Double Murder: Two Men Released On Bail

February 13, 2013

The two men who were arrested in connection with the double murder at Belvin’s last month have been released on bail, the police have confirmed.

Haile “Star Child” Outerbridge and Ricco Furbert were chased into Belvin’s on Happy Valley Road and gunned down on January 23rd.

Two men were arrested in connection with the incident last month, and held for an extended time after the Supreme Court ruled that the police could detain the men for over the standard 48 hours while the investigation continued.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said the police had hoped to obtain a “full range of forensic results by the conclusion of the detention period of both men.” However this was not possible, and both men were bailed with “strict reporting conditions.”

CCTV image of the shooter released by the police:


Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said, “The Bermuda Police Service continues to actively investigate the circumstances of the murders of Mr. Ricco Furbert & Mr. Haile Outerbridge.

“Whilst we had hoped to obtain a full range of forensic results by the conclusion of the detention period of both men, this was not possible. The Bermuda Police Service is reliant on our overseas forensic partners in this process.

“Following consultation with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, a decision has been made to admit both men to bail with strict reporting conditions whilst we continue progressing the evidence in this case.”

“We do not comment on specifics of any investigation, and will not in this case either, however important avenues of investigation continue to progress,” Detective Pedro continued.

“It is important that members of the community come forward and assist in any way they can. Police are particularly anxious to remove the threat from gun violence in our community.

“Anyone with information regarding firearm suspects or the whereabouts of the firearm[s] used in this or any other crime should call the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent & confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. here's a thought says:

    that’s the end of them. i bet they wanted to stay inside.

  2. Family Man says:

    The police should publicly name them and thank them for their cooperation on this and other important matters.

    Then sit back and collect the flies that come buzzing around the stench from these two.

  3. BermudaSon says:

    Bad decision! What should have been said and done? “One must ensure a full range of forensic results before the conclusion of the detention period.” We have a broken system, this is poor policing and a terrible law. When are we going to get it! Letting these boys out is comparable to taking the pin out of a hand grenade and dropping it on the family steps and down the halls of justice. They should be kept behind bars at all costs.. Too many lives are at stake now.

  4. Brad says:

    Were these men released yesterday? Any connection to the shooting in Warwick last night?

    When exactly were they released?

  5. P$% says:

    Lmfao it’s funny how the police make it seem like ther doing something…wen in the end…they ain’t doing sh*t!! These same two guys…there had since the murders have bin in jail (west gate) for 12 days…while the police send the forensics and the video tape away…for Wat??? NOTHING!!! Smh…Bermuda police and weak!! Nicholas Pedro is a dreamer….and the rest of the forensic scientist and CIDs need need to go bak in training!!….and watch think week Friday!!…you all member the guy…who they had that big man hunt for… he allegedly bolted out his house wit guns…why u think he hasn’t bin charged yet?? Cuz they don’t have NOTHING on him also!! The ain’t found no guns…and the things they did find…was found outside of his house…they juz lied to us..sayin they found money and bullets in his house!! If that was the case…they would’ve bin charge him!!…so now they have him also doing 12days and so if they don’t have anything to charge him wit by Friday…he also would be out!! Smh it’s juz funny how you ppl juz feed of the polices bull!! And ppl juz comment and say anything!’ Smh

    • .................. says:

      I agree with ya boy too! You people need to wake up, he’s on point with that one. P$% ya right bra 100%

    • REAL TALK says:

      P$% I feel you , I’ve been saying that for ever. BPS are a bunch of asses!!! Every time somethings happens they take anybody to make it look like they are doing their jobs. They don’t have a clue about finding and collecting evidence. I was at a murder scene a few years back n the BPS didn’t even have enough sense to quarentine off the area where the murder took place. They are sad and need some real training…..

    • bermuda shorts says:

      Bermuda police are only good for harrassing the innocent people and to give speeding tickets and parking tickets to the Bermudian people-They aint worth the shoes they wear to work-They are a waste of bloody time!

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    @P$%…you sound like part of the problem!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      @ truth, your ignorance is part of the problem, as you refuse to hear the truth. The BPS is a dirty organisation, and those in certain communities know this. Crime is profitable for some groups in this country, and I’m not talking about the pea-brained wannabes that you all react to after every shooting. The funny thing is that PS think they are protected by the BPS, when really, they are just pawns in this dirty game. When they are no longer useful, the BPS will cut them off at the head and knees. Now that is the truth!

    • bermuda shorts says:

      Truth -ur an idiot- if u cant see that the Bermuda police force is corrupt like any other force around the world then i think u are more stupid than i and everyone else think.The reason why the cant bring these gang members to justice cause they are mixed up wit them+ The Govenor should fire all of them and bring in oversees police -And they should do the same with the prison service too.The problem with this small island everyone is related-And thats the truth -Truth

  7. Sharkbait says:

    Just a thought…….one way fishing trip?

  8. duh says:

    How the supreme court rule to hold and they aint got good evidence? Only in bermuda yo!!!

  9. @trust killin me..PS% ain’t part of the problem he knows his s%$t.. You just need a more knowledge&understanding #justsayin

  10. no fooling me says:

    what a god d#m joke

  11. Thomas Mahoney says:

    How much was the bail for the two of them?

  12. smh says:

    Yup let’s just let murders out on bail or community service (baby killer), child molesters out on bail but deny bail to a person who felt his dog was far to dangerous beyond help.. Job well done BPS.. And u wonder y witnesses refuse to say anythin out of fear that the murderes wwill be realeased on bail.. Let’s hope and pray that the BPS took all travel documents away from the 2 asses although now a days u don’t need travel documents to travel the seas on a personal boat.. Smh Bermudas Justice system has failed us yet again.. The Police should be allowed to hold all suspects until the conclusion of there intake on evidence..

  13. PSC says:

    Yes I kno my sh*t!! But really ya juz gotta think about it sometimes!! The police really talk a bunch of bullsh*t…..juz to feed the hype!! It’s really not the gamgs that scaring ppl!! It’s the police adding fule to the fire!! But in the end…the police are really the ones that scared!! And I say that because…the public gets fed up!! So wen we put the pressure on the government….they pressure on the police….and wen sh*t don’t go as plain…they panic and do dumb sh*t and say dumb sh*t!….The police ain’t dumb…but they ain’t smart either!!

  14. COOL says:

    These guys were better off in jail Bermuda is small.

  15. Rea W says:

    Everyone thinks they can do such a better job well lets see you do it, I am not saying that you aren’t right with some of your comments, however, ppl are so quick to judge and say what someone is or isn’t doing.

    Real talk you cannot get the job done when people work against you plain and simple.

    BPS it’s time you brought people in who can help you solve these crimes because enough is enough!

  16. VL says:

    Bermudians you are showing your ignorance loud n clear!!! We cannot blame the police. Use some common sense (if you have any). If somebody commits a crime, no eyewitnesses, how on earth are the police supposed to know who did it?!!! Please tell me!!! All they can do is check out the usual suspects, maybe arrest them and hope to find some evidence to link them to the crime. People that know something suddenly develop amnesia, yet you all want to blame the police. They can only work with what they have. Hopefully collect DNA and compare it with any on file. If the person has never been arrested and their DNA collected, then there is nothing to compare it with. Use your brains !!! People that know something are the ones to blame (and are protecting the guilty), NOT the police!!!

  17. Catch 22 says:

    I only wonder how long until retaliation. SADDDDD

  18. tricks are for kids says:

    Looking at a few post I’m glad that SOME people are paying attention…. (not you “truth”)….while others continue to be misled. …

  19. SINGLE MOM says:

    Bermuda…we are finished!! Not wanting too sound negative but wat really can the BPS do this is been going on for way to long and to be honest I as beyond tired of this sh!t!! Really…why were these two c&# picked up in the first place and held for 12 and 13 days to be let out on bail!! Don’t make n e kind of sense to me! And the sickening part of all this is all the comments one of the alleged has made on FB …and just from wat he states you can tell that he likes the attention and the ____ ___ ___ is some big joke! If you ask me some one needs put a ___ right up his you kno wat and ___ I am sorry for the harshness but this is really pissing me off!!! BPS get with the damn programme…stop f#@kin up all the time and start making examples of these lil punkasses!!! The worst is yet to come,trust me !

  20. gaza gurl says:

    Ppl say don’t blame d bda police they r behind every ting some of them, like one person said bring other police from other country n clean up u will c a difference.
    Ps. Who fell it knows it ass marley says.

  21. Nitty Gritty says:

    Bring Police from other countries?!~
    Been there done that or did y’all not catch the accents last time they stopped you?
    Easy to paint them all with one brush but they are better than …say.. Rio where every night the right wing death squads go out hunting and leave the suspects motionless under bridges.
    On this two inch rock in the middle of nowhere you got few choices the way it’s going. Either help the police or become a potential victim. Still think thats not likely?

  22. Simonsays says:

    I guess thats as far as the case would go unless the BPS gets some hard evidence which is sad though. The last time I checked murder was a non- bailable offence so these individuals were never charged, no charge means no conviction! Sad but true………

  23. Did he do it? says:

    To all you jack donkeys ! Bps don’t make the laws they just enforce them! If they had it their way they would keep them locked up as long as it takes! Would you like them to call Florida and tell them forget all their murders and hurry up with their DNA evidence!

  24. Do Something says:

    Its so easy to blame the BPS when really society is at fault. And by society I mean every last one of us. We come on blogs and say we are tired of the violence but we do nothing to stop it. We raise our children with no boundries; no respect for authority or self, with an I want therefore I should have mentality. And when those disrespectful kids grow up we blame someone else for the crap created.

    When violence and crime occur we blame the police and the government for not solving the problem, yet how many people are out there protecting these fools? Perhaps we should all stop and ponder that when we point our finger three fingers are pointing back at us. Sick of the violence do something about it and stop blogging like you know what’s best. Chatting on this site does nothing to solve the problem. So all of you all on here blaming the BPS/Government step up with your knowledge and your answers and solve the dang problem otherwise be quiet!

    My solutions:

    Round every last gang member up from every gang on the island take all of them together to one of the deserted islands with whatever guns they have and let them all kill them damnselves. Whoever is left standing convict them and hang them. Anyone caught trying to escape from this island should also be convicted and hung. Period I dont care about a thug/gangsters rights so if my opinion offends too bad.

    For all those currently on trial or awaiting trial once found guilty hang them stop wasting decent peoples money housing them and feeding them at Westgate. Taking a firm hand with these gangsters would send a serious message.

    For those of us raising young children set boundaries, have rules that must be kept, have standards and expectations, live by the standards and expectations that you set for your kids; stop thinking that giving them everything they want is good for them – a healthy dose of the word NO does the soul good, before you lay down with a man or a woman think would i want my child to be just like this person if the answer is no then for goodness sake protect yourself and us society who end up dealing with ish you created! Make education a priority an educated child is a powerful child. Love your child a child that feels love in the home seldom seeks out the gangster life. Teach your child self worth trust me it will go a long way.

    • bermy football says:

      Nice solution nimrod. U condone murder? Congrats. Ur one of us. Er-em. I mean them