Photos: Halloween Decorations Across Bermuda

October 31, 2012

Both children and adults got into the spirit of Halloween this evening [Oct 31] dressing up in costumes and making their way to various homes and events. A few houses were decorated for the occasion with “creepy music” and sound effects to add to the Halloween experience.

Some homeowners went the extra mile and were wearing costumes themselves while handing out candy. Some houses had scary surprises awaiting their visitors, such as spiders dropping out of mid-air and creatures that sprung out at unsuspecting visitors as they stepped on a mat searching for candy. You can view additional Halloween photo galleries here.

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  1. kim says:

    The woman in the white CSI suit has way too much time on her hands. As a matter of fact, she’s scarrier looking than Freddy Cougar!

  2. Umjussayin says:

    You need bifocals kim, Freddy was way scarrier than the CSI instigator.

  3. Horrormoviefan says:

    I went to this house last night.. The detail was incredible. I spoke to the lady who decorated this yard. She built every single monster in the yard. She even handcrafted Chucky’s face herself!! For the person that says she has way too much time on her hands, what you probably don’t know about this lady, is that she has 2 teenaged daughters and a younger daughter. She does this for them and they love it! She also said that she just wants to create a space for people to bring their children and feel safe while having fun. She told me that her girls don’t get into trouble, they don’t hang with bad company, and they do well in school… The time she has to do this, is spent doing it with her kids, I think other parents need to take a lesson from this lady. I hung around for about an hour or so. There was literally a party going on in her backyard for people who she didn’t even know from all different races and ethnicities. Everyone was just mingling and having fun. Food, snacks and drinks and it was free. It was awesome! Her kids and their friends played the role!! They jumped out of places scaring people and triggered of this spider that jumps out without notice. I enjoyed seeing grown men scream like girls!! It was worth the drive from Dockyard. And I will be going back next year too! Well done Mrs. Spring. Your creativity is Genius! Your Kids are so lucky to have you as a mom!

    • Catherine Dl says:

      Fabulous post Horrormoviefan – if only there were more posts like this from people who see the positive – I agree with you – well done to the Mom and well done to you for pointing it out! That’s the best thing about Halloween – everyone out meeting and greeting folk they wouldn’t necessarily meet and greet normally!

  4. Kevin S says:

    I think the kim that commented is jealous of the Kim who did all of this. That place was freakin awesome!!! I have never seen anything like that in Bermuda let alone a private residence! Ms Spring has mad skill’s! Does anyone know if she does this for a living? I know a few people who would hire her for this type of stuff!! Jason looked so real! And Chucky was spot on! His eyes were pearcing! If you didn’t see this house in person then you missed out!! And I don’t see anything scary looking about the lady in the CSI jumpsuit!