Sexual Assault: Brangman Jailed For 3.5 Years

November 15, 2012

60-year-old Glenn Brangman — a former Manager of the Bermuda Housing Corporation [BHC] and an ex-Major of the Bermuda Regiment — was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison after being convicted of four counts of sexually molesting a male teenager.

Mr Brangman’s lawyer Shade Subair gave notice of appeal against the sentencing and asked that commencement of his sentence be stayed, however Magistrate Tokunbo rejected that and remanded him into custody.

A victim impact statement was read into the record, with the young man saying he was traumatized by the incident and had considered suicide as a result of it.

Mr Brangman was quiet during the proceedings, and when asked if he had anything to say he “apologized” and said he respected the findings of the Court.

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  1. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    sending him to prison is like sending a kid to a candy store

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      ‘cept he won’t be suckin on no candy up there

  2. Jury says:

    Ridiculous…This freak deserves more time.

    • Webster says:

      I agree he sure deserves more time. and you wonder why young men do not want to serve in the army !!!!! just look who the past men that were in charge at the regiment….what a disgrace,

  3. Enforcer says:

    or a lamb to slaughter. He’ll be taken care of. With a former Regimental colleague as the head of the DOC he will be cooking at the Prison Farm in no time, then on work release.

    • Webster says:

      We are in such a mess. we have leaders that have no clue how to lead !!!! thank the lord that we are not independent.

  4. Tired says:

    Then ppl wonder why my generation has no respect for this stupid system. Let me check its cool to rob my grandmas half a milli,, it’s cool for a white teacher to bring in weed, it’s cool for d joshua crocwell guy to ask a minor for a blow. As long as we don’t get caught with drugs or shooting someone were in the clear. Just my observations

  5. Opressed says:

    He was just Xpressing himself.

  6. Like It Is says:


    3 years 6 months

  7. ABC says:

    A F#$IN JOKE





  8. realism says:

    seriously bda 3 1/2 years for four counts,and prob 30+ others not reported. its so sad how he only gets charged with this now, ive know about this guys actions for over 13 years and he only gets prosecuted now main reason i didnt want to go army. bda step up the laws on stuff like this

    • Wheerzs Waldo? says:

      @Realism, if you knew of this why not report it sooner and stop it??? If not publically or to the police why not crimestoppers?

      If we continue to the look the other way and ignore these crimes, we are in essence saying that we support them. We can’t continue to not get involved and have this let someone else deal with it attitute. I’m not giving you a hard time, really Im not as Im guilty of having done the same in the past. But we ALL need to stop this, since we cant count on this countries judges any longer. The police often get blamed, but it the judges that give the slap on the wrist.

    • oh boy says:

      If you knew about it why didn’t you say something 13 years ago?

  9. Private Pyle says:

    You know what? Q will take over that prison and start cooking for everyone and having dinner his way. He can transform chicken, the same chicken (leftovers) from fried to sweet and sour to baked then serve all the prisoners ‘special’ chicken on all-you-can eat Saturdays. Before you know it, he’ll be out and at the head of another Board or committee getting his 100K per year and will forget all about this. Keep calm and carry on.

    • Wheerzs Waldo? says:

      Only if we let them – if those like him get on boards we need to boycot these companies, make it publically known and protest with our wallets until they are forced out.

    • Unbelievable & Sick N Tired!!!! says:

      Thank you Private Pyle!!!!

  10. UK Dependent Territory Citizen says:

    b?$@& boy brangy!

    hope you become someone’s butler at westgate

    • Private Pyle says:

      Butler!? He’s going to be running the place in a few days!

      • TWISTER says Its a Dam shame and a Minster at Gospel Crawl says:

        Its a Dam shame and a Minister at that in GospelCrawl

        • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

          Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about . . .check your facts before you run your damn mouth!!!!

  11. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    First of all to all of you all talking trash on here . . .none of you know Q, and obviously none of you know the —- that did this. As for the regiment, there have been hundreds of us under his command for years and he never did sh*t to us . . .as a matter of fact he was there for us through some pretty rough sh*t that you all would know nothing about.


    Don’t try and discredit him on some regiment BS because there’s a whole lot more to that then any of you all know . . .that’s what happens when you blow the whistle on a corrupt system!!!!

    Keep your head up Q!!!!! I appreciate all you did for me during my three years in the regiment and beyond!!!

    While you all talking sh*t bout this you should be more concerned when a man gets off for having oral sex with a 13 year old and walks free with community service; be more concerned when a man murders a woman dumps her body and gets charged with manslaughter rather than murder; be more concerned when 6 guys jump a guy and girl brak their nose and ribs and get six months all of which are known gang members; rather when a menace to society who will do anything to get money outta somebody!!!

    And that’s real talk!!!!!!

    • ABC says:

      Unjust Realities!!!!

      shut de f up


    • Cleancut says:

      Maybe you wouldn’t think of it being “Unjust” if it were your own son being molested by “Q”. Face the “Reality”. Punishment is the only cure for pedophiles. He will come out smiling as usual and then adopt a different approach for his pleasures.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        Please note: Mr. Brangman was not on trial as a pedophile. A pedophile is one who is interested in children UNDER the age of consent. This young man was 19. The age of consent is 16.

  12. Judge Dredd says:

    I wanna know how many of these young gunmen have been molested and turn to the gun as a symbol of phallic virility after being emasculated down there. Most shooters are small guys. Brangman probably brang many a young man into his chambers for “shooting” practice and now as a defence mechanism they are acting out a reparative fantasy that whenever they “shoot” they kill their aggressor.

    • DONT KNOW says:

      I agree 100% most times “TROUBLED” children, act out in very destructive ways – hopefully he receives help while incarcerated, and I am very proud of the young man that was courageous enough to press forward with the case.

  13. On De Wall says:

    Some of your comments are so idiotic. Nothing at all to do with the issue. For example, what difference
    would t make if we were independent? Are you aware that many past royals were homosexuals? Sometimes we need to think before posting. Hopefully, Mr. Brangman will get the help he needs. And whilst we are pointing fingers, look where the other 3 are pointing.

    • Sadly, pedophiles cannot be cured of their sick perversion. Three and a half years is a joke. He should be locked up for life. You can be sure this is not his first offense. It will not be his last.

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    There’s more of these predators out there in high positions that need to be reeled in. Even if they only get 3.5 years at least they will be exposed. Time to start droppin’ dimes Bermuda. Our children and young men deserve better!

  15. Kathy says:

    Three and 1/2 years – didn’t I read the other day that the drunk drive who KILLED an American tourist on the road got less than 2 years – what is wrong with our system…they are both ridiculously light sentences!!!


  16. fred says:

    They should amputate his penis!

  17. watchfuleyes says:

    Throw out the fishing net and see if we can catch the bigger fish. The Regiment was a breeding ground for some high and mighty perverts who now think they have gotten away.

  18. TWISTER says Its a Dam shame and a Minster at Gospel Crawl says:

    To the Fool that says he nows Q well i went St Georges Sec when he was there and he was a butty boy then and still is so you should shut up he should have gooton more time i think