Minister Fahy To Attend Union Lecture Series

January 22, 2013

The Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy will attend this evening’s [Jan 22] lecture series being held by political scientist, social commentator and MP Walton Brown Jr.

Mr. Brown is currently hosting a four part lecture series focusing on various aspects of Bermuda’s history. Entitled “Understanding Modern Bermuda” Mr. Brown touches on four topics:

  • Part 1: The Legacy of the Past
  • Part 2: Trade Unionism, Desegregation and the Vote
  • Part 3: Party Politics and Ideology; and
  • Part 4: 21st Century Politics

Tonight’s lecture is “Trade Unionism, Desegregation and the Vote”, and Minister Fahy said, “In the past two weeks, I’ve met with the leadership of the Bermuda Industrial Union as well as other labour representatives and we’ve had discussions on many matters. I think Mr. Brown’s lecture series, particularly this evening’s one is very timely.

“For my part, I think it’s important for the Ministry to demonstrate its support for forums like this as these historical accounts provide us all with an opportunity to expand our understanding, which in turn leads to greater mutual respect.

“As a Country, it is vital to recognise the importance of tracing our historical path; Mr. Brown is very knowledgeable on the subject matters to be addressed this evening, and I genuinely look forward to the discussion.”

This evening’s lecture gets underway at 6.00pm and will take place at in the Dr. E. F. Gordon Memorial Hall, Bermuda Industrial Union Building.

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    I hope he can stay awake, having been to a talk by Brown…it’s not going to be easy!

  2. welldone says:

    Oh please! The OBA didn’t give a rat’s tail about the Union before the election and don’t now.

  3. Delaey Robinson says:

    I hope that Fahy attends the last one and I hope that MP Brown dwells on the most important role unions must play in the 21st century:
    1/ Encouraging workers and employers to give workers a meaningful say in production of the goods and services provided by the business – this kind of recognition is as important as monetary compensation.
    2/ Giving workers ownership of the means of production so that they have a vested interest in coming to work and producing when they get there. This has been demonstrated to significantly boost productivity and profits.

    If management and workers are able to bridge the centuries old gap between them by working with effort together towards win win solutions in the workplace, then who knows what giddy heights of achievement may be obtained for the social welfare of Bermuda.