Music Video: Imari Feat. K.A.S.E “Free Night”

January 30, 2013

Local rapper Imari has released her latest music video – “Free Night” – featuring K.A.S.E., produced by Derek G, directed by Nick-Keymin Spence and Travis Smith-Simons, with the video edited by Asha Ludwig.

Imari has been a solo artist for three years, performing at various numerous locations around the island including Chewstick, Destination Dockyard, Snorkel Park Beach, Shines Night Club and more.

She also participated in the “Chewronto Tour” to Toronto with the Chewstick foundation which she called a “great feeling.”

The first official track she released was ‘Talk2MeStr8′, and she has gone on to be named the Best Female Rapper at Tha Underground Music Awards, as well as winning the Best Song of the Year award.

Her Facebook fan page says: “When I was younger I remember recording a radio show on about two or three cassette tapes. I had music mixes, shout-outs, and my cousin was my co-host.

“I kept these tapes for as long I could….it wasn’t until I lost them, that I realized that I wanted to be involved someway-somehow with music. One of those games you always wanna play. I had never considered being a rapper until about 20 or so.

“Ever since my decision to do so, I have been and still am determined to become one of the best Female MCs that many will hear.”

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  1. LoveGoodNews says:

    I need to hear this on the radio more! I like this track!!!

  2. Snookie says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard this song, why is it not on the radio they sound amazing. Keep up the good work both of you will go far….. BERMUDA’S GOT TALENT YALL!!!!!

  3. peace says:

    sounds good

  4. Kweeb says:

    Keep Kweebin!

  5. Imari says:

    THank You Guys!! =) you’ll soon hear it on the radios!

  6. Dqn says:

    Sound goods, yah it does need to be on the radio,local, n Internet. Bermuda talent coming to light. Keep it up, more stuff to come right?

  7. Jus' Askin' says:

    I really like this track ;-)

  8. Eastern says:

    Great music and video, but on the down side it glorifies the use of alcohol………..Bermuda’s biggest drug problem!!!!

  9. Just Passing Through... says:

    Imari, It puts a really big smile on my face to see how talented you are, how far you’ve come and how much farther you will go. Your focus and determination is paying off and will continue to do so. You are an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work babe:-) I love your style – very refreshing!

    “Thumbs up” to the video!

  10. Springflower says:

    Two of the BEST Rappers Period!!!

  11. Yaun Lee says:

    Two great artist, one dope track and no reason why you shouldn’t be requesting radio to play it.

  12. Pulse Coaching says:

    “You don’t live only if you see where you come from” Awesome lyrics and melodies! All the best to the two of you… The best is yet to come!