Man Jailed For 30 Days After Bottle Throwing

October 31, 2012

Steven Dimitri Robinson, 33, re-appeared in this morning’s [Oct 31] Plea Court and was given a thirty-day jail sentences after he had plead guilty to and been convicted of throwing four bottles at his former employer Jeff Sousa of Sousa’s Landscaping.

Mr Robinson was said to have become irate, shouting and throwing the bottles at Mr Sousa, and he also admitted shouting “I’m going to continue stealing from you” to Mr Sousa.

The bottle throwing occurred in May 2012, he was charged in September 2012, and Mr Robinson had been granted bail of $2,000 with one surety. However, no one had stood surety for him so Mr Robinson had spent the past few weeks in custody.

Noting that Mr Robinson had offences starting back in 1992, that he had a drinking habit, and that he had already been given the benefit of Probation and Court ordered services; Senior Magistrate Archie Warner said: “You should have dried out by now”.

On the two counts for which he had been convicted, the Magistrate sentenced Mr Robinson to 30 days in jail for each conviction, with the sentences to run concurrently and starting from 20th September 2012.

Asked to make a pre-sentencing comment, the unrepresented Mr Robinson said: “….very stupid what I done.”

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  1. Oh well says:

    He must have knew Jeff was part of the OBA.

  2. UK says:

    Lmao!!! this guy is realy funny!

  3. say no 2 gangs says:

    He threw 4 bottles @ his employer, it doesn’t say if Mr. Sousa was injured. Accused murderers can get bail and walk d streets until their trial comes up,and you get locked up for throwing bottles at someone. I’m sorry, but something is wrong here.