies for visiting official Country representatives,” a Government spokesperson said. So how are they taking your taxpayer dollars?

  15. lets get serious! says:

    would you not have the party when they come home ?

  16. Victor says:

    And in the meantime our next generation of Olympians are well underway with the development of their aquatic skills on White’s Island this summer. Thank you Pastor Bean for caring so much. Thank you Madame Premier for showing these youth through your support of the athletes that Olympic participation is an aspiration well worth the pursuit (even if one does not succeed). And above all, Thanks be to that good and charitable man Derek Burgess for his selflessness and benevolence in putting it all together.

  17. swing voter says:

    yep some guys gave BDA honorable mention during the sailing event and Triathlon. Donno about the track team with the exception of the little jig Tyrone did during the opening….any publicity is good for BDA. It will be interesting if we produce a medal contender over the next 4 yrs with or without our lousey government support

  18. coonerybuffonery says:

    @Irony..your comment is priceless!! LOL

    When there is a change of government,you will probably notice some very ‘slim’ members of the PLP!! LOL LOL LOL

    No more will our taxpayer’s $$$$$ be spent on lavish meals at some of the best restaurants in the world contributing to wider waistlines and bulging bellies!

  19. Vote For Me says:

    Its very simple. We can all see except PLP supporters that it was done for media exposure because of the up coming election.

  20. Triangle Drifter says:

    What was that airline slogan “The PLP loves to fly, & it shows”?

    They never miss a chance for a junket paid for by the taxpayer.