Gateway Systems Release ABC SaaS

March 20, 2013

Gateway Systems Limited announces the Software as a Service [SaaS] model for Automated Bermuda Customs [ABC].

“We understood that not everyone can install ABC in their own office and we also understood that everyone importing goods to Bermuda has the same issues.” stated Kevin Luckham, Director of Software Services at Gateway. “To let small business benefit from our ABC solution we introduced the Software as a Service model [SaaS].”

“We look after the servers, the software, the Tariff codes and the connections to H.M Customs and we keep them all up to date with changes. It is a perfect solution for small business which does this only a few times a week at most and only have one or two people responsible for this function”.

“We have been running a pilot in a small business for a few months that imports a large shipment every month and we worked with them to make our ABC SaaS model work” said John Kyle, Managing Director of Gateway. “Having completed that we want to find five [5] more small businesses that want to use ABC SaaS and we will offer them the basic service for six [6] months at no cost.

“Obviously there are some Terms and Conditions around this but we will be happy if anyone interested will contact us at to be considered as our Beta test candidates. We estimate that we will be fully live by June 2013.”

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