PLP: “OBA’s Fairy Tale Plans Don’t Add Up”

November 15, 2012

With the General Election now 31 days away, things continue to heat up with the PLP saying it’s time for the OBA to “put down the fairy tale book and come clean with the Bermudian people” about their real agenda for Bermuda.

The PLP’s full statement follows below:

A few weeks ago, the OBA issued a mini platform. At that time, the PLP did a cost estimate and determined that the new spending and new tax cuts proposed by the OBA in this platform would cost Bermudians an additional $500 million in new debt.

Yesterday, the OBA called the media and challenged a newspaper ad that we ran highlighting the OBA’s radical plans to add $500 million to the debt.

This demonstrates that the OBA is still trying to get Bermudians to believe their fairy tale! They are trying to convince voters into believing that the OBA can have millions in new spending and millions in new tax cuts while at the same time magically reducing the debt.

Meanwhile the OBA has yet to commit to any major spending cuts. As I have said before, the OBA’s fairy tale plans just don’t add up, and voters know that 2 + 2 does not equal zero.

Given that the OBA is challenging the PLP cost estimate for their fairy tale proposals, I would like to place the following open challenges to the OBA:

  • First, tell us how much the radical new spending proposals outlined in their mini platform would cost?
  • Second, tell us how much the new tax proposals outlined in their mini platform would cost?
  • Finally, since the OBA says they can do all this while reducing the debt, tell us, what would you cut to make your math work.

What is on the line?

How much will the OBA cut FutureCare? Does the OBA plan to cut DayCare Assistance? Does the OBA plan on cutting pensions? Does the OBA plan on letting the police force shrink with attrition? What do you plan on cutting?
The voters deserve the facts.

Is the OBA the party of Austerity or is the OBA the Party of big spending? The OBA can’t have it both ways.

It’s time to put down the fairy tale book and come clean with the Bermudian people about your real Agenda for Bermuda.


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  1. Bill says:

    I find it laughable that the PLP is beating this drum so hard. Do they not realize that their policies haven’t “added up” for years and is exactly why Bermuda is in the mess it is now!?

    • swing voter says:

      I wish the debt was a fairy tale. I wish the lack of tourist, bad policy, and downward spiral of the economy was a fairy tale. I wish Brown, Burch, and their diabolical schemes were a fairy tale….should I continue?

      • Gatorade Jeff says:

        What doesn’t add up is our National Debt of $1.45bn. 65k people, 13k expats, that’s $28,000 in debt for every Bermudian – that’s your credit card bill – $28 grand! Now what doesn’t add up PLP? You staying in Government, that’s what.

    • Bieber says:

      The PLP are like a car that’s a lemon. No matter how many times you try and get it fixed, you have to keep taking it back to the garage. Sooner or later you become so frustrated you get rid of it.

  2. OMG says:

    How can the PLP question if the OBA will be the “Party of Big Spending”??

    It might be better if the PLP actually reveals how they will bring more money into the Island and money into people’s pockets.

  3. Noel Ashford says:

    It is almost humerous to see how desperate the PLP are to copy Obama’s platform – PLP you have *nothing* in common with him – he is gracious, ethical and does his job … You are neither & clearly you are the party who cant get your math right… -1.6 billion in the hole doesn’t add up to any positives regardless of your spin on it.

    Stop trying to fool people – you are a failed government in all aspects. PLP, It’s time to sharpen your resume’s… good luck finding a job too ;0

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    PLP: describe in one sentence what needs to happen in the local economy and one step you can take to achieve thatgoal. Just one.


  5. Sandgrownan says:

    Oh, and can i have my land license money back?

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Sandyman..Didn’t you get the email thanking you for supporting Bermuda’s Olympic and Para Olympic efforts ? Well , from de Guvment O Bamuda we’s dank yous .. Money well spent ,aren’t you proud ? So don’t be ungrateful in asking for it back again !!!

    • swing voter says:

      how many times do I have to correct you Sandy….I said GIMME MY F@KIN MONEY BACK

      • Sandgrownan says:


      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Swing Voter are you Sandyman in Drag ? Well you certainly got balls askin fo yah money back like dat . Give it a friggin break will yah !!!

  6. Verbal Kint says:

    This is from the Cayman Compass website. This is what the UK demanded of the Cayman Gov’t. to keep from instituing home rule. This would seem a good starting point for either party, but does not go far enough.

    “Here are some of the major requirements of the UK-Cayman Framework for Fiscal Responsibility:

    Cayman must “suitably appraise” all public projects before the procurement [bidding] process begins and all projects must have a sound business case, including a risk-assessment completed prior to bidding.

    Projects above a lifetime value of $10 million, as well as any projects that use public-private partnerships, must be reviewed by independent legal and financial advisers. These projects will also have to be made public for consultation prior to procurement.

    Public private partnership projects will not be considered if those projects are worth less than $15 million.

    Cayman will not borrow fund capital expenditure unless the project will yield sufficient revenues to pay for debt service; or if the government has enough surplus funds to cover the costs of repaying debt.

    Cayman will comply with all principles of responsible financial management by the end of the 2015/16 fiscal year (30 June, 2016).

    The government will produce timely audits and account statements for all budget years.

    If the Cayman Islands breaches of the Framework for Responsibility, it must present a plan to correct such a breach to the UK Secretary of State, which will be reflected in the government’s annual Strategic Policy Statement.”

  7. Come Correct says:

    Now they’re recycling press releases? Why don’t they answer their own questions. Speaking of cuttin pensions, why did you cut the pensions of the civil service while you gave yourselves a 7.5% increase in takehome pay? Are you really going to minus a year from your FIXED pensions or was it really just a 7.5% raise? The public deserves to know. Was cutting the budgets for the police, regiment, and various social programs not a form of austerity?

  8. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    If the PLP estimates these things will cost $500m, why are they now asking the OBA to estimate what the cost will be? Have they suddenly realised their own estimates are wrong?

    Why doesn’t the PLP tell us what the Throne Speech proposals will cost? Don’t they know? Or is this one of their ‘secrets’?

  9. hmmm says:

    What doesn’t add up is PLP not doing anything for four years about the gun violence. A government quiet as a mouse as our society was becoming more and more violent.
    You did absolutely nothing for the people living in fear and now you critisize someone else , just be quiet please.

  10. Bermyman says:

    The PLP are making assumtions.

    With the OBA in charge there will be more international business, more hotels, more tourists, less cost overruns on government projects, a more financially sound civil service and more jobs as a result= more government revenue to pay off debt!

    The OBA have candidates that understand the Economy and business. In fact they actually have qualifications in these fields. Would you not think these people have a better idea than the PLP who put us a $1.3 billion in the hole with no end in sight. The PLP candidtaes have no idea how to run an Economy and it is showing right now!


    • frank says:

      listen up all you a==s h==l==s did ou all hear what kim had to say the oba are the same old wicket ubp with a few more rasins added wake the f===k up people all they want is your vote they do not care about the people all you stupid blacks in the oba in the words of dr.j are being used to get votes

  11. Jim Bean says:

    This from a party that has not ever been on budget!!!

  12. Vote for Me says:

    As we get closer to ‘Decision Day 2012′, the OBA will be forced to answer these types of questions. They may issue vague plans but there must be prices attached to show what they will cost and how they will be implemented. Love them or hate them, the PLP has a record (fiscal and otherwise) that shows what they have done.

    The question of handling the national economy will be critical for the electorate. Come on OBA … lets get out some financial details. From what the electorate has seen so far, your comments have been financially superficial.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Actually, it would be nice to see the PLP answer these questions, as they’re supposedly running the place. What will it cost to have a full time army? How much money will be thrown at the BIU? How much will the latest bronze statue cost? And how are we paying for all this?

      Is the debt going to be reduced by the next government if PLP win, or will they do nothing about it and carry on increasing the debt? What is their 5 year plan, if we’re electing them for tht period of time? And don’t tell us you’re going to add 5,000 tourism jobs, or the ‘economy is rebounding already’. We need fact, not fiction.

      Where are the answers to these questions? Why are they afraid of talking about these things?

    • Honestly says:

      Ditto! No evidence of the change we want to see!

    • Hmmm says:

      Burt…the guy who made out that a speech wasn’t ripped from someone elses speech, that he gave the Premier to read. When hs media was played back, it supported his stance, fortunately for the rest of us , his true colours were shown when the press had a full recording of the event which proved he was lying. Lying strong for himself.

  13. so-n-so says:

    LOL- the PLP did a “cost estimate” hahaha

    • navin johnson says:

      loved the line “At that time the PLP did a cost estimate”…as if anyone in Bermuda including the PLP supporters would trust any cost estimate prepared by this Government……the Government of delayed financial reports, missing data, budgets that never come close and always over estimate revenue and underestimate expense… is fair and legimate to ask the PLP a question….Who are you to be coming up with an estimate? think Cruise Terminal, Berkeley, TCD and just about anything else you have ever estimated….why not just give up and go away for the next 5 years and if Bermuda wants you back we will call you….it would probably help you to remain silent… Darius Tucker could no doubt attest it is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it….

    • letariatpro says:


  14. Joonya says:

    Secret plans and fairytales……. Is that what we have come to? Are we in highschool? As a Bermudian, I am well embarrased. SMFH

  15. terry says:

    The OBA are no fools.
    Within days of the election they will table and inform the public of all they are accussed of hinding et al.

    Why should they tell the PLP anything at this stage so they can run around at the prior days and say this is what we will do and how we will implement it.

  16. Mr. Burt,
    On December 12th 2011, the Premier and Minister of Finance Paula Cox released the Pre-Budget Report in advance of Fiscal Year 2012/13. She said:

    “I rise today to give a Ministerial Statement to highlight the Government’s Pre-Budget Report which will be released to the public today.

    Mr. Speaker, it is my hope that this open budget process not only transforms lives, but also transforms the conversation. The Government hopes that through the open budget process, our citizens will have a better understanding of the choices that our country faces. A better understanding of these choices, by policymakers and citizens alike, will raise the level of debate and lead to better, more informed decisions.”


    During the budget debate in the House of Assembly on 16 March 2012, the Minister of Finance said:

    “The Government is committing to release more comprehensive quarterly reports of revenue and expenditure. Also, there is to be a mid-year review. We do not currently issue a mid-year review, but we are committing to releasing a mid-year review in this next fiscal year.”


    Mr. Burt, as the former Junior Minister for Finance, could you answer the following three questions:

    1. When will the government release the promised “mid-term review”?

    2. When will the government release the annual Pre-Budget Report?

    The Minister of Finance released the Pre-Budget Report on the 12th of December last year. We have an election on December 17th this year. Could the government release the report earlier so we can, in the words of the Premier, “have a better understanding of the choices that our country faces.” Again, as the Premier said “A better understanding of these choices, by policymakers and citizens alike, will raise the level of debate and lead to better, more informed decisions.”

    3. At a minimum, could you tell us if we are on track to meet the budget estimates published in March?

    Note that the pre-budget report identified three scenarios for the Island’s economy. The optimistic scenario (average revenue growth of 4.5% through 2015-16), the pessimistic scenario (revenue contraction and slow recovery averaging no growth through 2015-16) and the middle scenario (average revenue growth of 2.75% through 2015-16).

    As a member of our current government, you have access to these important figures. With a month to go before Bermudians make an important choice, please stop speaking in the abstract about “fairy-tales” and dark plots. Share the official numbers and we can transform the conversation.

    Andrew Simons
    One Bermuda Alliance candidate for Pembroke Central, constituency #17

    • Family Man says:

      When will the government release:
      The GCSE results for the public schools?
      The ‘consultants report’ that was prepared for the BLDC that cost us $160,000 – and for which Paula has asked for the reurn of the money?
      An update on PATI?
      Details of the free lease given to the infamous pastor for a private island?
      Details of other 21 year less a dat leases of public assets?

      When will the BMA/Registrar of Companies insist that the BIU and the BIU Credit Union bring their accounts up to date? We are supposed to be a well regulated financial centre aren’t we?

  17. 32n64w says:

    “At that time, the PLP did a cost estimate”

    Based on the taxpayers’ horrendous experience with the PLP and their useless arithmetic over the last eight years (think inability to balance the budget, cost overruns and a massive public debt) there is relay no need to read anything further as it’s rooted in ineptitude and ignorance.

    PLP – Betraying Bermudians since 1998; $1,500,000,000 and growing EACH DAY!

  18. Bullseye says:

    Frankly I know the road will be rough but we need a change in Government to stop the bleeding.

    I also do not know how the OBA can answer these specifics when even the Auditor General can’t get ahold of the financials for all the Govt. departments. The OBA don’t know what they are or are not working with yet.

    And yes we do have a track record of the PLP to analyze and it is fiscally reprehensible. Some of us would frankly rather have a goat eating public funds than Paula Cox dispersing them willy-nilly then claiming to be simply a cog in the machine as if she never had any power in the first place. Thanks for telling us Paula!!!!

    The fact that the PLP will staunchly defend such a dismal record is evidence that they have no problem driving the load of us off a cliff. They have their fat pensions whilst our pension accounts are vastly under-funded.

    PLP – Equal Poverty for ALL!!!!

  19. judge dread (r) says:

    hi. i spent my entire lifetime in public school getting my education under the plp government…
    i do think that 2+2=0
    and about 20% of the rest of the people that i went to school with agree with me!

  20. Vote For Me says:

    It goes to show the PLP are desperate, they know that many people who voted for them in the last election are pi$$ed off. That is why they keep regurgitate the same BS on the OBA. The OBA doesn’t have a bad record because they haven’t been the ruling government. Why would the OBA release their plans or strategy we all know that the PLP can’t be trusted they already acted on some of the OBA’s ideas. The PLP don’t seem to worry about their blind loyal fanatical supporters they will vote for them no matter how bad they are. The PLP obviously can’t bring up their record because its laughable. They are busy bashing the OBA a mistake that was made by the UBP and BDA in past elections. One of the problems, is that, people vote on race and not on the performance of the present government or electorate. Come on man!!!

    • Vote for Me says:

      They say immitation is the greatest form of flattery. This post is clearly not from Vote for Me, but an imposter… kinda makes me think of the OBA as an imposter for UBP, but with the UBPs blessing.

  21. UTOPIA says:

    The lack of response from the OBA speaks volumes… They are attempting so hard to confuse the people in order to get into the minds of the weak. I think the entire Bermuda is looking for some God to come and try and fix everything instantly, it isn’t going to happy just as all those fairy tale figures the OBA is proposing. They are never going to happy.

    2+2 will NEVER be 0

    • Hmmm says:

      That is PLP maths. Probably the. Reason we are in such a mess.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Didn’t you see Andrew Simmons’ post above. Where is the information he asks for? Don’t we have a right to know?

      • UTOPIA says:

        Right to see? We have something called a budget which is published and is all common knowledge….

    • oh boy says:

      Why should they respond only to have the PLP exploit their ideas and then not follow through with them. The PLP promised lots before the last election, but never followed through on their promises.

      When are you going to realize that they’re full of S**t, incompetent and are only interested in keeping their jobs and back handers?

  22. Webster says:

    At the end of the day the P.L.P. will get back in because the majority voters are black,and and that is what the vote will come down to, and we all know that this the truth, so we have to endure another four years of this crap, there is one talk show host that shows their bias…. and it happened at the last election….and we all know who that is .

    • swinginfromchandoliers! says:

      @Webster——would you be in the same category as the black majority? you know what we say, the majority rules. We see from USA the golden rule obviously didn’t apply! he that had the gold was ruined! He that has the black skin Rules! The OBA is majority white members, I suppose we know what that means also,loyalty is a funny thing huh?! I might be swinging but I certainly don’t want to vote for a bunch of people that can only hurl insults but can’t pick up a stone to throw! Regardless of the faults of the PLP nothing they have done could ever compare to what was done to Black people! and continues, so some of the OBA supporters need to check their attitudes!

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      i tell u what…Sheri J yesterday really should keep her thoughts to herself when on air cause we all know she is bitter because of her husbands experience in a field that he needs to retire from, also her great command of thee english language could be put to better jus sayin she sounded like a rebel rouser without a cause.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Webster
      This is the sort of post that moves us no where but backwards. Do you not realise that the majority of voters have been black since Bermuda started party elections in 1963? Do you not realise that based on historical data that blacks are the majority swing voters since almost 99% of whites consistently vote UBP (and now OBA)? Do you not realise that the percentage of white voters in Bermuda has been steadily decreasing in successive elections? With a little research, you will find out that the original parish boundaries that were used for each constituency (implemented by the UBP) had a racial bias in favour of white Bermudians, which aided historic UBP victories.

      On the basis of your comments, Bermuda wil always be ruled by the PLP since blacks will be the majority for the foreeable future!! Therefore, why have elections?

      Now lets get back to reality and stop taking voters for granted. Some voters on both sides will vote based on an historical bias or party affiliation but there is statistical evidence to support that black Bermudians, especially the middle class will vote for either party. The challenge for each party is to be as clear as possible and lay out their plans for the future.

      On a slightly related note, it has been interesting to note that the US Republican Party has a real issue on its hands in appealing to non white voters. Again, based on demographics, the US is becoming more and more non white, which will have an impact on future electins.

  23. Need A Change says:

    Why do they point fingers now, talking about how the OBA’s plan lacks details? It’s electioneering plain and simple.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let’s face it – This Gov’t has struggled to balance the books and failed miserably. What Bermuda needs now are leaders that can run a tight ship and get this country back on track. If we the people have to manage our money, Gov’t should manage wisely too. Or we will ALL be in the poor house, burdened by a massive Gov’t debt that will cripple the economy and everything. We need a change….

    People living in glass houses should not throw stones…

  24. Wheerzs Waldo? says:

    The PLP has what 600 Million in Unaccounted for money and they have the nerve to talk about something not adding up!!!!

  25. OMG says:

    Can anyone answer my why the Junior Minister is reporting on this and not Minister?

    Bet we never get answers to some of the questions above?

    God help us if Burt gets voted in – he is almost and bad as Burch!!

    “Standing Wrong for Bermuda” for toooo long.

  26. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    maybe we should follow USA…down the tubes …heres a little something for all of you who think it will get better

  27. Vulpes says:

    One topic that has not been much remarked on so far is which party is best positioned to attract sound, high quality investment into Bermuda or in the least persuade it to stay – the next ACEs, XLs, Fairmonts, etc. Frankly both sides scare me in this regard: on the one hand we see the gloves off approach of Col Burch et al scaring sound money away and reducing us to dependence on Bazarian and Kerwin sorts, on the other a disparate, ad hoc group that will need at least a year to eighteen months to get anything happening if they do not fall out amongst themselves sooner. A hard choice, but I’ll take the latter as I do believe that ultimately honesty and sincerity do prevail over get rich quick schemes which is mainly what PLP government has been about.

  28. Common Sense says:

    Let me get this straight. The PLP is alleging that the “OBA’s Fairytale Plans Don’t Add Up”.

    Can anyone please advise if the PLP’s “Fairytale Plans Have Held Up”?. How have they managed our economy? Are we better off now than we were 5 years ago? Do they have firm control of our National Debt? Is our National Debt being reduced at a reasonable rate?

    I want to vote for the party that has the best possible chance of attracting new International Business to Bermuda to get our economy back on track. With International Business thriving we will be back on the way to a thriving economy with more people back at work and more opportunities for our young people.

    We have to ignore all the political rhetoric and ask ourselves which political party has the best team to take us forward during these difficult times.

  29. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    I’m guessing that even a fairy tale plan will work better than what PLP has put forth in the last few years. Unemployment way up, poverty, way up, economy, way down. Right now any Walt Disney fairy tale would give us a boost!

  30. argosy says:

    Burt talking about math….now that really funny!!

    That’s like saying that Burch is a military man!!

    Or Commissiong is a bank robber!!!

  31. Y-Gurl says:

    What the PLP have done to this Country and its people over the last 14 years of social and fiscal mismangement doesnt add up, another 5 years of this self serving Goverment will put us so far in debt we will never get out, the candy store is empty..thanks

  32. Common Sense says:

    I strongly object to Argosy’s nasty comment about “Commissiong”. I know of many young men who made terrible mistakes when they were young, and many of them, including Rolfe Commissiong, have NEVER returned to criminal activity. Now is not the time for vicious personal attacks on individuals. Now is the time for reasoned logical argument about which Party will be best to govern Bermuda moving forward.

    • Onion says:

      TBH his comments as a consultant on race relations bother me a lot more….

  33. oh boy says:

    Well if you compare it to the 1.5Billion the PLP have squandered it’s a third of what they have spent. It’s almost as much as the 475 million in government bonds that were issued not so long ago.

    Reading between the lines they want to invest to create jobs which in turn increases tax revenues and reduces financial aid payments.

    Also, given the lack of transparency on spending of the PLP who are they to make such a dumb statement.

    Maybe the truth will come out once the PLP lose.

    If the PLP win look forward to a 30 hour week and possibly a devaluation of your Bermuda dollars.