Digicel Bermuda Sponsors ‘United FC’

November 27, 2012

Digicel Bermuda  has entered into a sponsorship agreement with ‘United FC, ’ a football team with a unique set of values for young people to follow.

United FC is unique in that the team administrators are developing their players for life both on and off the field with activities to learn public speaking, etiquette, time management and self-discipline.

To ensure discipline and balance are instilled in team members, United FC takes part in community service activities, monthly tutorial and homework sessions, and social activities such as supporting team members at events where they are playing in other sports.

The team currently has 23 member players between the ages of 13 and 16 years old who attend both public and private schools and participate in the BFA Youth League. The program is based at Bermuda College and administrated by Casey Butterfield (Coach), Tawana Butterfield (Team Manager) and Muhsin Nasir (Fitness Trainer).

Says Team Manager, Tawana Butterfield, “We believe that through structured training United FC can build the athletic careers and characters of team members. We teach not only football skills but life skills. We choose not to focus on just sports or winning but rather developing players who can demonstrate a high level of fair play, respect, character and sportsmanship in any situation.”

Coach Casey comments, “United FC is very grateful for the sponsorship that Digicel has provided. I feel that the partnership has come at a critical time when this age group of young men are finding themselves.

“It is important that they are engaged in positive activities. We cannot express how blessed we are with this opportunity to form this partnership with Digicel which will see some of the players gain work experience through the summer internship program as well as other benefits.”

Digicel’s CEO, Wayne Caines comments, “After five years in operation, United FC is redefining how a team can grow together in Bermuda in a manner that will produce responsible, intelligent, athletic and socially aware young men.

“Digicel believes that the cause is critically important to Bermuda and to help support the balanced development of United FC players we will incentivize off the field performance by contributing funds to the team based on grades earned by team members. The Digicel staff will also contribute time to United FC to assist with coaching, career planning and even allowing players to participate in our internship programme.”

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  1. swing voter says:

    gotta give props to digicel on this one…..they beatin the pants off their competitors in every department including community involvement….another exempt company doing more for bermuda and bermudians…. Caines is a bit irritating at times but he earns his 200K rupies….are you listening MPs?

  2. PROUDMOMMA says:

    Go United!! Very proud of these young men!!

  3. Talk Cheap says:

    Caines is very irritating…. but that fella gets the job done ! well done Digicel….

  4. Vote for Me says:

    Well done Digicel and United FC.

    Troy Lewis and Social Club operate on a similar basis for players aged 10 and younger, where the emphasis is on skills development, teamwork and academics – not only winning.

    Both United FC and Social Club are demonstrating that sports can be an avenue for personal growth and development.

    Well done!!

  5. Vote for Me says:

    Why are you referring to Caines as irritating. He is doing a good job, which is what he is paid to do.

  6. unity soldier says:

    more clubs need to organise themselves and do the same. Sports clubs should be about developing youth and talents to benefit a community and country…not about the bar and bar.

    BFA should take notes///

    • Rubbish says:

      What exactly should the BFA take note of? Do you know which clubs do the same thing and more?

      • unity soldier says:

        BFA needs to take note of the ENVIRONMENT that United FC is creating. I bet these kids arent exposed to weed smoking, cursing and alcohol abuse that goes on at some but not all clubs.

        BFA should regulate and also help build programmes for HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS such as United FC is doing.

        Of course, club executives should take the lead but the BFA and Cricket Association can should be applying pressure.

        As with the violence, we turn a blind eye to everything.

        • Rubbish says:

          No point in replyig to that drivel. You are lost and out of touch. Have a good night

    • Ole says:

      Boys and girls, relax.

      It’s fantastic that UFC are doing great things in local youth football. It is equally encouraging that other clubs are offering their kids opportunities to grow and develop holistically.

      It is past time that we simmer down and applaud good work when it is being done without casting a jealous eye at the competition,

      Breathe, relax and enjoy …

      • Rubbish says:

        Sorry but too often keyboard renegades take pot shots at the clubs and the BFA. Where critism is warranted by all means critize. However the negative comments by uniy soldier are un-warranted and out of place in a positive article such as this. Hopefully he/she takes a moment to investigate the work other clubs and the BFA do toward the wholistic development of the player. Or looks back over articles in the media in this regard and alters their perception. My questions in no way reflect the positive work UFC have done or are doing.

  7. Petra says:

    Well done United FC and Digicel.

  8. Sai says:

    Well done Casey, Digicel & United FC. This is a great unisom and I know under Caey’s guidance these young men will do great.

    Well done!!!

  9. Good Day I am a strong supporter of football and especialy of St.George’s Colts, can someone out there in the know tells us as COLT Supporters WHY KEITH JENNINGS HAS RESIGNED FROM HEAD COACH OF ST.GEORGE’S COLTS ????????????????????????????

  10. Ole says:

    Well done Casey.

  11. Team Member says:

    We have worked for this and we appreciate the criticism we are reaching out, doing things to show that we are a strong well brought up team! We have participated in the 5K Run For Breast Cancer, Junior 24th of may race, and helped out in the past Kappa Classic tournament. So from a stand point of a United FC player we deserve it and from my teammates and Coaches and Staff Thank-you once again Digicel for the opportunity!