OBA: “Electioneering, Tourism & Reality”

November 15, 2012

[Updated] If  Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert’s boasts that his new ‘So much more’ marketing campaign is working, why is it that the largest hotel on the Island is offering bargain basement prices to attract business, OBA Shadow Minister for Tourism Shawn Crockwell asked.

Mr Crockwell said: “If demand was picking up, and projections are ‘excellent’ as the Minister says, why is it necessary to offer 50% off rates, free nights and steep discounts on dining. Aggressive downward pricing by hotels reflects a market reality that does not fit into the Minister’s spin.

“The situation appears dire and Bermuda needs to hear the whole truth from the Minister. A One Bermuda Alliance Government will take the politics out of tourism. We will create a Tourism Authority that puts professionals not politicians in charge of the industry. We will revive Bermuda tourism, growing jobs and opportunity to the many Bermudians looking for work.

“It’s time for change. It’s time for new leadership, that is transparent, responsible and accountable,” concluded Mr Crockwell.

Update 9.54pm: The PLP responded saying: “There they go again, desperately trying to spin bad news even on the same day that a new restaurant that employs 15 new Bermudians opens on Front Street. The fact of the matter is that every year in the lead up to the off season, the Fairmont properties and others across Bermuda offer deep discounts.”

“The next thing you’ll know, the OBA and Shawn Crockwell will be blaming the PLP for the changes in weather – how dare the PLP cause winter! Perhaps the next fairy tale promise from the OBA will be to ensure that summer weather occurs all year round.”

Update Nov 16: Minister of Business Development & Tourism today Wayne Furbert said that the ‘So Much More’ campaign “was indeed attracting visitors to Bermuda.”

Minister Furbert said the “evidence is in the PACE report produced by the Bermuda Hotel Association that shows that October 2012 room bookings were up 4% (1,231 room nights) compared to October, 2011.”

Minister Furbert said: “Despite the doom and gloom from the Shadow Tourism Minister, our hotels are showing improved bookings going forward. Clearly our new ‘So Much More’ campaign is producing results and attracting visitors to our shores.”

In relation to the discounted rooms currently being advertised at a local hotel, Minister Furbert said: “This is nothing new and several of our hotels offer discounted rooms during the winter season in order to increase volume.”

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  1. SoMuchMore says:

    …and flip flop furbert states that tourism is getting better, smdh.

    • Richard says:

      you know I here people calling Mr Furbert a Flip Flop answer this for me what are you doing for Bermuda really

  2. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    I like this actually…it’s time to re-establish integrity and respect in a government that takes true leadership.

  3. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Welll if our major market is the US east coast … then I could see a problem there … How would a Tourism Authority tackle a situation compounded by a super storm that devastated one of Bermuda’s major markets ? Those poor people don’t have electricity to function from day to day . Nobodies thinking vacation to Bermuda . Shawn stop yah nonsense .

    • terry says:

      Stop spinning Mountbatten
      That is utter gabage you just wrote.
      How much the PLP pay ing you.

    • Come Correct says:

      So you admitt Wayne is talking out of his rectum?

      • swing voter says:

        he’s got 2 of em….which one are you referring to

      • whatever says:

        Yes, I think that’s exactly what he just said! Thanks Mounty for clarifying that Wayne is full of ______.

    • Proud2BBermudian says:

      The point is not who our market tourists are…the point here is that the Tourism Minister claims that tourism is on the rise however this particular special being offered does not support that. That is Mr. Crockwell’s point and it is cetainly not nonsense.

    • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

      @M.P.Mountbatten JP – If they were smart they could have used this as an opportunity. DUH!! Tourism 101.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      Um. Mountbatten.

      The storm just hit a couple weeks ago. Tourism has been in the toilet for over a decade. What are you talking about?

  4. Chart says:

    The steep discounting does explain some of the little bumps in occupancy that Furbert’s reporting. Yes, numbers are up, but the bottom line is down. The story of the PLP.

  5. Bermyman says:

    Ask any Taxi driver if they think tourism is on the UP. Their answer will be NO. And they are the front line.

  6. Joe Perry says:


    had the pleasure of staying in Miami on the weekend, and the hotel was FULL of people hit by the hurricane.
    They all said the same story that had no electricty or houses being repaired so decided to get away for a break while repairs ongoing…..ALL were thinking vacation…though not Bermuda

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Don’t doubt what you’re saying. Many wealthy Bermudians flee the Island at the first sign of any hurricane and WILL not return until all the comforts are restored . It’s Human nature to go to a home away from home during a crisis .. For the people that you encountered in Florida , Bermuda is just not that home . Hope you had fun ..

  7. stand strong says:

    the Southampton Princess also cut 3 Bermudian entertainers at the Jasmine Lounge this month – independent contract so not news worthy.

  8. swing voter says:

    If my business is booming why would I offer a discount? the only way I would offer a discount is if inventory isn’t moving. Wayne has an MBA. I have a BSSC …..go figure

  9. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    Most popular travel destinations experience highs and lows in the flow of visitors. During low periods airlines and hotels are eager to attract customers by offering deals, price-cutting, freebies, and special offers.

    Save up to 52% on 14 hotels throughout the UK for stays from 18 Nov-28 Feb, 2013


    Have a look at link above.

    Its ALL over the world, but just like Romney the OBA would have you believe its just in Bermuda folks

  10. LOL (original TM*) says:

    I’m not cpu savvy enough but as the guy on the Everest show said can we get a tv debt before the election? Start a petition lets get them to put their money where there mouth is and lets do it. The PLP should be all for this as they have said constantly that Premier Cox could run circles around the opposition leader. Lets do it.


  11. concerned ambassador says:

    Hmm is it possible that $200-$300 is what should be paid for a standard room in a 4 star resort? That’s what is being charged at the Ritz Carlton (5star) in montego bay.
    We need a reality check. $500.00 – $700.00 plus fees and taxes to stay in a STANDARD room is kind of outrageous.
    I don’t care who is in charge of tourism Wayne, Shawn or an authority. Unless we can come to the realisation that we have prices ourselves out of reach for the average traveler and correct this (wIth regulation) the numbers will continue to spiral.

    Also to the plp. As an ambassador, I don’t need a 25% increase on my meter. My locals are suffering enough. Think about a 25% fuel rebate. At present 1/3 of my daily take is going back in my tank.

    On the mater of the the cruise ships. LET THEM OPEN THEIR CASINOS!!! We need ships in Hamilton and St. George so that we are not driving around empty 1/2 the time.

  12. Marc G Daniels says:

    The question posed is misleading and disingenuous from the get go:

    Ask yourselves, when have Bermudian hotels, in all of its history, maintained the same price point consistently throughout the calendar year? It is illogical to suggest that any hotel in Bermuda would maintain the same rates during peak season, as those offered during the winter months, as our tourism package is not of equal weight between the various seasons that we experience.

    If the afore-mentioned post had been stated in June, July & August, perhaps the original question by the Shadow Minister would carry more weight; but since it is not, the Shadow Minister’s question is nothing more than electioneering.

  13. Private Pyle says:


  14. shirlely Richardson says:

    So what is the UBP/OBA doing? sounds like electioneering to me, they are trying to change the subject, the people want to know what about the secret plan? For the so called new party to have any appearance of integrity, they need to answer that question, Was Kim Swan telling the truth about the consultants advice? What about the plan?