Island Games: Guernsey Basketball Withdraws

February 13, 2013

Guernsey’s basketball squad has formally confirmed they will not competed in this year’s Island Games, which will be held in Bermuda on 13th July – 19th July 2013. Only three women’s teams and four men’s teams have committed to playing the event this summer because of the cost.

“It’s a big outlay in cost to travel to a tournament that doesn’t really constitute a tournament and it was clear it wasn’t worthwhile,” Guernsey.head coach Adam Farish told the BBC.

The Guernsey basketball team is one of an increasing number of European-based teams that have withdrawn from the Games, citing the expense of getting to the island.

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  1. Family Man says:

    At least all the women are guaranteed to go home with a medal.

  2. Baffled says:

    Bermuda should completely boycott the next games…why should we sacrifice and fundraise to make the trip when these countries dont return the favor? #EffEm

  3. mixitup says:

    I agree, what a shame that we worked hard to get over to their respective Islands, I mean selling frigging popcorn and cookies to raise funds. After this year we need to call it a day for these games.

  4. Justine says:

    I agree with the other comments – these other islands were prepared for us to make the expensive journey, it is so against the spirit of the games to use this as an excuse not to come! They’ve had years to raise the funds!

  5. forwhatitsworth says:

    It is absoloutely not right to criticize another for not spending money that they feel they don’t have or cannot spare. Just feel lucky if you can afford to travel to these kinds of events yourself.