College Lecturer On Min. Brangman’s Education

February 5, 2013

Albert Swan confirmed that Education Minister Nalton Brangman completed a course he taught at the Bermuda College, and said it did not lead to a college issued certificate of any kind, however he was “satisfied that Mr. Brangman completed the course work assigned and that he attended the classes as prescribed.”

The course was designed to prepare people for the Apprenticeship Council Examination; an examination which would qualify the person as an electrician.

The issue recently came to light following an accusation by Shadow Minister of Education Walton Brown that Minister Brangman “misrepresented his qualifications.”

On 20 December 2012, Minister Brangman was appointed to the Senate, and named the Minister of Education. Requests for background information on the new Minister were unsuccessful, and last month ZBM reported that there was some discrepancy about Minister Brangman’s credentials, with the broadcaster citing sources saying it was a “problem of integrity.”

In response to the story, Minister Brangman issued the statement below:

I can confirm that I completed the Bermuda College Technical Programme, Electricity, Basic Theory and Application in 1983. Additionally, I completed the Bermuda College Technical Programme, Electricity, Advanced Theory and Application in 1985. Furthermore, the Bermuda College programs were completed with a successful grade in 1986.

Shadow Minister of Education Walton Brown responded to that statement saying it’s a “sad day when a Government Minister would seek to misrepresent his qualifications to the Bermudian public and the Minister for Education no less.”

Mr Brown called Minister Brangman’s statement “untrue,” and said he did not complete any programme. “In fact, the programmes described by the Minister have never existed at Bermuda College,” said Mr Brown.

“It is an insult to every teacher who has worked long and hard to secure their qualifications to teach our young people to have their boss misrepresent his own qualifications,” Mr Brown continued.

In a subsequent statement, Minister Brangman repeated the courses he took, and said for the avoidance of doubt his college lecturers were Mr. Albert Swan and Mr. Kelson Smith.

In a recent post on social media, Albert Swan said, “Mr. Walton Brown is going on and on about Minister Brangman’s credentials. Minister Brangman did attend classes which I taught at the Bermuda College. These classes did not lead to a college issued certificate, of any kind.

“He completed the course with me, which was a course designed to prepare him for the Apprenticeship Council Examination; an examination which would qualify him as an electrician, under Bermuda law/guideline/regulations.

“It was not required of me or the College to keep permanent records of his progress or grades. However, I(we) did maintain records of the students’ progress and their attendance so as to complete reports and to satisfy the employers as to whether their monies were being well spent.

“I was satisfied that Mr. Brangman completed the course work assigned and that he attended the classes as prescribed. Most of the students attending these were sponsored by their employers to whom the College and I were also accountable for reporting.

“I do not know if certificates/letters of attendance or participation were issued at the completion of these classes. This was not the purpose of the classes. IF he did get something from the College in writing, then I say, ‘Good for him’.

“As it stood, a person could register and take the electrical ACE whenever it was being held. Obviously, if a person had completed the classes he was better prepared. At that point it was up to the student to sit the ACE if he so wished or if his employer required it of him.

“If Mr. Brown has any additional information with regard to this then, I recommend that he give it to the College or let me know also.

“I suspect that this action is revenge for the fact that he was replaced, by the Minister, as the chairman of the Bermuda College Board of Governors,” concluded Mr Swan.

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  1. Watcher says:

    Well then Mr. Brown i’m sure the minister and the public await your apology.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      My guess is spin, no apology.

      • Black Soil says:

        PLP look soooo pathetic right now. May God protect us!

    • Reality says:

      OBA supporters are really showing their colours. Either you attended some courses or you did not. For Mr. Swan the teacher to say he was not required to keep grades or performance is a crock of what makes the grass grwo in Texas! What school does not keep records. I am sure Mr. Brangman can retrieve his elementary school grades, why can’t he produce college ones. If I attended Yale University between 1985 – 2013, taking a class here and there but did not take the required classes for graduation, I may be a professional student but I can NOT claim to be certified nor a graduate if no certificate nor diploma was given to me as proof.

      I have to give Walter this one. The OBA people will make it seem as sour grapes but it isn’t.

      Many others have had to resign or have been dimissed in different capacities because of lies on their CVs. If a teacher came from the Caribbean or any part of North America and could not produce proper documents, the Minister of Education would rightly dismiss them. He needs to dimiss himself! Mr. Swan should be ashamed of protecting him stating he was paid to teach and not keep or retained proper records and this is at college level? Shame on them all.

      The shame is preception against reality.

      • Resign Now says:

        Agree with reality. Walter you are an MP, bring it up on the floor of assembly and make them produce evidence.

  2. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    “It was not required of me or the College to keep permanent records of his progress or grades.”

    If I said I was a doctor, but had no records of education/experience/etc, would you let me operate on you?

    Anybody can make up a story.

    • Onion says:

      In this case though you have the lecturer and his employer at the time both saying he completed them. The technical courses at the college where part of his apprenticeship with PM Limited.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      “Anyone can make up a story.” You mean like you just did?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Are you now accusing Albert Swan of lying?

    • Cry Me A River says:

      Sounds a little strange. However, in all fairness, it depends on the course. Not every class is graded and there aren’t tests in every course either. Anyone that has been to College or University or taken a night course would know that.

      Anyone can make up a story…that is true, and perhaps even true in this case too. However, we have had years of Spin Doctor experience, so it might take awhile.

      If he is not qualified for this position, then out you go. However, are the PLP really in a position to question anyone after their disastrous 13 years and the driving wheel.

  3. FOX. says:

    Darn sour grapes. Keep on digging for muck on other appointed ministers. Why can’t we just get over the election results and Stand Strong for a better Bermuda?

  4. Oh this is Funny says:

    LMAO, this guy took a test prep course and passed it off as a Degree!

    This OBA government gets better and better each day.

    • jredmond says:

      From my understanding The Bermuda College didn’t have many accredited degree programs back them. In fact, most of the programs offered today are simply certificate or exam prep programs, not degrees. Mr Brangman never said he got a degree, he said he completed several technical programs at the college.

      • Bieber says:

        In all honesty. Whether it was deliberate or not. He did mislead the public by what he said! Same way the Dame does with her credentials. (DHuml)Now that’s a joke!

      • Cry Me A River says:

        Good Point! They did not have a single degree program back then when they were on Roberts avenue. I was there. There were a few Degree programs offered in partnership with two or three Universities in Canada where you could do a few classes here and finish in Canada but that was about it. Certificate or Diploma, that was it.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      Minister Brangman said that he completed two programmes. Where’s the reference to a degree?

      Mr. Brown has said that no such courses were offered at the College. Two people, Minister Brangman and Mr. Swan, have said that the courses were offered. Where’s the clarification? Or the apology?


      • Not Fooled says:

        Actually, Mr Brown said no such Programmes were offered at the college. There is a big differece. Get your facts straight.

        He never said that he didn’t take courses.

        This guy is a Fraud, i just looked at his Linked In Page, it says he attended Bermuda College from 1983 – 1986. LMAO.

        I took 2 courses at harveard, one in 2005 and one in 2008, I’m a Harvard Grad a guess.


        • Mad Dawg says:

          I’m shocked that Jonathan Starling has not commented that Walton Brown was either displaying gross incompetence or gross stupidity when he said these ridiculous things.

        • Edmund Wells says:

          Not Fooled-


          If you want to play semantic games, and split hairs between course and programme as the terms are being used in this discussion, please go ahead.

          If you want to argue statements that were never made, go ahead. Mr. Brangman has made no assertion about having a degree, certificate, or anything else, and so your Harvard Grad analogy fails.

          You believe what you want to believe about Minister Brangman’s intentions, and integrity. I’ll believe what I want to believe about Shadow Minister Brown’s integrity, and sincerity.


        • Cry Me A River says:

          So he said he attended Bermuda College on Linkden !? What’s the big deal? I attended Bermuda College in 1986 – 1988 and then again two years ago. That is a true statement as well. I am not claiming to have studied somewhere else, nor am I claiming to have received a degree, and unless he has I don’t see what the big deal is!

  5. swing voter says:

    Walton is an intelligent scolar on political and historical issues….I hope he doesn’t lower his standards any further by carelessly slinging mud pies when there are more pressing problems in his constituency to deal with ;-)

    • Argosy says:

      If he is so intelligent and a scholar as well, he would not be slinging mud pies, would he?

      • swing voter says:

        From Bill (perv) Clinton to Boris(Drunk) Yeltsen to Walton Brown….we all do stupid at times…..clearly this is not a good time.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Not unless he’s a dishonest lying ratbag, no.

  6. john says:

    Well there you go. Let’s move on then!!

  7. god1st says:

    Anthony Francis has been appointed as chairman of the C.B.A board of govenors.He has a wealth of knowledge in many areas including information technology and project management.Put those thoughts into action and boost this educational system.

  8. Winnie Dread says:

    Quite frankly I cares not if the Minister dropped out of high school, if under his guidance all the stakeholders can come together and make the education system end product better then I’ll be satisfied. Over the last 14 years we have had appx 11 people with a myriad of college degrees and where are we now, any better than 14 years ago? If common sense is not a part of the equation then we can forget it, like I have wished all our leaders well the same goes out to Min.Brangman. It is time to move Bermuda forward.

    • Verbal Kint says:


    • Justine says:

      hit the nail on the head there Winnie!

    • Totally Fed Up says:

      This spoken from a bunch of individuals that show CLEAR signs that they don’t have ANY Children in the public education system. Oh that’s right, most OBA supports can afford to bypass the education system here and pay for a better education in prep schools for their precious children – the future of Bermuda!!

      The education system in this country went steadily downhill after the UBP did away with the stanine system. They broke what didn’t need fixing, and now several generations of children have suffered the consequences, because they don’t have the financial means as a family to do any better!!!

      I don’t think the new minister with his limited educational qualities is capable of fixing it. That’s the bottom line. If the OBA is serious about fixing this problem, then employ some experts. This is an area where I would happy to pay a consultant to rectify the issue!! Otherwise, with the demise of Term Limits, and a bunch of uneducated Bermudians, this is nothing but a prescription for giving our country away.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        PLP employed umpteen experts and numerous reports and yet it is still broken…

        • Totally fed up says:

          What did I say? A steady decline over the years. To fix something originally unbroken. It won’t be corrected overnight or without a concentrated team effort. You see the current results of the education system everyday -gang violence, drug abuse, lack of self worth, home invasions. The list goes on. All fallout from an education system gone wrong. And this gentleman is not capable of leading the charge to correct it in my opinion.

  9. Islander says:

    Look at the special needs children’s classes – that would be a boost

  10. da plumber says:

    I’m wondering, why can’t Mr. Brangman simply say that he did a course or two and put this thing to rest. He may have made a mistake by saying he completed a program. I have also done courses at the College, I have never done a program…vast difference. That fact that Mr. Brangman would not simply say he mistakenly called a course a program, and get this behind him, forces me to question his integrity!

    • Not Fooled says:

      He’s a fraud. Plain a simple. he’ silent because he’s a fraud!

  11. Truth says:

    The larger concern is whether this qualifies him to lead at the Ministerial level; to have credibility with people with Masters or Doctoral level education. As a society we have to be serious about the state of our education system. This appointment doesn’t seem to support that theory.

    • Always Watching says:

      Idiot, what was Jennifer Smith qualifications…?

      • Mad Dawg says:

        She had been a beautician. That’s something. And Burgess had been a doorman. Somehow they got selected by the PLP.

        • Eastern says:

          @ MAD DAWG
          I worked at Hamiton Princess in the 1970s and Derrick Burgess was a bell boy and I believe that’s the only job he had before becoming BIU leader.

          • no support says:

            yes all but jennifer and burgess did not lie that is the point in question here. supporting this is stupid, plain and simple stupid.

            • Mad Dawg says:

              Burgess DID lie when he said he had ” managed a major hotel”. He’s a big liar.

      • Bermuda Cat says:

        @ Always Watching.

        You are helping to make Truth’s point. If we are moving forward, and we understand the mistakes by the last GOV (Education), why would you use that as a reference, if we are trying to do better as a country?

  12. god1st says:

    @ Islander welcome to class

  13. Bieber says:

    This topic is getting so boring. Get on with educating the students!

    • die hard St. George's Fan says:

      Why do Bermudians always envy another Bermudian when one is successful.What about the foreigners that are hired for a job here go back overseas for a course.Its a shame that Walton Brown is picking on his first cousin instead of trying to help him.Walton acts like
      he has been an angel all his life.Disappointed in him
      thank God Walton isn’t related to me.Hold your head up Nalton and show them what you are made off.

  14. god1st says:

    This is just another secret document.

  15. Verbal Kint says:

    Part of the problem is that the opposition ministers and spokesmen are engaging in this “Liar, liar, pants on fire” approach to functioning as the opposition. They are doing nobody a service, including themselves. Roban comes out with a complaint about the planning board, and a veiled attack on the Ministry, a week before the board is announced. Why not just ask the Government if a time frame has been set for naming the board? The same question asked in a more reasonable manner will actually do something to further the process of Government. Grandstanding only serves to get in the way of the efficient workings of Government. It also tends to backfire on those who employ it as a tactic. If disrution of the Government is the aim of the PLP, they deserve to be called out for it.
    Mr. Brown could have simply asked for clarification, instead he used the questionable tactic of calling into questin the veracity of the Minister in question. Now we have a debate about a WORD. If Government (be it PLP or OBA) is forced to defend every word, the Island is in serious trouble. Of course, the Island is in serious trouble anyway. PLP die hards need not respond. Said my piece, now off I go.

    • M.R. says:

      I agree. The PLP are going to be the Party of No. This idea that that OBA is going to sell us down the river is absurd. The OBA is BOUND to mess up and do things that we won’t like but unfortunately for the PLP they don’t like the idea of holding themselves accountable.

      The PLP are so convinced there is a shadowy group of of old white men pulling the OBA’s strings they really have spun themselves into a delirious state. They need to step back and actually work with a Govt for a change. They act like the UBP of 1998.

  16. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    the real movers and shakers KNEW that the plp was and still is lying.

    the plp and the biu will soon go the way of the Dinosaurs.

  17. Bermuda today says:

    It’s ok though because its oba

  18. Seriously??11? says:

    Why crying out loud is this still a topic of debate? People who go the technical education route are not ignorant or illiterate – so lets put this academic elitist argument to bed once and for all! Any master mason, plumber, electrician or tradesman over the age of 50 will tell you that they don’t have college degrees, certificates etc. They have industry trades certifications. The Ivy league argument that Walton is promoting is misleading and elitist at best and offensive to some of the most successful people in this community who are tradesmen. His argument implies that persons who have gone the technical route are inferior to persons who have academic credentials.

    Further more his position is most disturbing coming from someone who was the chairman of Bermuda’s only tertiary level institution that should be preparing persons to fill all econimc sectors in this community.

    This type of academic elitism also explains why so many of our yourng persons are failing in our education system at a young age. If we are only recognizing academic credentialing as the only valid credentialing we are losing those persons at a very young age who could become master tradesmen, successful business persons and who can make a signifcant contribution to Bermuda’s economy.

    Walton, how many scool drop outs do you think might have benefitted from applied or technical education as opposed to failing traditional academic learning because they are applied learners – not rote academic learners?

    Problems with people on the wall? How about this as a novel idea? In Bermuda it makes no economic sense to only prepare persons to be doctor’s lawyers, accountants [ who cannot qualify for these jobs at Bermuda College] and to import master tradesmen from overseas while our young people are dropping out of school and unemployed/underemployed! Hmmm…

    The questions that really need to be asked are:

    Why has technical training not been recognised or respected by academics like Walton Brown even though many of our young people – particularly black males wcould potentially have beneffited from it and have become successful trades persons and financially successful businessmen in their own country???

    Why is a representative of the P Labour P attacking someone who has technical education training when some of its most outstanding leaders were tradesmen?

    What academic degrees or qualifications do Dame jennifer, Al James and Neletha Butterfield have to qualify to hold the Education portfolios for the P Labour Party?

    Please….. Shut up Walton! You embarass us all!

    • Not Fooled says:

      I don’t think that Dame Jennifer, Al James of Neletha Butterfield ever misrepresented their qualifications.

      I think you miss the point. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have any, just don’t tell people you do.


      • Seriously??11? says:

        @ not fool: No – you miss the point. Nalton did not mislead anyone. he stated that he completed two courses/programmes at the College which prepared him for industry certification. This has been confirmed has been confirmed by two sources – the instructor who taught the courses and Nalton’s employer at the time.

        Walton as the Chair of Bermuda College knows – or should know that the electrical training course that Nalton took led to preparation for industry certification not a College Certification or diploma. Walton misled the public into believing there should have been a BC academic qualification attached to the training and that Nalton had not completed any programme of study at the College. Further more, Walton’s position is offensive to many Black persons who are successful tradesmen who know that there technical training qualifications are earned only through industry qualification – not College Certificates or diplomas.

        Those in the community who want to support this half baked attack can do so, but it doesn’t haold any water with most of us. You need to find another hook to hang your hat on. This one is too loose and about to come out of the wall. [ maybe if Walton had a technical ed background, he would have known to to pplace the hook in place that had a beam to support it and not just in plaster where it can’t stand up to the weight of a solid argument! [ Sorry if it's too complicated for you to follow!]

      • navin johnson says:

        Dame Jennifer certainly did not misrepresent her qualification….she had none…..unless you count the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letter(DHuml) that she places after her name…..who would not be proud to have that designation form an unaccredited bankrupt school with an enrollment of 36 students…..same as Harvard to you I guess…..

  19. T. Stovell says:

    The comments concerning this article are extremely interesting. I would like to add just a few thoughts. Academic qualifications are indeed important in many spheres of human endeavor. But academics is not the sole criteria needed to successfully lead an organization or government. Consider the following individuals who are and have been some of the world’s most successful business people:

    Mary Kay Ash, with no college degree started Mary Kay Inc. many scientist work for her.

    Michael Dell dropped out of college to start PC’s Limited, later named Dell Inc. Imagine the qualifications of the people who work for him.

    Walt Disney dropped out of high school at 16 and later founded Disney with a present annual revenue of $30 billion. That could certainly help our struggling economy (smile).

    Barry Diller, founder of Fox Broadcasting was a college dropout. Many of our people probably purchase goods on his Home Shopping Network.

    Henry Ford left home at 16 to apprentice as a machinist. He revolutionized the auto industry.

    Bill Gates, ranked as the world’s richest person from 1995 to 2006, was a college dropout, who started the largest computer software company in the world – Microsoft. Microsoft has more employees arount the world than we have citizens on this island. Yet they are managed by his vision. He and his wife impact education annually with billions of dollars and personal hours.

    Steve Jobs attended one semester of college, but co-founded Apple Computers. Who doesn’t use something from out of his genius inventions.

    Frank Lloyd Wright never attended high school, but became the most influential architect of the twentieth century.

    These are just a few of the many people who’s leadership has helped shape the world and the individual lives of people. Many people with the highest academic qualifications work for these individuals. These, and people like them, have that qualification of vision and courage, which seem to be in short supply in our own island. The ability to interpret the times, conceive a plan, and initiate an action beyond self gratification or political expedience, but to better the lives of humanity, is a set of skills beyond academia. This is what is required for Bermuda at this stage. When we determine what Bermuda is supposed to be as a nation; our gift to the world; then instead of the critical postering we are experiencing in the realm of politics, we can devote all of our various skills to accomplishing that vision that will benefit all of our people and cause our nation to be a true shining example in the world.

    Thank you for the space to add some thoughts to the conversation.

    • Not Fooled says:

      Did those people tell people they completed programmes at the Bermuda College.

      I think that is the real issue, Mis-representing one’s qualifications.

      Be proud of what you have.

    • S. Raynor says:

      Refreshing POV, thank you!

  20. Bermy Gooner says:

    The real fraud from the MoE, in recent times, is the release of last year’s GCSE examination results which showed that only 28% of our graduating students achieved a C or better with the students taking an average of 1 to 2 only (most take between 7 to 10 exams for GCSEs). The worst school in the UK achieved a 35% C or better rate. Therefore Bermuda’s public schools still lagged behind the worst UK school. Bermuda, as a whole, has sold our children short with shoddy education and simply pushing through students for the sake of making up numbers who are simply not ready for the real world or any college for that matter.

    While that is bad the real fraud is just before the election when Dame Smith, Minister at the time, stated with confidence that the “public shool system is thriving!” And this comment was made on the back of the releasing of those very poor results.

    Now that is fraud…

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Bermy Gooner,

      The education system has played a part in the children being short changed, but not completely. The other part lies at the feet of their parents. Some children are graduating and going on to college, so in some sense, the system works (how good is up for debate). You really want to fix education, then you need to start in the home! If you look at society today, then it would give you an understanding as to why the kids are acting like this. Because their parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and everyday Bermudians are acting this way. We can blame the GOV forever, but I think real people know where the blame lies when it comes to some of our kids.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        Agreed. Hence why I said Bermuda as a whole. Everyone has played a part in the dismal state of the education system. No one is immune from the consequences from the inadequacies of the current system.

  21. Bobmarlin says:

    Has anyone checked Mr.Walton Brown’s credentials?

  22. Reality says:

    We know many people achieved high esteem without a college education. That is not the point. The POINT is no proof written just word of mouth of completion of education. This is unacceptable.

  23. Seriously???!!!?? says:

    And the moral of this story is: Never argue with idiots. They bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience. [Small minds - small pleasures!] Thank Christ that those who want to keep this trash sininning are no longer in a power!

    It’s over! It’s done – now get over it! I’m out of here. There is more important news to follow.

  24. very serious says:

    This is very serious, Seriously! If it was a PLP minister you would be off your high horse. Like what if someone said that a health minister is a gambler and should not be near government funds. Would you say that is serious?

  25. Seriously???!!!?? says:

    @ very serious: I would be just as mad if it was an allegtion about a PLP minister. I am an academic and I know that Walton’s allegations are misleading to the general public.

    • Seriously???!!!?? says:

      Very serious, Walton is mixing apples and oranges here. What Nalton said is accurate in the context of his technical training. Walton has taken his statements and made allegation of untruths based on an academic criteria that does not apply in this instance. As Chair of BC Board Walton has to have known the academic criteria does not apply to technical training for industry qualifications and is being malicious at best. Either that or he is woefully ignorant of workforce education criteria. Sad state for Bermuda College!

  26. very serious says:

    Walton has brought forth questionable statements in Nalton’s CV. Any employer would see this and take the applicant misrepresentation as a serious matter.

    The applicant may not even make the 1st cut from the inconsistencies in his CV. Reading between the lines or “what they didn’t teach you at Harvard” does not work in this instance when we are speaking about a public servant and one not elected, keep in mind, one that is appointed by the Premier. This should not be rested on the back burner! this needs to be addressed and Nalton needs to be replaced as Education minister immediately for the sake of this newly elected government. Parliament has not been reconvened and the dirt stirred with friends and family getting high paying consultant jobs, being on the boards and now this. Not good. Branco divisive statements. Not good.

    • Seriously???!!!?? says:

      What the hell does this dribble have to do with the fact that Walton mislead the public about Nalton’s training??? I am not debating politics, I am debating an academic principle that impacts many black males in this community! There is an academic elitism that relegates persons with technical education backgtounds as second class citizens. It needs to stop.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      “Branco divisive statements”

      Calling people out on their hate is divisive, while labeling people house ni&&ers and neo-fascists is fine and dandy?

  27. Ladeej says:

    Firstly, let me say that Walton did not raise this matter from what I have read. The matter was raised by the news media and clarified by Walton in his capacity as past Chairman of the Bemuda College. There is a major difference between a course and a programme (which usually consists of more than one course). I attended the Bermuda College and took all of the courses needed to complete a programme in Hotel Administration. After taking one course, I could not truthfully state that I completed a programme.

    In addition, a programme can be academic or technical. This debate is not about elitism or technical versus academic education. That is a different debate. This matter would end if Nalton would simply admit that he took two courses rather than two programmes. And we have learned that at least one course was in preparation for an exam. Did he successfully pass the exam?

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Nalton is the only one who can clarify and settle this matter and it is a question of integrity. If he doesn’t know the differrence between a course and a programme, then we are in more trouble than we first thought.

  28. Rae says:

    Thank goodness some of you (beginning with the last post) make sensible and relevant comments. This matter is not confusing if you just focus on what is being said and UNSAID!

  29. god1st says:

    @ Bermy gooner You don’t respect limits and boundaries that is why you are constantly on bernews Typing while on the job. Your duty is to give a honest days work but no bermy gooner has different plans (do my own damn thing). Buck up Gooner or else you will be replaced by a Bermudian. @ Bermy Gooner you may be singing irreplaceable now/keep in mind your boss will have some words and sing the same song/different verses such as “you must not know about me” i would have another you in a minute.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Another incoherent rant from someone who couldn’t spell incoherent if they didn’t see it. Wouldn’t expect any better.

      I am assumingyou ar referring to my post that placed blame on all of Bermuda for the dismal exam results which were reported just before the election. So I guess you agree that our school system is “thriving” depsite the fact that only 28% received a C or higher.

      And let me tell your ignorant self something, I am just as Bermudian as you. Just another example of the straight up xenophobia that Branco was speaking about. Everytime you open yuor ignorant trap you just validate those remarks.

      I don’t know what God you praise, but mine teaches love and tolerace for all human kind, not just Bermudians and people you claim to be “real Bermudians”

      Now go back to sleep and pray for forgiveness and a little bit of rational thinking capabilities.

  30. god1st says:

    @ bermy gooner U.B.P. formed the very system that is in place today did you forget who introduced the middle schools ,and now they are back in power to diminish the education system . I am giving you lessons bermy gooner and you know i am speaking the truth so adhere to my words . on another note You know full well you are disobedient and cheating your boss by typing on bernews during work hours do this on your time and not the companies time. Do you think you will get away with it and lie your way out when your foreman or forewoman catches you in the act.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Ignorant people can teach me anything my friend…

      Like I said go pray and ask for forgiveness for being so ignorant…

  31. god1st says:

    @ Bermy gooner All you worship is term limit law breaking liars.

  32. god1st says:

    @ Bermy gooner( ) suffers from a skin disorder as his skin Shedds by the day. The 2 of you suffer from the same virus. oropharyngeal

  33. god1st says:

    @ Bermy gooner (Branco)