Man Pleads Guilty: Throwing Bottles, Threats

September 20, 2012

In Magistrates Court this morning [Sept 20], 33-year-old Dimitri Robinson pleaded guilty to using threatening words and throwing four bottles at Jeff Sousa who operates Sousa’s Landscaping.

The Prosecutor told the Senior Magistrate that Mr Robinson had been seeking work as a landscaper but that Mr Sousa had not re-employed him. Mr Robinson was said to have become irate, shouting and throwing the bottles at Mr Sousa, and he also admitted shouting “I’m going to continue stealing from you” to Mr Sousa.

This occurred around 4:30pm on 9th May 2012, at Sousa’s Landscaping which is at the junction of Camp Hill Road and Middle Road in Warwick. The business is operated by Mr Sousa, who is the OBA Candidate for Warwick West.

The Prosecutor told the Court that Mr Robinson had a long record and had a well-known problem with alcohol abuse. The Prosecutor said that Mr Robinson had many prior convictions but none similar to this particular one.

Assisting Mr Robinson, Duty Counsel Susan Moore-Williams said that Mr Robinson admitted alcohol abuse and she asked that he be given help. The Senior Magistrate said that he had already received plenty of help.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner ordered a BARC report and a Social Inquiry Report, ordered Mr Robinson to return to Court on 31st October, and granted him bail of $2,000 with one surety.

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  1. Come Correct says:

    You’re stealing from him, want your job back, then tell him you’re going to continue stealing from him… The saddest part is to think you were the fastest sperm…smh. Good luck getting a job now buddy.

  2. Sista Sledge Hamma says:

    Things not to say during an interview.
    ……and he also admitted shouting “I’m going to continue stealing from you” to Mr Sousa.

    What an idiot…now everylandscaping company on the island has his name recorded. Don’t bother applying. But, I bet this idiot will blame everyone else, the government, the foreigners, the white man, the police – everyone but himself.

  3. LOL says:

    Wow even the OBA is not hiring Bermudians. Wonder what nationality he has working for him? How can he re-hire you when he filled the job with someone who jump on a plane to come here.

    • Hmmm... says:

      If you knew Mr Robinson, you would know why Mr Sousa didn’t “RE”hire him. And the fact alone that he was employed by him before means that he was let go for some reason… Why does everything turn political on this island??? Would YOU hire some who is an alchoholic to work for your landscaping company, dealing with dangerous machines and machetes? I don’t think so…..

  4. Our Island says:

    I agree with you Hmmm….

  5. Jury says:

    hmmmmm>>>i ditto that 1….Dimitri needs AA

  6. the new bermuda says:

    Sousa is not the nicest guy either, he hides behind this persona as if he is, but real people can see st888 thru him..he is Fake…I would not vote for him if I lived in that area..