Conditional Discharge For Offensive Words

September 18, 2012

In Magistrates Court this morning [Sept 18], after pleading guilty to using offensive words to police, an 18-year-old college student received a Conditional Discharge.

The facts read to Senior Magistrate Archie Warner were that around 2:45am on 15th September at the Bermuda College in Paget, the teenager had sworn at Police officers. Giving his side of the story to the Magistrate, he said that he’d come out of the Bermuda College and had been accosted by Police.

He told the Magistrate that Police were conducting random searches and had stopped him, were patting him down, and that he objected to this treatment. He admitted using offensive words.

Asked by the Magistrate if he had been studying at 2:45am, he admitted that he had been at a party and had been drinking. Duty Counsel Susan Moore-Williams assisted the defendant and pointed out that he was a young man with a future, had no previous convictions, had readily admitted guilt, and had his parents in Court with him today. She asked that the matter be dealt with by way of a Conditional Discharge.

The Senior Magistrate asked the teenager if he understood what effect a criminal conviction could have. The teenager, who said that he was intending to back to school in Miami, said that he knew that it could result in his being unable to travel to the USA.

The Senior Magistrate said he would give the teenager some gratuitous advice. He told him that if he saw Police carrying out their duty, he should avoid getting mixed up in it; and that if he couldn’t handle his drink, he should avoid drinking.

Magistrate Warner said that in the circumstances, with the evidence he had heard, he would grant a Conditional Discharge.

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  1. realni$ga says:

    psht dem n#$gas don’t learn… they got no rights in bermuda so why fuss and curse giving police a chance to f$#k u over? smh

    • Torian says:

      You got rights here, got the right to stop acting like a antisocial limited vocabulary plebeian. Seriously, “letting it slide” all the time in our current social stigma is helping no-one. Well for this instance, it’s not that serious but the anti-social behavior exhibited while the young man was getting a pat down, was seriously uncalled for. Let the cops do their job and be on your way. Simple solution. Also what kind of name is “realni$ga”. 10 bucks says you’re around 16-30 with sagging pants and a personality that just shines after 5-10 drinks.

  2. andre says:

    I have been a victim of these random searches. The treat you like utter @#$% and take liberties they should not. ( Like groping ) My question is “ Who polices the policemen?”

  3. Me says:

    who is he? he want to play man name man!