New “Falling Off The Rock” Video Released

January 15, 2013

Burnt House Productions has released another in their popular series of the “Falling Off The Rock” videos, with the latest one having been filmed throughout the summer of 2012 and including gymnasts from overseas.

Andrews Kirkpatrick and Evan Faulkenberry created this idea in 2009 and since then it has taken off with a hand full of people helping to produce the videos which have attracted over half a million views on YouTube.

This video is one of three videos to be released, Burnt House Productions said. The other two videos will follow in the next few weeks, will include the party cruise, St David’s Head zip line and rope swing.

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  1. This is young people doing what they do best,enjoying life but the dangers of some of the dives would be my only concern.I saw alcohol being consumed and that is not a wise idea for some of the heights and rocks I saw some diving off.

    The other thing would be for the jumping off of the bridge in the western end of the Island is dangerous,would be interesting if someone can confirm if that in fact is illegal,also the area and time that the police boat showed up,I am sure that was for a warning and not for being a part of the video.

    There you have it folks a well put together summer fun video for your kids,Girls wanna have just as much fun as the guys and I know it may be a little shocking to some that some of these beauties have such filthy mouths,but we were all young at some point.just be more careful in the diving, some look very dangerous but the overall video well done.

    • Bermuda Girl says:

      Really though? And this is exactly why young people are so rebellious. Old people like you taking the fun out of EVERYTHING..

      “I saw alcohol being consumed and that is not a wise idea for some of the heights and rocks I saw some diving off.”

      “The other thing would be for the jumping off of the bridge in the western end of the Island is dangerous…”

      “…would be interesting if someone can confirm if that in fact is illegal”


      • Fed Up says:

        Have fun, just be careful, I love looking at the videos, wish I had the nerve. Some of the dives are beautifully executed considering it’s all free diving. Well done just be careful, this is what Bermuda summers are al about.

        • Bermuda Girl says:

          Exactly! Whats life if you spend half of playing safe! Live a little, you only get 1 chance at it!! YOLO!!!

          • Man says:

            Good video, the music was dog, bird and cow crap mixed. Remake it with Collie or another reggae singer.

            • Sledge Hamma says:

              There is other music beyond Reggae, and some would argue that reggae is crap. I think it was an excellent music choice and it fits the video production.

              Stop being so negative!!!

          • Free says:

            Well for one you get to stay around a little longer to enjoy it more. Also you must have died previously?

      • sooooo says:

        @bermuda Girl… Love that attitude… Speeding is not that serious until you hit a wall either… There is good reason why jumping off bridges is illegal..

    • truth be told says:

      Extensive safety measures were taken. Several lifeguards were present along with proper depth checks and equipment.

      • Micro says:

        Exactly. These guys don’t just go out and do anything. Its a production.

      • Union Member says:

        Usually I love the Falling of the Rock vids…I simply ask that alcohol and cliff jumping not be promoted together. They are a very dangerous combination and even w/o alcohol there have been recent cliff jumping deaths and injuries on island. Any water safety professional will tell you that the two should not be mixed. Media is very influential so whether or not lifeguards are behind the scene, the finished product does not show these safety concerns and locals will emulate this clip. Thanks for the cute girls BTW.

    • Webster says:

      Duane. take a break…. we have heard so much crap that you talk on the talk shows , enough is enough…. WE DO CARE WHAT YOU SAY !!!!!

    • Common sense says:

      I was on the police boat we was watching the jumps don’t be such a Prude

  2. Please Leave Politics says:

    That video is DOPE!

  3. john says:

    Silly irresponsible bunch!

  4. Ryan says:

    SMH at some of the comments. Let young people be young people!

    This is brilliant — free — publicity! Enjoy it, Bermudians! Love the video series, by the way (from a young person himself).

  5. Your joking says:

    That’s why black guys always die first in movies…they crazy…lol…..but seriously…well shot and finally some decent advertising for Bermuda…but do agree they may have been close to “going over the edge”…in safety

    • smg says:

      Please learn how to spell. Your and you’re are not the same. Did anybody finish school?

  6. Lea says:

    Wicked Video! Cant wait for next year.

  7. Linda says:

    Loved it.. I think it’s a great way to promote tourism to Bermuda… Thanks for sharing

    • Bda1 says:

      Agreed!! It was well done very amusing good for the tourism part!

    • Webster says:

      I agree with Linda, I watched four times !!!! fantastic footage,

  8. LoveGoodNews says:

    Ah to all the bad critics notice the theme song in the background says “I DON’T CARE!” I like it! I get an adrenaline rush just watching video. Drinking, boating, and jumping off rocks is about half of the things young people can do in Bermuda in the summer. And I don’t dispute the dangers that may arise but let’s enjoy the exciting parts of it. If you have an opinion that this is so bad I challenge you to name 5 alternative, fun, “safe” things one can do this summer in Bermy. Great video guys! Thanks for capturing a fun side of Bermuda!

    • tyuk says:

      1) Visit the unfinished church in St. Georges
      2) Take a walk on the rail way trail (just dont get shot)
      3) Take a long walk on the beach and watch other kids cliff jump
      4) Visit the Royal naval Dockyard
      5) Visit the Aquarium

      You can do any of the above that is SAFE and….uh…BORING

      • LoveGoodNews says:

        Hey Hey Hey no! I have a blast at the Aquarium and I never get tired of going there. Hahaha. You are correct @tyuk

  9. Naive Observer says:

    I was down at Admiralty park when part of this was being shot. They were well organised. This is the kind of promotion that Bermuda needs if it wants to start attracting a younger crowed (i.e. College/Spring Break crown) to become the next round of repeat visitors.

    Yes there is an element of risk, but it’s probably not a lot more than visitors renting scooters here!

    Well done to all involved!

    • LoveGoodNews says:

      I agree with your comment about renting scooters.

  10. TWithheld says:

    These kids are blessed to have such lives.

  11. Student says:


    Honestly, as a young person, I am completely disgusted. ONLY IN BERMUDA do we hate on our young people for
    1) Embracing our beautiful environment
    2) PROMOTING the island to the world.
    3) Having reasonable fun.

    This is EXACTLY why our tourism product is in the pits. People like the above commenters who seek only to tear down the good that our youth are doing – ESPECIALLY in a time when many young people are getting caught up in under aged/unprotected sex, harmful drugs, “antisocial behaviour” etc. Shame on you @john and the rest. GO live in a bubble.

    THANK YOU to the producers of the video. I for one, love it.

  12. Poetic Justice says:

    Another well done production form Burnt House you should be commended for your brand of free promotion our country gets from this Lord knows our tourism product needs all the help it can get.

    As for the inherit dangers of cliff diving; this isn’t anything new we all grew up cliff jumping it was part of the thrill seeking fun we as kids did and to my knowledge none of my peers suffered more than the embarrassment of doing the odd belly flop and pain that accompanied such. LOL.

    The tower down de cut and the cliff on adjacent Horse Shoe/Billy Goat island, Swing Bridge, The tower on Hen Island, Storage sheds on Chapel of Ease and Blackhorse docks were all spots we frequented. Am I the only one to dive off the old ferry Canima at Cup Match? I doubt it.

    Clearly these lot have taken it to another level of acrobatics but that’s and choreographed dives but that’s what kids do……enjoy life!!!

  13. david says:

    i wish they showed the video footage from the big boat cruise with the ubervida, elizabeth and other boat cnt recall the name..

    • jredmond says:

      the article says that this is just the first of several videos

  14. Joe says:

    This is the tackiest video with Bermuda’s stamp of approval I have ever seen. I love how they endorse drinking rum and then jumping off public bridges and questionable areas. The previous videos were fine..but one these “professional” divers are going die as they up the ante and they keep landing on their backs.

  15. WellSaid says:

    And not one mention of the topless girl. Maybe we have moved into the 21st century…

    I can only hope….

    Well done!!!!!!

  16. lilc says:

    @Bermuda Girl,

    Defensive much? It is illegal to jump off bridges and any other structure that isn’t….a cliff. You might want to open your school books and find that out.

    There was no reason to be rude with Duane. He liked the video, just pointing out some of the dangers that may be associated with it.

    It is the youth, like you, that make us adults shake our head. We ain’t trying to take the fun out, just trying to make sure y’all don’t hurt your pretty little faces. You will understand this once you mature.

    In the meantime, cool vid., have fun…

    • dgsa says:

      why would tourism put a clip of ppl jumping off Watford bridge in their “Bermuda so much more” video if it was that illegal?

    • jredmond says:

      You mean law books? I’m fairly certain it’s not in any school books. Would you mind citing where we can find it so we are all more informed

  17. Future says:

    Love the video series for entertainment value…. but what’s the name of the guy that got seriously hurt doing this? Gravity and rocks below could care less about name calling and debates.

  18. sparkle says:

    @duane you are old school…this is no different from when we pack race at nite or after school….video was very good better then our tourism ads..they need some of these young people on the tourism board to show the lighter sides on things on this boring island.

    • Webster says:

      sparkle ,you are so right….we young bermudians have have ebough of the likes of Duane…

  19. OUCH says:


  20. tricks are for kids says:

    I don’t even like to swim let alone dive but that was awesome!!!!!…

  21. iBleedRED says:

    Wicked.!! I need friends like that who like to get it all on video. Reality is, people do this all day every day as soon as the water gets hot enough ages 12 right up to 60 lol. Its our culture. Big up to them for gettin some footage. Im takin my camera this summer.!!

  22. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Bermuda is another world,
    we all do things OUR way,
    we DONT care what you think!

  23. 2013 says:

    NOW THATS A SUMMER IN BDA!!! Hello tourism minister maybe you should get these guys to make the 2013 ad!!

  24. Jury says:

    Great love the fact that they are having fun! Rock jumping has been a classic in the Admiralty House and PCC area for years. These kids just heightened the excitement with filming on video. Great Job to all involved.

  25. Love it says:

    I love these vidoes. Maybe Dept of Tourism could hire these folks to produce videos for Spring Break. Just a thought!

    Job well done and look forward to others.

    Live Life!

  26. summer lova says:

    F*** d hater!!!
    I love these videos and the girls in it ! bangin shit!
    this promotes bermuda well for what its known for …SUMMER TIME AHAHHHH!! i have cousins away who r dying to come this summer because they watched these videos so big up to all the producers of this !!!! and all the crazy ass people !!

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Cool video, but did the guy HAVE to spit a big one into the ocean like that on camera? YUCK.

  27. Funny Bone says:

    Great Video……………..

    We need this video to be put on a Tourism Vid as it would attract tourist looking for a great place to have fun.

    Published in the right way with other island segments and we have the tourist knocking at our door.

    Good Job…………..don’t worry about the crittics ……….but be safe.